NOW turns up pressure on Cable


As sentiment builds that Tom Cable be held accountable for allegations of violence against women, the Raiders head coach wrapped up his team’s final practice Thursday during its bye week determined to do his job until the situation comes to a resolution.

In a column by Christine Brennan of USA Today, National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill called for Cable’s suspension by the NFL.

Although there are no legal issues, Cable’s current problems are more serious in nature than the alleged assault against assistant coach Randy Hanson which wasn’t pursued because evidence insufficient to sustain a conviction.

Cable, when asked about the NOW statement and if he was concerned that outside pressure would influence the ultimate resolution of the situation, said, “I don’t think so. I think it will be handled properly. I’m going to leave it at that right now.”

There have been no additional discussions with owner Al Davis, Cable said.

“We talk a lot about football, personnel and those kinds of things,” Cable said. “We put that, not necessarily behind us, but we’ve had that discussion and we’ve moved on to the football team.”

Raiders left guard Robert Gallery said Cable has an ability to push aside the outside controversies and focus on football.

“The thing about Cabe is he’s a steady guy,” Gallery said. “He loves football and he doesn’t really get fazed. Obviously he’s had his own issues, right or wrong, he’s dealt with them the right way. He’s here to win games. He’s doing everything he can to his power to help us win games.

“ He hasn’t changed a bit. That’s one thing I’ll give him credit for. No matter what’s been thrown at him, he hasn’t changed. That’s good as a player to see that because there’s been situations in the past where you feel like guys kind of at this point backing off or whatever and he’s definitely not like that. That’s the type of guy you want.”

In the end, Cable is likely to be judged on his record _ which at the present time, is 6-14.

“I think he knows we all support him, especially our group, we’re pretty tight in the line room,” Gallery said. “We’ve got to help him out by winning games. That’s what it comes down to. That’s the name of the game in the NFL so part of that’s on us so we kind of carry that on our shoulders as a team but we’ve just got to go back to work. Not a whole lot to be said about it.”

A few news and notes as players quickly vacated the the facility to get on with their weekend:

— No changes in status among injured players. Gallery and wide receiver Chaz Schilens were limited. Cornerback Chris Johnson (groin) sat out. Defensive tackle Gerard Warren (foot) was limited. Wide receiver/return specialist Nick Miller is still not on the practice field and linebacker Ricky Brown remains in a cast.

Defensive end Greg Ellis underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his arthritic knee, and Cable would not rule him out for the Nov. 15 game against the Chiefs. Running back Darren McFadden had arthroscopic knee surgery and missed four games (he is expected back for Kansas City).

Cable said the difference is McFadden needed to have a meniscus repaired, whereas with Ellis “there wasn’t any repair, so to speak. So, it was just kind of clean it up, vacuum it out, that kind of deal.”

— Defensive end Richard Seymour missed practice to go home a day early to South Carolina, a early departure that was agreed upon when he came to the Raiders just before the opening game of the season.

— Asked about pleasant surprises in the first half, Cable listed the folloiwng things:

1) The consistency of the running game over the past 2 1/2 games.

2) Goal line defense _ Cable said the Raiders have given up just three touchdowns in 11 goal line snaps.

3) Third down defense in recent games.

“Third and long has been kind of a sore issue for us,” Cable said. “But anything from three to 10, we’ve been pretty productive for the last month.”

— With regard to personnel, Cable said cited the recent play of center Samson Satele and said “Darrius’ (Heyward-Bey) development over the the last two weeks has jumped out.”

Defensively, said the play of rookie end Matt Shaughnessy and defensive tackle Desmond Bryant “stood out from the get-go,” and said, “Tyvon Branch has been as rock solid as you could ask him to be.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 4evaRaider

    and there are soo many gullible people out there 2 fall for it.Why just this week alone the gullible of New Jersy and Virgina,I think, voted in publicans 4 govenor…publicans can you believe that???After the WORST presidency of ALL TIME by curious george

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    We won’t have to worry about another Raider loss this weekend! woohoo!

    hooray for the bye week!



  • 4evaRaider

    call em like I see em Rockstar =)

  • hwnrdr

    I think that if we don’t go at least 4-4, or 5-3 to close the season, I think Cable will be gone.

  • My take is that BSPN had done all this “research” on Tom Cable in anticipation of the Napa charges being filed…when the DA made it clear the rumors were BS and Hanson was inconsistent, BSPN decided to wait a little and run the ex-wife crap as a new story.

    It’s just more media piling on the Raiders because they can get away with it. Had they dug up the same 20 year old divorce record of a coach for a respected East Coast team, the rest of the sports world would be defending the coach against such a gratuitous hit job.

  • 4evaRaider


    Any chance your son comes back 2 us???I really liked him coming out of Az.St.


    AZ.ST. ?

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    Nation What is up???????

    Hey did any of you guys go to that website and sign the petition?

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  • Thec07

    La Milicia Negra Says:
    November 6th, 2009 at 3:54 am
    —”Coach Jim Mora suggested that third-string RB Louis Rankin will get a chance to take over the role held by Edgerrin James in the Seahawks offense. “That man is extremely fast and shifty,” Mora said. “And on a daily basis we watch him go out there and give our defense a real test. And so we want to see that.” The team seems to prefer Justin Forsett in a passing-down role, so Rankin will spell Julius Jones as James had done. With more chaff than wheat ahead of him on the depth chart, Rankin is worth a flier in deep Dynasty leagues.”—


    Knife to the throat….

  • Thec07

    The rankin kid, how did he look in preseason? now he will be getting playing time, i know we had a crowded backfield but man, we may have slepted on this one….
    nothing new of course…

  • hwnrdr

    Exactly Bo!

  • 4evaRaider

    LMAO Thec…sad thing is some here prolly did =(

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    I was dismayed we let him go

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    shifty scat-back he is

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    Any plans this weekend considering there’s no game on Sunday? Except for all you fantasy players. I still can’t grasp it. One day, I’ll have to sit down and learn it…

  • 4eva, the only team interested in Andrew Walter is State Farm, and for good reason.

  • Thec07

    hwnrdr, Nation Brother if you never played you should sit down and learn how it works. Very addicting, and will give you a better perspective on who is really who in the NFL…..

  • 4evaRaider

    Thec…it seems I go as da Raiders go…3-5 league1…2-6 league2…but I got myself positioned 4 a 2nd half run!!!

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    Thec07: I know, all my friends are doing it and one of them almost won it all last year in his league. I’ll have to sit down and learn it. One day…
    4eva: You can do it!!!

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    Hwnrdr…Listen 2 Thec!!!this sh!t is very very entertaining AND FUN even in defeat…I’m a rookie and the ins and outs of the way the game is played will un-fold right in front of your eyes as you go along.IT IS ADDICTING AND I WILL PLAY EVERY YEAR UNTILL I DIE SWEAR 2 GODD!!!

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    I’m ready 2 turn the corner…think what ya want I can see it !!! LOL

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    I have 4 leagues and I’m only doing good in one of them. The raiders yahoo league is not the one either! Can you say toilet bowl?

  • 4evaRaider Says:
    November 6th, 2009 at 6:31 am
    and there are soo many gullible people out there 2 fall for it.Why just this week alone the gullible of New Jersy and Virgina,I think, voted in publicans 4 govenor…publicans can you believe that???After the WORST presidency of ALL TIME by curious george

    Hey 4eva, you do understand that a party is not defined by one person right? There have been plenty of schyt dem presidents too for your information.

    The independent voters suffered a little liberal shock after they saw all the garbage this liberal prez and Pelosi and Reid are trying to slam down the tax payer’s throats in his first year and now they are swinging back to the right. As the dems continue to show their infighting and ineptitude in passing their agenda the right will once again be strengthened and maybe this time we will have a decent rep prez…

    The prez approval rating dropped so fast his head is still spinning, and even Dem voters are having buyer’s remorse…poooooor Hilary should have won, this guy is a joke they are now saying, lol. Great fun to watch. They control Congress and the presidency and they still can’t get anything passed…they are almost as disorganized and fractured as the 2007-08 Oakland Raiders under Kiffin lol.

  • What do we want?

    Tom Cable Fired!

    And when do we want it?


    What do we want?

    Tom Cable Fired!

    And when do we want it?


    What do we want?

    Tom Cable Fired!

    And when do we want it?


  • Just showing my support of N.O.W.

    Go chicks!

  • 4evaRaider

    Dakota…all of what you see is collateral damage as a result of a publican controlled senate,house and presidency B4 the dems got in office.When curious george blew through 5 trillion dollars you can expect all kinds of initiatives 2B brought forth,imo

  • Ghost to the Post

    MR is USA Today mainstream?

  • 4evaRaider

    Dakota…In think you are 1 of the best posters here…you’re fiction in un-matched.How about as a repudiation of curious george,you write a column 4 Obama so more people get behind his ideas =)

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  • 4eva,

    The Dems controlled Congress since 2006…remember the do-nothing Congress? Now they are just called the Do-Nothing Correctly Congress.


  • Raider Dell

    The prez approval rating dropped so fast his head is still spinning, and even Dem voters are having buyer’s remorse…poooooor Hilary should have won, this guy is a joke they are now saying, lol. Great fun to watch. They control Congress and the presidency and they still can’t get anything passed…they are almost as disorganized and fractured as the 2007-08 Oakland Raiders under Kiffin lol.

    Wow Dakota,

    That really hurts, below the belt gut wrenching punch there, using Kiffin and the Raiders as an example.

  • 4evaRaider

    theres been “do nothing congress’ since 1947 with both sides sharing that dubious distinction, Dakota

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    good morning all

  • bwk223


    I am fully aware that undrafted FA’s, low round draft picks etc. have gotten good looks, which have resulted in solid playing time in the past. Bryant, Murphy, Kelly and Schillens are all prime examples, as you mentioned in your post. I never gave an opinion on Rankin’s talent, because, admittedly, it already was a crowded and talented backfield. What concerns me about the Rankin quote is this: The coaching staff and ownership never gave him an honest chance to succeed in the league. If you are going to pigeonhole him into a spot on the scout team from day one, then why ever sign him to begin with? His quote about “dreading” when he had to go in there is troubling because that just furthers the “dysfunction” story in the organization. He is not the first person to leave the organization completely unhappy, nor will he be the last, and I highly doubt that he was the only one who “dreaded” going out there to play/practice and that includes every singe person on the gameday roster. How can you expect to win football games if there are guys on the team who can’t stand the way the ream is run and organized, so much so that they even “dread” playing football, a game they have probably played for 90% of their life? That must mean that things are worse than is even seen on the surface.
    If you can’t foster an environment where football is fun, where people think they are given honest opportunities to succeed, and where people (other than the owner) have real power, then the organization and its product will go absolutely nowhere. That is the state that the Raiders find themselves in.
    Add to that one of the simplest schemes in the league with no complexity, an overweight quarterback who hasn’t grasped what it means to be a franchise quarterback, a coach who couldn’t succeed at the University of Idaho, players with talent but no brain or discipline, and an owner who is hell-bent on proving everyone wrong and who is growing more stubborn by the day, you get what we have gotten as fans for the last 6 years.

  • bwk223,

    You are wasting your time with Priesttj…he has Al’s scrotum so far down his throat his doctor diagnosed him with grey-haired hemorrhoids.

  • Repubs would rather oppose O than save American lives. Inhuman but typical!

  • M Lonetree

    Dakota, speaking of waste and doctors…

    here’s some info you may not be aware of.


  • M,

    I clicked on the link…it says page not found

  • Dakota = repub apologist. Repub helth plan is to give more money to HMOs and limit lawsuits, while ignoring the uninsured. They think healthcare should only be for those who can pay through the nose.

  • 4evaRaider

    Soo true RaiderTW…

    Germany’s chancellor,who hasnt addressed congress in 50 years,came in 2 speak before a rare “joint” session of congress,about climate change.You guess it,only 1 publican showed up and that was 2 tell the reason why the publicans didnt show.Absolutely positivley the publicans would rather throw it all away then find an answer.Kinda like the old saying is how the publicans are:I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven…yep thats the publicans especially the religious right publicans

  • Another Shooting in Orlando!!! This time in An Office!!


  • People are reaching for their Guns like it was the Ol West!
    Shoot 1st- talk Later!

  • In Breckenridge, CO, 72 percent of voters in early returns voted to make up to 1 ounce of marijuana legal for adults over 21. The measure is largely symbolic — pot possession is still against state law — but supporters said they wanted to send a message to local law enforcement to stop busting small-time pot smokers.

  • M Lonetree


    interesting. I transcribed the link accurately. Anyway the article is the info uncovered independent research by Reuters reporters. It was in response to Obamarama’s declaration that reducing waste in the in the present health care scam would actually pay for everything he is talking about.
    It was discovered by Reuters that 500 – 800 billion dollars PER YEAR are wasted unnecessarily by the health industry. including – 33% of that amount through unnecessary med prescriptions and procedures, 22% through fraud, 17% through unnecessary paperwork etc. etc.
    seems the Prez was right. Why would anyone ever think that the scroungers who run HMOs, the pharm industry and their minions would be anything other than unprincipled turds doing anything to turn a buck? They should never have been trusted with anything in the first place.

    In an unrelated article was a story about a kid at SacState who was beaten to death by his roommate. The article was about the callousness of a local hospital who sent the parents of the dead kid a bill for $29,186.50 for services rendered. The story told that the kid was admitted at 3:11 p.m. and pronounced dead five minutes later.
    do the math. that’s $350,000/hr for you sportsfans out there. even the sleaziest friggin’ shyster couldn’t bill that much.
    If something is broke then fix it even if you have to dismantle the entire thing to rebuild it.

  • 4evaRaider

    Good 4 Breckenridge!!!

    The dominoes are starting 2 fall.Fukk the holier than thou crowd

  • Legalize it!!

    We have bigger issues to worry about than busting Smokers. 1 of the Issues should be health care, and the 2nd should be pulling our troops from other countries. We are a Semi Island, so let the rest of the world take care of itself, and let’s just focus on us. Like we did before WW2.

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