Counseling Cable

The Raiders’ favorite ESPN reporter said during Monday night’s pregame show the league had begun an evaluation process to determine if coach Tom Cable needs counseling.

If Chris Mortensen is correct, and the Raiders surely consider that to be up for debate, it sounds as if a suspension is of any kind is unlikely.

Regarding the allegations made on ESPN’s Outside the Lines about Cable’s history of violence toward women, the report said the only cases of domestic abuse which would be reviewed were those which happened while he was an NFL coach.

That means the strongest portion of the ESPN story, and the comments and accusations of first wife Sandy Cable, are off limits for the purposes of NFL discipline.

Mortensen seemed unclear on his status within the Raiders organization, joking at one point about being a “rumor mongerer.”

If I remember correctly, Adam Schefter was dubbed the “rumor mongerer” while a correspondent at the NFL Network. Mortensen was called a “born liar” by Davis, who believed he was the source for all leaked information coming from Lane Kiffin.

Note: Thanks to the three e-mailers who reminded me that the phrase Davis actually used regarding Mortensen was a “professional liar.”

A Raiders spokesman requested today that no questions regarding the ESPN story be asked of Cable during is press briefing. Cable did say he hadn’t head from the NFL (he was asked anyway, of course).

The Raiders issued a press release saying they were taking the domestic abuse allegations seriously and would investigate them, while Profootballtalk.com reported the Raiders were working in conjunction with the league on the matter.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • RaiderFan77

    I sit here and read everyday how upset our nation is about our team. Maybe this is a place to vent but i see the same things being said over and over about JR and Cable and talking about how they dont know if they can be a fan any longer or need counseling for being a Fan. Part of being a fan is standing by our team during this phase its not saying that your gonna jump ship because things are not going our way. I started watching the raiders when my father took me to games while they played here in Los Angeles and since then I have been a fan. When everyone in football bashed my team i still stood there and was a fan because thats what real fans do. So if ur second guessing my team maybe you should raise another teams flag because we dont need you!

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    1-2-3 Get Counseling!!!

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    Coaches that would coach the Raiders

    1. Tom Cable
    2. Dennis Green
    3. Jim Fassell

    You make the call

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    When Davis talked about a “professional liar” during his infamous press conference, he appeared to be talking about Kiffin and not Mortensen. But it’s hard to tell.