Raiders near full strength


Half a season is already in the books and the outside entanglements regarding coach Tom Cable remain ongoing, if not recognized on the record, but the Raiders coach seemed relieved in one respect.

He has his team.


“This is the healthiest this football team has been,” Cable said to the media following practice. “There’s no question. Particularly on offense.

“It was good to have them all back, in terms of being in, and into sync, and the energy in the huddle, all those things.”

Four projected starters _ wide receiver Chaz Schilens, left guard Robert Gallery, right tackle Cornell Green and running back Darren McFadden _ all practice Wednesday to varying degrees.

Schilens and Gallery went the distance and Green and McFadden were limited, although Cable expects both to play.

With that in mind, you would hope the Raiders can do some damage to a 1-7 Chiefs team Sunday at the Coliseum, otherwise the second half of the season could be as dismal as the first even with fellow lightweights such as Washington and Cleveland on the schedule to go along with difficult matchups against playoff hopefuls such as Cincinnati, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Denver and Baltimore.

Left tackle Mario Henderson was pleased to have Green and Gallery back, in particular Gallery, who lines up to his right on the offensive line.

“It’s going to be a good feeling to get some of the older guys back on the line, Robert and Cornell, and especially getting Gallery back. Kind of help us get that camaraderie back. It’s a good feeling when we have two players of that caliber to be able to come back. It’s really good because they help me out a lot, especially Robert.”

Some news and notes on a light Monday:

— Guard Paul McQuistan, in his fourth year out of Weber State, was cut to make room for defensive tackle William Joseph. McQuistan was a third-round draft pick, No. 69 overall, started six games as a rookie, and was considered by the short-lived Art Shell regime to be a drive blocker of great potential.

McQuistan had six more starts in 2007 as a tackle, although he never seemed to gain favor under Lane Kiffin, who hired Cable to implement a zone blocking system. He spent most of last season on injured reserve following knee surgery and never mounted a challenge to be a starter this season.

“I think he was fine in the system,” Cable said. “For us, numbers and right now who would be the next one in and he would be down the line.”

With the Raiders entrusting the center position to Samson Satele, Chris Morris will be the backup at both right and left guard, as well as center.

— Joseph was brought in because Cable felt the Raiders were pushing their luck going with a three-man rotation at tackle with Tommy Kelly, Gerard Warren and rookie Desmond Bryant (although Richard Seymour has moved inside in some packages).

Warren has battled through rib and foot injuries. Kelly was not at practice Monday, due to what Cable described as a personal matter. Cable said Kelly should return Tuesday and practice Wednesday.

— Schilens, Cable said, and is pushing through soreness natural to the injury. He was forced to back off in the days preceding the Jets game because of the pain. McFadden took about half the practice reps, but Cable said there are no issues and he expects him to play.

Cable has not said how he will break down the workload with all three runners healthy.

— Wide receiver/return specialist Nick Miller (tibia) did not practice, nor did defensive end Greg Ellis (knee). Cornerback Chris Johnson (groin) and tight end Tony Stewart (chest) were limited. Warren (foot) participated fully.

— Just before Cable took the podium, a Raiders P.R. official requested that no questions be asked regarding the “ESPN story,” presumably the one which alleges that Cable has a history of violence toward women.

Last week, Cable stuck to his original statements made through his attorney. Cable was asked if he had heard from the NFL since we had last talked, and his answer was no.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Oooooh, the energy in the Huddle was REALLY HIGH TODAY.

  • Hopefully Paul gets picked up by the Cowgirls and gets an opportunity to play in a suystem that will work for him and with his bro.

  • Everybody knows that the Raiders at Full Strength are a Juggernaut to be rekoned with.

  • We should beat the Chiefs right? Cable just has to win a couple more games for most of you nut cases to go off about how he is turning the franchise around and all that BS right? KC, Browns, Washington…he should win two out of those three games!

    I can’t wait to see how you guys try and justify a 4-12 or 5-11 record lol.

    Yeah baby, he won 2 out of his last three!!! Give him an extension Al!!!!!

  • los raiders de don rober

    Man, yellow follows Green.

  • Does a General Manager who hires 5 Head Coaches in 5 years sound like he knows what he’s doing?

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    We are healthy. We should be turning the corner soon.

  • islandraider

    KK’s post 380 in ‘off-day notes’ is interesting. Very interesting. Could Trask, assuming she could gain enough decision making power, run the show? Hiring a competent GM and HC, organizing the camp and try and restore Raider pride from long, long ago. A woman with something to prove, been around futility so long, she may be able to right the ship. After all, being around such overwhelming incompotence can make you better, under the right conditions. I’m really reaching here, but anything would be better than whats there now. Just imagine her ready to clean house. I’m very saddened over this club for the last 20 years, with a small glimpses of hope only to be thrown out like dirty bath water.
    And I agree with SnB, just compete. We’ve met Big Al half way. We take your propaganda and your losses, just compete. Give us some hope. Compete. You’ve led us down the path of despair, the least you can do is compete. And then, who knows. Maybe some wins will follow.

  • CuzImaRaider

    Nobody on this team runs as hard as Fargas, he should continue to get the bulk of carries with Dmac in passing downs, like Bush in New Orleans, Justin “huggie bear” Fargas works his ass off an runs hard and always has!! He deserves the opportunity, he sets the tone on the team!!

  • IslandRaider

    It was interesting to hear, according to Kawakami, that Trask herself ahs been in & out of the doghouse recently. Which speaks well for her. She may be the one challenging Davis.

    But Trask or anyone else would have to be publicly percieved as independent, to energise the Nation.

  • Kool,

    You asked earlier and you were correct, homefield as a rule of thumb is worth 3 points.

    Interesting that the Broncos are underdogs at home tonight. I guess Vegas hasn’t completly drank the Josh McDaniel kool-aid yet.

  • Interesting that the Broncos are underdogs at home tonight. I guess Vegas hasn’t completly drank the Josh McDaniel kool-aid yet.
    Well, they are playing the World Champs.

  • M Lonetree

    Tied for 24th in the NFL at the moment, the Raiders can jump up to a tie for 20th with a victory on Sunday. Yay!

  • vegas raider Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    You asked earlier and you were correct, homefield as a rule of thumb is worth 3 points.
    I’m usually right, no? I’ve been doing this since before most of you were born. 😉

  • islandraider

    She’s got some respect among her NFL peers, has some power, and maybe Big Al the maverick would do another first in elevating her position in operations. Given the chance, she’s in house, maybe Big Al could loosen the leash, what the heck. Wasn’t Candi Rce talked about for some role over at the 9er camp? Hope. She could bring hope. We are in deep despair, we need hope.
    Come on, Al!

  • We will get to see the importance of the O-line here soon.

    Steelers have a below average line and Broncos have one of the best in football.

    Steelers struggle to run the ball especially in 3rd and 1’s, Broncos block so well they just rotate in RB’s.

    But a QB and some playmakers can overcome it and they should, or at least I bet that way. I took the Steelers to win, took less payout and wasn’t messing with the points.

    Steelers 24 Broncos 23

  • Let’s not get carried away. The last thread you told Mr to look at your link and just the “facts”, only the link had GNP FORECASTS!! Those aren’t facts my friend!! LOL
    If you scroll down half the page, you see the GNP graph.


  • Kool,

    I checked out a lot of the stuff on the site, pretty cool link actually.

    It’s just that the only positive “upslope” is the forecast for 2010, so I thought I’d bust you up over it. And you know part of GNP is government expenditures and consumption right? GDP per capita is a better measure of economic health, IMO.

  • islandraider

    One can only hope.

  • Reverend Feelgood

    Lets stay together.

    You make me feel so brand new.

    I want to spend my life with you.

    Since we’ve been together, ooh, loving you forever, is what I need.

    Let me be the one you come runnin’ to.

    I’ll never be untrue.

    Oohhbaby lets stay together, loving you whether, whether, times are good or bad or happy or sad.

    You’d never do that to me …would ya baby?

    We oughta stay together, loving you whether, whether, times are good or bad, happy or sad, c’mon, lets stay together.

  • Yes true, ending the “recession” (two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth), but again let’s not get carried away.

    BO needs a big holiday spending push to fuel jobs, because that unemployment number hasn’t been getting better, and those people with out jobs could care less about the DOW right now.

  • jhill

    Amazing that Barnes couldn’t keep Green out of the starting lineup. Definitely glad to hear about the Oline getting healthy, as well as DMAC.

    Let’s see if we can run the ball 30 times between DMAC and Fargas, and give Bush the short yardage, goaline, and some FB duties.

    DMAC in the slot and Schillens returning should provide a few more targets.

    Raiders 6 KC 3

  • If you say so.

    I work for a small private business, Medicare Advantage company. This isn’t going to help us one bit, and more importantly, is going to stick it to our Medicare benificiaries and raise costs for our seniors.

    So while some convicted felon and meth addict can now get the free healthcare he “deserves”, our seniors, who have PAID Medicare and EARNED it, are going to pay more. What happened to reform, not big government change and takeover?

    That’s my rant for now. Sure it won’t last on here long.

  • 6 to 3, LOL!!

    Road team has won the last 5 between these two teams and the road team has covered the spread something crazy like 10 times in a row.

    Raiders go up to 1.5 favorites and win 17-16???

  • Mistabrown

    Oakland will beat KC and then will drop 3 straight and then beat Wash, after Wash the only other win will be Clev. All home games blacked out.

    5-11 baby!

  • Vegas

    AARP the Largest Senior Lobbying Group Support the Bill, ok?

    Can we put that one to rest? Go to their website.

  • Mistabrown Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    KK, I thought people got wiser with age? You’re like a 20 yr old hippie in college smoking 12 bong loads a day thinking Govt is the answer for everything.

    Good grief
    Do you have anything substantial to add to the conversion?

  • priesttj

    Some lucky sucker will get a good RT or RG in Paul McQ for a song. Cable loves castoffs who aren’t physical but very athletic.

    Cable has to get this Oline fixed and now. Because without it we’re in deep trouble. We must be more physical in the run game to have any chance of winning. And Cable keeps discarding good Olineman for questioable ones. We had a good young RG in Marcus Johnson who played well in Preseason and we cut at the drop of a hat because he can’t cut block his man but he blocks the hell out of him. He’d rather have a guiy biting dirt than manning up and dominating his man. We didn’t draft a very good Olineman in Monroe so we could continue to play Green………..go freakin’ figure.

    If this line isn’t dminant in the second half of the season you’ll know why. I’ve been very slow to criticize Cable for this but it’s getting ridiculous. Our QB is always on his ass while we’re playing bums like Pears and Barnes and Carlisle. I’m getting sick of it. They damn well better prove him right.

  • I don’t know why the Mistabrowns of the Country, people who can hardly read and write, are soooooo concerned about Health Insurance Corporations?

  • Vegas

    Don’t get your point in #52, but the number 1 cause of bankruptcys in America are medical bills.

    Vetrans & Seniors are not the only people deserving of health care.

    Why do you side with Insurance Companies against working Men Women, children?

  • Vegas

    You sound like Hitler, who are you to decide who deserves health care?

  • Giant Corporations moving manufacturing abroad because they’re unable to compete because of US Health Care costs for US employees.

    Laid off millions of American workers. Now they don’t have Health Insurance. And you’re saying they don’t deserve Health Care?

  • Brownstains

    All you do is spew hate on this blog, regardless the topic.

    Damn, you must be miserable.

    Don’t bother responding.

  • JB

    Of all the remaining games left, KC is the one we are most likely to win. Beyond that there are only 2 others that have a maybe status – Cleveland Browns & the Washington Redskins. It’s really hard to believe that there are teams out there worse than ours. KC, unlike Washington & Cleveland, does have a QB that is qualified to play in the NFL. The bottom 3, Oakland, Washington & Cleveland are QB deficient – a.k.a. leaderless. It’s also interesting to note that this bottom 3 also have questionable head coaches too. But, we;ve got them all beat on longevity! We’ve definitely sucked longer than all of them so I guess that makes us no. 1. YEA, let’s hear it for suckiness – we’er no. 1, we’re no. 1.

  • Mistabrown

    Oh now KK read all 1995 pages of the bill….lmao

    That bill will be nothing like the bill that comes out of the senate but KK so if you actually did the read the bill and we all know you didnt it was just a waste of time.

    # KoolKell Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 6:23 pm


    What I’m hearing from you is, if you don’t work, you don’t deserve health insurance.

    Consider post 56 again.

    The rest of your post is exactly the Bill put forward

  • How does it feel KK to be in the same company as priest and his left tit oakglen ?
    Brownstains, lol, (shaking my head) you are completely irrelevant to me, trust me.

  • Mistabrown

    KK are you so stuck on stupid you dont even realize the bill that was passed on Saturday was just a paper weight to get to the Senate ?

    I know you didnt read the bill but if you did…
    oh boy

  • Mistabrown

    KK not only are you in the same class as priest and oakglen you resort to the name calling when your clock gets cleaned just like they do, a female trait.

  • islandraider

    O-line won’t protect JR cause they know if they did, he wouldn’t buy them a steak dinner.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    oh yeah cornell is back!

  • Ghost87

    Anyone just see the Broncos score on a Tuck Rule non-call?

    Roethlisberger did a small pump, then the ball was knocked out while his arm was extended. Why the hell doesn’t the Steelers coach challenge?

  • He Hate Me

    Is this what a real football team looks like?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Coach Cable should finish the season for the sake of some team stability and continuity.
    This on the condition that his ex wife and ex girlfriend are exaggerating their accounts of his violent behavior.

    Time for Mr. McFadden to step up; also time for Mr. Heyward-Bey to catch 10 plus passes. He has had a full set of OTAs, training camp, preseason, and 1/2 a regular season along with a bye week to prep for the KC Chiefs, whose secondary is not the best in the NFL.

  • RaiderRetribution

    I am hoping we get either Harbaugh or a veteran NFL HC such as Fassel, Dennis G., or Gruden, or Cowher, or Fisher, who I think will agree to a buyout from Adams of the Titans, just a hunch.

  • islandraider

    Would be nice to get a HC who could install a diciplined program. Cable could do a good job once his hands are untied. After all, he is still learning, but nobody, I repeat, nobody wants the job more than him. No coach of any stature will come here to get in a pssing match with Big Al. Cable needs to start winning so his leash will be extended. Now if Amy Trask were to take over football operations, could she attract a big name coach? As much as I wish well for Cable and the Raiders, it is about coaching. You can coach average talent and win and you can have good talent and loose. To bad the owner has to meddle so much. Hope. It’s all we got.

  • djohnnyg

    Amy Trask is an idiot. This is the same dummy who thought Al should have hired Bill Belichek to coach the Raiders. Jeeeez.

  • djohnnyg

    I heard that this dipstick Trask, thought that Oakland should have drafted Adrian Peterson. Thank God Al vetoed that potential disaster.

  • djohnnyg

    Seriously, I was listening to ESPN radio this morning and Troy Aikman brought out the fact that he wouldn’t have been much wothout the supporting cast he had; Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Novacek, Alvin Harper, and a talented and monster sized OL.

    As much as I think Jamarcus is fat,lazy,and DUMB, I WOULD like to see how he would do with something other than two rookie WR’s, with one of them that can’t even catch the ball; no less run a route.

    As much as I think he sucks, I NEED to see this. I can’t honestly say he is totally worthless until we can truly judge the goofball under fair circumstances.

    Honest ?- How good would a Troy Aikman have been with THIS group of hapless donuts?

  • islandraider

    If Troy Aikman had this group, he probably would have slapped some game into these guys. Aikman was also extending a professional courtesy to his guys. Granted they were good, but he also was a leader. My question is, is JR hungry. Does he want it, and want it bad. Can he lead, can he instill fire into his guys. Is he the guy that can lift a teammate to the next level, bring out the greatness in them. I’m sure he knew that this came with the job when he signed for all those donuts. Oops, I mean millions.
    Personally, I find todays Raiders so depressing I have to laugh at this just to maintain some hope.