Final: Chiefs 16, Raiders 10



KC_Succop 31-yard field goal, 6:17


— First down at own 19, 1:53 left.

Gradkowski to Schillens for 9 yards.

Gradkowski to Johnnie Lee Higgins, first down, 14 yards to the 43-yard line.

Gradkowski scrambles for nine yards to the KC 48.

Less than a minute, McFadden stopped for no gain.

Raiders call time with 44 seconds left.

Gradkowski to Darrius Heyward-Bey toward left sideline at the 26 (doesn’t look like he got it, under review). A 22-yard gain is on the line. Shows how much I know _ ruling on the field stands.

Heyward-Bey bats easily catch up in the air, Mike Brown intercepts.

Chiefs kill clock and win.

— Needing a stop, the Raiders let Jamal Charles carry twice and get a first down, losing valuable clock time. Kolby Smith carries for first down, but Chiefs’ Leonard Pope called for holding. Stops clock at 2:20. Second-and-17.

Chiefs run ball for 10 yards on third-and-17, will punt following two-minute warning.

— Following Chiefs field goal, Gradkowski throws deep incomplete (Murphy can’t hold on to fly out of the slot) and goes three-and-out, taking sack with 4:59 left.

— Chiefs go up by six on Succop 30-yard field goal, a 34-yard, eight-play drive set up by Mike Brown’s deflected interception of Gradkowski and a pass interference call on Nnamdi Asomugha against Dwayne Bowe.

— Third-and-3 Gradkowski pass behind Johnnie Lee Higgins, Brandon Flowers deflects, Mike Brown intercepts, Cheifs get ball at 47.

— Johnnie Lee Higgins fails to field a punt which rolls an additional 13 yaerds for a 61-yard punt.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Dude

    So Terrapin you obviously didnt even watch the game yet your on here commenting on it??? Hows that work? LOL!

  • lefty12

    it is easy to blame the coach when the WRS drop passes,the QB misses more open WRS than he hits,the Oline gets bogus penalties that cause successful plays to be cancelled,etc.the fact is if the QB hits open WRs,the WRs catch those passes,the officials call the games fairly,etc.,the coach looks like any other successful coach.and to those that say we should just run the ball,isn’t that what the Jets try and do,and their record is under .500.this is the NFL and to be successful in the NFL,you HAVE to have a passing game.

  • Terrapin

    Vegas – I’m talking about the totality of the season. Cable’s playcalling stinks. He never sticks with the run. He’s always coming up with this excuse – “I’m just trying to be aggressive” bullcrap when thing fail. If your team isn’t ready for something don’t force it you dimwit.

    He’s been forcing the issue all season. 2 rooks starting at WR …trying to chug it downfield damn near every pass play ..long ass routes. When he shortened it up some …things were clickin’ …but he never sticks with what works for his team. He just thinks of what “he” wants to do with no regard to if the team can execute it well. He just doesn’t have a clue.

  • jhill

    I thought they should have left him in as starter the first time they benched Russell and I wish they would leave him in now.

    I know Gradkowski is not the QB of the future but neither is Russell. I think the WRs can begin to make plays and gain confidence behind Grad. Russell will do nothing but take these guys down with him.



    Look at what a benching did for VY. Let Grads or Frye finish the season and make Russell earn the job back next year, if he can.

    Gradkowski was with Hackett in Tampa so maybe he is a better fit for this timing offense they are trying to run.

  • jhill

    I have to agree with that Lefty.

    How much different would things look if the WRs caught the ball, the QB was more accurate, and we didn’t have stupid penalties?

  • jhill


    There is ZERO excuse for Bush not carrying the ball 25 times today.

    Dude was CLEARLY on a roll.

    Cable should have to answer for that!

  • Terrapin

    Listen, as a coach you should at least make sure your team can execute the little things and do them well. Screens, for instance is a simple matter and can be huge for an offense (see Chargers …run it all the damn time to the point that its sickening).

    To see these player continuously “f” up on the screens is telling.

  • islandraider

    2 weeks to rest and prepared. They looked tired and un-prepared after the 1st set.

    We don’t know whats going on inside, but these guys are defenantly not yesterdays professional. I wonder if the pressure, demands, and the expectations are a little more that they can handle. They are afraid to fail. That has hurt them. Any player has to have a short memory, but somethings lingering here. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Lack of preperation is starting to show how deep it is. Combine that with failure, now your playing with out confidence.
    Give DHB a little more time. Russell, its been a long try-out, time to crap or get off the pot. Cable is my biggest disappointment. I really thought he would improve. Players will win for a coach because they want to please him, because they respect him. Cable is in a tough spot. Al being the wise man he is could have arranged for a play caller so Cable could focus on managing the game. Al the wise should have seen his lack of experience. The defense really gave up one bad pitch today, so a little improvement there (this was KC after all).



    c’mon nation visit this site like i just did!!! Have your voices heard

  • armond

    grads sucks big time but alot of u dummies thinks Hes better. didnt he throw behind guys as well? yall want russell to be perfect with every throw and no qb is that accurate. wrs make plays for their qb except ours. i hope russell does come out on cable cuz that guy is a bafoon. jhill and terp mentioned why so ill leave it at that. we have snuck into top 5 pick status with this loss. 10 drops and alot of u dummies blame russ. good drops vs bad drops, MUHFUKKAS PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Terrapin

    But thats like a what came first ..the chicken or the egg ..kinda question.

    You can blame the players or the coach. My eyes are squarely on the coaching first now and the players afterwards.

    As I was WATCHING the game I kept saying over and over “There’s no way this team is this bad ..No way” referring to the offense, shaking my head. This offense has a LOT of talent – A LOT! More than most teams in the league. It has to be the coaching and having them prepared.

    Pulling JR when none of that sht had anything to do with him was all I needed to see. Never saw that coming, and it was a btch move by Cable.

  • armond Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    grads sucks big time but alot of u dummies thinks Hes better.

    Let the players decide who is better. Don’t listen to what they say, but WATCH how they react.

    Grad came in a immediately the tempo increased and the WRs made a few plays.

    I think the players are done with Russell as well. Sure, some underachieving overpaid homeboys whispered in his ear on the sidelines, but most of the offense picked it up when Grad came in because I believe they feel he gives them a chance.

  • Terrapin

    Only Haley is worst than Cable. (oh, and Rob Ryan but he’s no HC).

    But that’s the thing. NOBODY in the media points out how bad the HCs are. They always blame the players first. Haley is TERRIBLE but no one in the media says a word.

    Cable stinks. Always thought so, but held out hope. All “hope” is gone now. Its official. Dudes a turd. Flush that sht Al.

    I feel sorry for the players on O. Another year of a new system. Can’t get off 1st base.

  • doriangray

    i told yall wut we f u k k i n need . marc trestman . and tony pike . and the backup qb in san diego , and hotter cheerleaders .


    i doubt cable benched russell because of the 2 bad reads.

    he was probably M.I.A for the whole bye week and not working at trying to get better.

    We don’t see behind the scenes.

    I watched the game on direc t.v. and i believe if gradkowski started today the raiders would have won. i’m not saying he’s the answer but he gives us a better chance to win.

  • Terrapin

    Gradkowski didn’t do squat. Stop seeing dreams man.

    3 & out.

    Then comes back and throws an INT.

    Then comes back and fortunately for him the WRs caught some WIDE OPEN passes. Not so fortunate that they continued to drop some big ones too, just like when JR was in.

  • Terrapin

    Fargas was just on the radio saying “JaMarcus is OUR QB” …read between the lines gents …that means JR not Gradkowski …he didn’t even get too political with it …the players are speaking.

    Someone said before CJ said they would’ve won if the WRs would do their jobs …another player spoken

  • jhill

    Grad came in a immediately the tempo increased and the WRs made a few plays.




    His first series was a 3 and out.

    His 2nd series was a pick.

    His 3rd ended with him getting sacked for a huge loss.

    See, this is the type of stuff that is just too funny to me!

  • armond

    terp these people see what they want. i was at the game and my group counted the drops as they happened. russell was very accurate early and was off a little as they continued to DROP more passes. u could clearly see him aiming the ball. notice how his first pass to chaz was in rhythmn? he trusts chaz and 81 caught it with ease. why does murphy get a pass in here? as much hate dhb gets murphy is worse. even those dumpoffs were dropped but they blame jr. we have some of the biggest idiots of all fanbases. they hate the guy so much they will settle for grad who did the same as him but threw a pick.


    Terrapin Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 7:29 pm
    Gradkowski didn’t do squat. Stop seeing dreams man.

    3 & out.

    Then comes back and throws an INT.

    Then comes back and fortunately for him the WRs caught some WIDE OPEN passes. Not so fortunate that they continued to drop some big ones too, just like when JR was in.

    fortunately for him he threw it where they could catch it instead of behind them or in the dirt.

    stop defending Jamarcuss it is to hard of a sell he sucks REALLY BAD.

    we can all thank big AL for JaDarrenBey

  • jhill

    good drops vs bad drops, MUHFUKKAS PLEASE!!!!!!!



    Wassup Armond!

    It’s really come down to good drops vs bad drops.

    I mean, I am really LOL when I type that!

    I’m still waiting on the definition of a playmaking WR.

  • # Terrapin Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Gradkowski didn’t do squat. Stop seeing dreams man.

    3 & out.

    Then comes back and throws an INT.

    Then comes back and fortunately for him the WRs caught some WIDE OPEN passes. Not so fortunate that they continued to drop some big ones too, just like when JR was in.

    Dude. Terrapin, I know you know a little football.

    How much time has Grad had out there compared to Russell?

    Again, don’t listen to WHAT they say, WATCH how they play.

  • jhill

    It was actaully funny Terrapin.

    Fargas said, “I’m not going to go all TO and cry, but Jamarcus is our QB …”

    That dude is hilarious!

  • oh…

    Please fire Tom Cable. The Wild Sht formation killed the momentum early in this game and was worthless.

  • armond

    they dont even mention how grad shouldve thrown 3 ints with 2 pik 6’s against the jets. lets not forget that tipped pass dropped for a int and the tip that couldnt even get past the los. yeah grads is cool man.dmc got no shot to come out bangin. bush shouldve had 25 carries. i mentioned this the last few days about the relationship between cable hackett russ. i never seen russ and cable bond before. i dont think jr cares for him much and down the bay said he know sthat hackett doesnt like russ. no one questions why he has regressed under these coaches.




    jamarcuss threw on pass right to the corner on the way down for the field goal hit him in the hands !!! Yes he hit him in the hands.

  • EMRaiders

    Here’s my two cents:

    I didn’t see the game, only heard it on radio, but this is what I got from the wonderful commentating done by good ol’ Mr. Pappa.

    Drops, Drops, Drops. DHB is not ready, he needs to spent every second he’s not playing, studying, or watching film on practicing catching the ball. Whether it’s nerves, or lack of ability, he’s just not ready. Al needs to realize this now, sit him, and stop this before he really does become a huge bust. Murphy is not ready either, but at least he catches the ball. His first game back and Chaz is already the better receiver. Rotate Higgins and Murphy with DHB being the 4th WR. Design special plays suited just for him, and let him gain some confidence.

    Russell is a tough call. Not because I think he can be the next Brady, but because his WRs haven’t been making it easy to get a true assessment of him. If the WRs would get open more often, or catch some of those drops, Russell all of a sudden looks a little better, statistically at least. But it is true that he has been a disappointment up until now in more ways than one. Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a better option. Gradkowski shows a lot of heart and desire to win, but in my opinion hasn’t shown he can do enough given the chances he has had. It would be worth it giving Frye a chance. This is another possible monumental first round bust. However, I think it would also be worth it to give Russell another year, only if he has consistency at coaching. If there’s another coaching change might as well change the QB. But if he is given another year, then it has to be the last chance. Either takes us to the playoffs, or he’s gone.

    I don’t know what to think of McFadden. But if the bust whispers have already started, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Wow. Three consecutive first round busts. And there are others. If that doesn’t set your team back, I don’t know what will…oh wait, an old stubborn, senile owner who is living in the past would do it as well. Oh, we have both…

  • armond

    yo jhill they cant define playmaking wr cuz they havent seen one yet. chaz can be that but hes been hurt and caveman cable rotated him out 2 much. i taped the post game show so i will see how cable sold jr out later 2night. tell me how the starting qb gets benched but these sukka azz rookie wrs didnt. 10 drops and its all the qb. if he plays grad the rest of the year u can say goodbye to me. ill watch but wont care about the outcome. jr shouldve been benched another way but not this way. cable is a coward but then again didnt ronald curry have beef with him last year over some ish like this?

  • Terrapin

    I didnt get the “Wildhog” either. I’m just laughing at the name right now …Cables just ridiculous.

    He ran that sht 2 times in a row and didn’t get squat! Killed the momentum. I’m just not a fan …the Dolphins are the best at it in the NFL …but you don’t see them winning many games with it do you? Despite all the fanfare.


    “I guess we got a winning streak here,” receiver Dwayne Bowe said. “Every time we play a division team our goal is to win. But every time we play the Raiders, it’s always a hated rivalry and coach stressed it all during the week: Hate the Raiders, we’ve got to beat the Raiders.”

    phuk them !!!!!!

  • Russell, the big-black Quarterback, with the fur coats is the easy target, for the Davis apologists.

  • Kush

    Cable is like a deer in headlights out there. He’s got to go. Sanjay Lal is horrible and needs to go as well.

    Jamarcus should not have been benched for his play today. He should have been benched for his play over the last 9 weeks of the football season.

    He WAS NOT BETTER than Gradkowski today. It’s debatable whether or not he was worse than Gradkowski due to the numerous dropped passes.

    It was sad to see his receivers fall apart and not have his back today on the football field. However Jamarcus has way more problems than just his receivers not catching the ball.

    He had good protection at times, esp on some play action drop backs, and he still could not find anyone open. Cable said that there were receivers open, and there might have been, but because Jamarcus only looks to one side of the field he probably didn’t know that.

  • armond

    dmc can make plays but u have 2 stick with him. how can u use 3 rbs all at once and be effective?they dont understand their own personnel. dmc bush fargas are workhorse backs that need touches to be effective. we have no real change of pace back on our team which is another reason our run game can go cold 2 soon. dmc isnt a change of pace R.bush guy yall make him out to be. he averaged over 20 CARRIES a game for 2 years at arkansas. we do nothing with him and blame him for not playing better. how the hell do we committ 2 2 weakazz rookie wrs but not dmc bush? JUST STOOOPID!!!

  • Terrapin

    Man oh man…I just remembered …JR did all he can to get out of this blitz by the Cheifs ..lines collapsing …he somehow manages to pass it to DMC who’s set up for the screen and I don’t know how he got it out …what happened ….DMC drops it! Picks it up and runs way down field.

    I know you guys remember that too. What could’ve been …but I guess that was the QBs fault too.

  • islandraider
  • My God how low I’ve sunk.

    I have Phillip Rivers and Randy Moss on my FF team and I actually have to get excited for them because that is the only way I can get a win in the NFL as a fan.

  • Terrapin

    This 3rb rotation is stupid. Stick with one or the other. Run 2 at most. But dont run 3. Dumb! But he keeps doing it and expects different results each time.

    Keeps shoveling rookie WRs out there with a 2nd yr QB and expecting different results.

    ….go figure.

  • jhill

    Your dead on Armond about the coach/QB relationship.

    Another reason why I think they should start Grads or Fire Cable and insert Tollner.

    It’s political now in that Russell, Cable and Hackett just are not going to get along. Russell was CLEARLY pissed after this benching. Him being the scapegoat is not going to sit well with him, and I can’t see him buying Cable’s reasoning.

    Might as well go with the backup at this point.

  • jhill

    Good post Kush!

  • armond

    kush he did play better than grads but his damn wrs dropped 2 many passes for it to look like it. people dont realize how drops affect u mentally. i saw aaron rodgers at cal go in the tank once his best wrs like macarthur, chase lyman, burl toler got hurt. he had freshman #11 playin too early and other guys droppin passes left and right running bad routes. he started holding on to the ball 2 long and was trying to be too perfect. a once explosive passing game became very ugly and then the azz whippin in the holiday bowl happened.

  • Terrapin

    Yeah. JHill. I wouldn’t go for that crap either. There is something called pride. And you’re not going to pin the loss on him without some friction.

    The season is over. Russell is done with Cable. Probably doesn’t want anything to do with him further. The other players are likely scratching their heads too. There will be no love in that locker room.

    Might as well go with the backups and stop running the youth the Raiders are depending on.

    New coach will be in town February. You can bet on it. Even Al can see this.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    do you think hackett likes grad more because hes coached him longer i dont want to think that hes been sabotaging russell but it would make some sense as to why hes regressing hackett might just want grad as the starter

  • Terrapin

    stop “ruining” the youth the Raiders are depending on

  • armond

    16 u remember last night how downthebay was sayin how he knows of the friction between russ and hackett? it looks like he may be right. i didnt see russ when he was benched. i heard every1 screamin and then i see grads come in. ill have to watch the replay online 2 see what every1 is talking about. cable sold out curry last year 2.

  • islandraider

    Al would see right thru that.

  • armond

    the fact that cable said they wouldnt be interested in chambers said enuff. why do we give russ wr that cant catch? chaz is the only 1. jlh is the biggest puzzy ive seen since desmond howard. if we were going to reach for a wr it shouldve been harvin maclin or even nicks. i hope heybey comes thru but he wasnt my choice.why is slow azz holland returning kicks and not jlh? he would have no choice but 2 run forward on kickoffs and was good at it last year.i dont believe cable instills any confidence in them.

  • BlackSunday32

    So those horrible screen passes that are about to get a rb killed are considered drops, wow so new coach and new coordinator next year and new excuses for Russell great.

  • ldynblk26


  • ldynblk26

    like Tim Brown said alot of talent but no leadership…i agree