Chad Ochocinco, (mostly) uncensored


Conference calls are often routine affairs, but not in the case of Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. No sense in doing much editing on this one. Particularly interesting were Ochocinco’s observations on cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and his thoughts about how catching passes ought to be a refined skill by the time a receiver enters the NFL as a rookie.

Q: Hello, Chad, how are you doing?

Ochcinco: OK, hello. Hola. Como esta?

Q: Bien, y usted?

Ochocinco: Cool, cool, cool.

Q: Any news to report from the Ocho Cinco News Network?

Ochocinco: Oh, man, I’m just coming to give the Black Hole the best show they’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if they’ve really had much to look forward to this year but, man, we’re coming to town. It will for damned sure be a circus.

Q: Are you sending the Raiders any gifts this week?

Ochocinco: No, no, no, I can’t pay for shipping and handling. That’s too damn far.

Q: What are your thoughts about going up against Asomugha?

Ochocinco: It’s going to be fun. It was fun the last time I went against him, it’s going to be fun this time I go against him. I can’t wait.

Q: Did you play against his team when you were at Oregon State?

Ochocinco: I can’t remember. All I remember is playing against him when we played Oakland the last time he was here, when Fabian was on the other side. That was fun. I enjoyed it.

Q: That was the last time a team went at Asomugha. How much do you keep tabs on Asomugha’s exploits?

Ochocinco: Not at all, not at all. I never have. Everyone says he’s the best defensive back in the NFL, so I just go along and I agree with everybody else and then I will permit to go out there Sunday and have my fun, like I usually do every week. So, it’s no different. He’s an awesome, awesome defensive back. I watch him on film. I’ve dissected every single technique that he does. Every single one. So, he’s really awesome and he’s one of the few cornerbacks, where any defensive coordinator, I don’t care what team he played on, he makes a defense that much easier when you can leave somebody like that on an island by yourself and you can actually lock down one side.

Q: Does it make it that much more fun for you?

Ochocinco: Exactly. There you go. Exactly. You put it together. I can’t F-ing wait, excuse my language.

Q: Is it odd that he doesn’t trash-talk much?

Ochocinco: He doesn’t. I tried to frustrate him the last time he was here, and he doesn’t say much. So, I don’t know. But he is the best. I’m not going to sit here and play around about it. I’ve watched him on film. I actually got cut-ups on him. When I saw the schedule, I get the cut-ups on who I think I need to study. So, once I saw the schedule for the 2009 season, him and Champ were the first ones, the only two, where I said, ‘Let me see what they did last year and see who they went against that was of quality’ and just get a jump on them. I’ve studied him this year, and it’s still the same: he’s one of the best.

Q: How much more fun does it make it when you guys are winning?

Ochocinco: It makes it a lot better. It makes it a lot better. Even though it’s fun to be winning, but my fun has to be, quote, put to a minimum because I get out of control. So, coach Lewis kind of got me in a little bind right now about doing some of the things that I do. So, there’s no care packages going out.

Q: Why did you feel so confident that the Bengals were going to go 12-4?

Ochocinco: Because I just know. I don’t know why people always continue to … If you ever follow me, anytime I say I’ve said anything regarding football, which is all I know, I’ve never been wrong. Whether I’m guaranteeing a win, whether I’m talking about beating a defensive back that following Sunday, I’ve never been wrong. So, I don’t know why people, when I say something outlandish like, ‘I think we’re going to go 12-4,’ I can see it. I’m the one here working. I’m the one that’s training with this team. I see the team every day. The outsiders base their information on what we did last year. Last year means nothing. It means nothing, and that’s why they laugh when I say 12-4 before the season even started. I saw this coming. I saw it coming.

Q: What was it that you saw of this turnaround coming?

Ochocinco: Man, the offense itself, everything. The offense, the defense. Really, the defense, they’re saving us. I mean, it’s not that we’re doing bad but as an offense, we’re not that ’05 (team) where we were putting up 30 points just for no god damn reason. That’s how we were. We were just scoring just to be scoring, for no reason at all. But we’re playing good football. We’re not playing great football as an offense. But we’re playing good football, we’re winning games, we’re making enough plays to win at the end.

Q: Were you ready to come in as a rookie and play a lot?

Ochocinco: Uhh. Yeah, I think so because after that rookie year, once I got to that second year, it was a wrap. I took off from there. There was no looking back.

Q: Did you think you should be starting as a rookie?

Ochocinco: No, no, no, no, no. I wasn’t ready then. No. no. Not like that, not to be No. 1. No.

Q: How did you handle dropped passes as a young player?

Ochocinco: My second year I had a big drop that really kind of messed me up. I remember Jon Kitna was my quarterback. I dropped a ball that really caused us to lose. That was ’02? I never forget that. That was the turnaround to my career right there. I remember Kitna saying there’s two things that could happen. Either this play right here is going to make you and ruin your career or you’re going to build off of it and shoot for the stars from this point.

Q: Can you teach sure hands as receiver?

Ochocinco: It’s natural man. It’s natural. You have some people who are just natural pass catchers and everything is smooth. Then you see some receivers and they sort of fight with the ball, it’s a struggle. Or you have some who always catch with their chest. I’m just natural. I lovethe ball. If you ever watch me play, I make love to the ball when it comes in.

Q: That’s you but how about a receiver that’s not as natural catching the ball?

Ochocinco: Yes, you have to work on it. You can’t be in the NFL and try to work on it now because it’s too late . . . I’m not trying to be funny guys. Come on now, seriously. When you get to this point this is not the point where you need to be coached. This is the point where you need to get better at your craft but you should already come in with a foundation already set. You should be ready to play. You can’t come into the NFL as a receiver, be in the NFL and then they have to teach you howto play receiver. Because you’re missing the boat, you’re going to miss the ship if you don’t know how to play receiver before you get here. You’re going to miss the ship already.

Q: How big of a boost has Benson been?

Ochocinco: Oh man, Ced is awesome man. Ced is awesome. There’s nothing else I can say. He’s playing awesome. He’s injured now but that will be gone and he’ll be back this week.

Q: What has been key to your turnaround?

Ochocinco: I don’t know man, I don’t know. Dude, watching the Raiders on (expletive) defense that front line is awesome, the corners are awesome. I can’t for the life of me understand how they are not winning. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Because what I see on film, the record does not show. Because they look a lot better than their record shows so I’m not understanding what’s going on.

Q: Were you a Raiders fan in LA?

Ochocinco: No man. I’ve always been a Miami Dolphins fan since I was a baby. Nothing’s changed. I’m from Miami that’s all I know man.

Q: Thoughts on Russell?

Ochocinco: Man JaMarcus is extremely good. You have to remember a quarterback can only be as good as his supporting cast. Case closed. Always. It will always be that way. Always. You put a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning, you take them out of their supporting casts, you take them out of the elements they’re in now, and you put them in JaMarcus’ situation do you think it would be that much better. I’m just asking. Realistically.

Q: Not when you have a different offensive coordinator every year, rookie receivers, I guess probably not.

Ochocinco: Thank you. Thank you. JaMarcus is a great quarterback but he can only be as good as his supporting cast. People have to remember that.

Thank you guys. Hello? Somebody tell Nnamdi. Don’t forget to relay this message. The message is, I love you but you’ve got to kiss the baby. All right guys. Tell Nnamdi I say hello to him. I haven’t talked to him for a long time so just gives him a heads up for me. All right. Thanks guys.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DMAC

    Yeah buddy!

  • new englandraider

    i hope we play mitchell just long enough to cheap shot this big mouthed fool

  • HairyBush

    only chad…

  • neilb

    They’ll have Chris Johnson cover him.

  • HairyBush

    I wish we did sign him in off season

  • HairyBush

    of course thet will, makes no sense!

  • HairyBush


  • HairyBush

    Why not put Nnamdi on best receiver! damnit!!!

  • I’ll say this about Ocho, he backs all that b.s. up on the field.

    Doesn’t say: “I’m doing fine out there.” crap like a soon to be benched q.b. is fond of saying.

  • neilb

    Watched them against the Steelers’ on Sunday and they looked pretty good as a team.

  • Kirk

    Start Bush, start Schielins, start Gradkowski.

  • DMAC

    We’ll put Routt on him!

  • DMAC

    We should of pulled the trigger on a trade that would of sent Ocho to the nation last year.

  • The main reasons the Bungholes are doing well, is their Defense is outstanding. And, Carson Palmer is healthy.

    Palmer dosen’t throw up numbers like Manning, or Brees, all he does is give his team a chance to win. week in, and week out.

    Benson has been a beast, also….

  • neilb

    Things to do……

    back tomorrow,have a great Wednesday everyone.

  • Neilb….

    I watched that game also, and what I learned from that is. We ain’t going to be able to run the ball on them, cause they stuff the run.

    Which means ol’ Bruce, or Charlie must have a career day if we are going to have any chance with them…

  • DMAC….

    Or, T. Howard on him….

  • DMAC

    I love Captain Kirk, but I think our defense would be so much better w/ a Greg Biekert type player stuffing the run. Let’s draft a stud MLB or find one in free agency and move Kirk back to SLB.

  • Cincy has Rey, he’s been doin pretty good for a rook…

  • new englandraider

    morrison sux. poor angle, cant make an open field tackle. yeah i know he leads the team in tackles, but when the other team run 100 plays a game someones stats are gonna look good. ive never seen a mlb miss so many tackles. morrison sux period

  • 4evaRaider

    I thought he was VERY polite and respectful

  • DMAC

    Look at what Patrick Willis has done for the 49ers.
    But then again, he’s a freak of nature.

  • new englandraider

    stay the course gentlemen. stay the course

  • At this point in the season all I am looking for, as wins, is the individual matchups. I doubt he will be on Nnamdi’s side too much, mostly as a decoy or to block. The question is how Chris Johnson will hold up.

    He has been getting beat more during the last 3 games, but with the defense being on the field that much because the O can’t do better than 3 and out, who can blame him?

  • DMAC

    Who’s our MVP on the D this season?
    I got to go w/ Tyvon Branch. He’s been pretty damn good.

  • Oocho loves the game, that’s the difference.

    Some play for money, others play for glory and posterity.

  • 4evaRaider

    and he’s focused

  • DMAC

    I can’t fk’n wait for the turkey bowl. I’m only 28, but every year I wake up the following day more, and more sore. Last year I could barely get out of bed the following day.

  • DMAC

    But I love that schit!

  • new englandraider

    aint no one the mvp of this defense. you sink or swim as a group.they all suck. how many plays have we seen where not one of these guys gets a fingertip on an opposing ball carrier? numerous times. if i had to vote for defensive mvp its got to be hiram eugene. im mean are u serious. this guy is the best s we’ve ever had. makes every tackle, ALWAYS knows his assignments, never is out of position. yeah…. either that or he sux really bad. fuggin hi eugene. really? hiram eugene. where did they find this guy. pan handling on fishermans wharf?

  • DMAC

    So I’m guessing Sam Williams is also one of your favorite players right?

  • new englandraider

    and if huff cant go this week, eugene starts. we playing dhb, murph, etc.. cuz they’re young and need the experience and all the other bs. but mike mitchell cant get on the field over hi eugene. he musta been the only one to see hanson use his jaw to try to cave in cable dick beaters. y is tommyboy so enamoured with this guy. he’s worse than debbie gibson. at least debbie could tackle. granted he’d be lost or late most every passing play, but so isnt out beloved hiram

  • new englandraider

    sam williams. nah i like rafer alston better. or is it jon alston? who the fug knows. skip to my lou. poor guy in new jersey with the winless nets

  • DMAC

    You gotta luv Sammy Williams!

  • DMAC

    Is it just me, or are you guys tired of seeing Johnny Lee Scary trying to return punts? Holland is another guy. This is killing our field posstion. I’m tired of waiting for that kid Miller. Let’s find someone to return punts, kick returns. Give DHB of DMAC a try at returning kickoffs. Tyvon Branch was one of the elite return men at UCONN.

  • new englandraider

    dmac, u posted that already. i told u, ur right jlh sux. he’s a dumba$$. whats his avg per return -3.6? holland has made it beyond the 30 once.

  • new englandraider

    remember when williams was hyped. then he blew out a knee i think. id actually rather they give him a chance than alston. alson is punch drunk anyway. why keep risking a severe head injury. shut it down jonnyboy. shut it down. we are going nowhere.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The team is screwed. Still blaming players and coaches?

    Its Al Davis. Anyone blaming players and coaches without mentioning Davis’ key role in this is trying to protect the guy.

    If Russell was on another team….he would be serviceable to better. A real organization would have a collective work ethic that would motivate new comers young and old.

    In New England or Pittsburgh…the organization from coaches, owner all the way to the cleaning crew would be working hard.

    The Raiders? THe absolute worst organization in any endeavor…sports or otherwise. No direction, laziness all along the line, sycophants in key positions and entire organization where EVERYONE is simply trying to cash a check that is bigger than they could get somewhere else.

    DAvis is so incompetent it defies definition.

    Blame Cable, Russell or the trainers if it makes you feel better.

    But the stone cold truth is Davis has no clue what he is doing and that this team will continue to lose until Davis steps down.

  • DMAC

    Yeah, but I didn’t get anyone’s opinion.

  • 4evaRaider

    Damn…that Al Davis dropped another 1st down…fuggin Davis

  • DMAC

    So did you blame Al when we were successful w/ Chuckie? Sure Al hired CAble, but Cable is a bum. How many times have we been blown out this year? His team is never prepared each Sunday.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    NE Raider / DMAC,

    Instead of blaming JLH for the return game….blame the incompetent Owner (Al Davis) for simply inserting the closest guy into the Special teams Coaching role.

    When Schneider (a Kiffin hire) was here last year….the Raiders had one of the best special teams in the league. Now, with the same players….they are one of the worst in the league.

    Al Davis does not know football. That’s why your special teams is garbage….along with the rest of the team

  • 4evaRaider

    Man that fuggin Al Davis didnt throw that ball anywhere near the reciever…fuggin Al Davis

  • new englandraider

    yeah, poor old al. just cant catch

  • new englandraider

    so its the coach who tells jlh to run backwards. i get it. sorry

  • los raiders de don rober

    Gotta love Ocho cinco…You gotta take notice he’s respecting the D backs, and the D line, not much about the LBs though…

  • new englandraider

    and was it schneider who last year told justin miller to field a kick off going out of bounds at the 2 yrd line and promptly step out of bounds. thats right fielded ball at the 2 AND STEPPED OUT OF BOUNDS

  • DMAC

    Your wrong SNB
    JLH isn’t the same player this year, beacuase of that hit he took week 1. Plays way too scarry now.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    4evaRaider Says:
    November 18th, 2009 at 11:30 am
    Damn…that Al Davis dropped another 1st down…fuggin Davis
    Putting in and forcing a receiver that had NO BUSINESS being drafted in the 2nd round….oooops, I mean 1st round…on the field as a starter is why they keep dropping passes.

    Who’s idea to start two f’n rookies?

    Give me a break!

    DHB runs that 40x….Davis reaches….criticism begins…then drops begin….stubborness settles in….team loses….everyone apologizes.

    Same old B.S

  • AbusedByAl

    I should be hating Chad 85, but the truth is I really quite like the guy. And he’s bloody right about a few points like, the need to have a solid foundation as an NFL noob, something apparently sorely absent from some of our key players…

    Problem is Cincy has a pretty solid defense this year. The Steelers are no schmocks when it comes to offense, but Cincy held them in check. Now comes the Raiders offense… it’s not looking pretty…

    There is just no realistic chance that we gonna win this game. It would be a fluke, a statistical outlier or dumb luck, just like the Philly game was…