Final: Raiders 20, Bengals 17



Oak_Louis Murphy 29-yard pass from Bruce Gradkowski (Sebastian Janikowski kicks PAT), :33

Oak_Janikowski 33-yard field goal, :15.


— Raiders last chance from own 20. Gradkowski hits Darren McFadden for 6 yards on first down. Gradkowski finds Zach Miller for 19 yards to the 45-yard line with 1:50 left.

Gradkowski to Miller again on first-and-10 for nine yards to the 46. Second-and-1, can’t find open receiver, throws it away.

Darren McFadden runs to the 45 for a first down. Clock down to 1:11.

Raiders have one time out left with 1:11 to play at Bengals 45.

Gradkowski wings one into double coverage for DHB _ no chance. Luckily it falls incomplete.

Second-and-10 pass to Chaz Schilens miss-timed, goes incomplete, bringing up third-and-10.

Third-and-10 pass to right sideline broken up Johnathan Joseph, intended for Schilens.

Fourth-and-10, Gradkowski finds Schilens for 16 yards and first down to the 29-yard line. Spike at 41 seconds.

First-and-10, Gradkowski finds Louis Murphy to the 1-yard line, fights his way into end zone for touchdown against Morgan Trent with 33 seconds left. Sebastian Janikowski can tie score with PAT . . . play under review.

Ruling upheld as touchdown.

— Andre Caldwell fumbles ball, Brandon Myers force fumble and strip. Raiders set up to win the game. Gradkowski takes a knee three times, Janikowski converts from 33 yards with 15 seconds left.

Bengals take short kickoff with 10 seconds left. Use five seconds on Palmer pass to Caldwell to the 42. Palmer desperation heave picked by Asomugha at the gun. Game over.

— Bengals get rushing rirst down (Bernard Scott) and Carson Palmer to Chad Ochocinco slant pass for another as Raiders need to get ball back. Thomas Howard breaks up third-and-5 pass with 2:20 left, Bengals punting from 49 _ ball sails into end zone. Raiders to start at own 20.

— Good field position is wasted. Gradkowski hit while throwing by Jonathan Fanene, underthrown pass intended for Louis Murphy caught on a dive by Johnathan Joseph. Raiders challenge, claiming he trapped it.

No announcement, Bengals get the ball at 21

— Cable’s decision to punt with Lechler looking good after Bengals go backward from own 10-yard line. Tyvon Branch dumps Bernard Scott for 3-yard loss, Greg Ellis sacks Carson Palmer to the 3. Raiders open at Bengals 43-yard line with 6:08 left.

— Raiders fail to pick up third-and-1 at own 47, Fargas stopped for no gain by Tank Williams. Fans boo as Shane Lechler comes in to punt.

Lechler pins Bengals back at the 10. Could be good call if defense can hold.

— Raiders come up with another stop deep in Cincy territory _ Jeremi Johnson stripped by Sam Williams, recovered by Desmond Bryant at the 15-yard line. First Bengals turnover in red zone in last 43 trips.

— Another third-and-long conversion _ Palmer to Caldwell in front of Routt for frist down at the 24-yard line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • aig


    JR had 1 good season in his combined college and pro career. Other than that, he has not shown any consistent track record as an accurate qb other than his arm.

    Listen, in no way am I saying Grad is probowl material. All that i wanted was someone competent that IS NOT a liability for us. Grad provided that today. JR has yet to show it and I sincerely hope he changes his lifestyle and learn to be a pro. Even people are saying that Vince Young is a different person now. They’re all young kids so I will cut them slack but they should not be playing when they are not ready….only cuz of crzy Al.

  • lefty12

    Jhill,once again you keep bringing up the point that until the last drive his stats were such and such.the games are 60 minutes,not 58.so you shouldn’t be discounting the last drive-it was part of the 60 minute regulation game.the last drive counts just as much as the 1st drive,or a drive ending the 1st half,or the drive opening the 2nd half,or…….

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    tex russell didnt want to throw to dhb im 95% sure if it was murphy and chaz or walker and murphy he would throw to both sides of the field i really dont think its a coincidence that its the side dhb is on that he doesnt look to

  • aig


    I think this is where Cable was able to convince Al to bench JR. Al wants to prove to everyone that DHB is a good pick. But if JR is not looking his way then he cant prove that point.

  • 16 you are right, but only because grads was able to sustain those run heavy drives with a complete pass. Not all the time but we were not getting 3 and outs the whole game.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    i dont know about the whole 1 good season thing but you brought up grads college numbers i think 68% in the sec shows that you have had accuracy at some point in your career especially if 70% in whatever conference grad was in counts

  • I wouldn’t want to throw to dhb either.

  • bdapprich

    i predict russell wont win another game this year.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    thats all i was trying to say but in the eagles game when we werent throwing deep all day he did sustain those drives except for the 4th and 1 when he missed murphy

  • jhill


    That’s probably true, and Russell was wrong to just ignore the kid. The equivalent of freezing him out of the offense, and and puts us in a 10 against 11 set. Russell was clearly hurting the offense by ignoring one side of the field. Clearly. Throw the ball to DHB and let him play his way to the bench.

  • lefty12

    today we had 2-count them -2 3 and outs.going into this game we had more 3 and outs than any team in the NFL.you can say BG isn’t the solution,but you can’t say JR isn’t one of the major,if not the major, problems.

  • As I’ve said before, TexGuy, and as long as you guys don’t have a response for it, I’m going to keep saying it.

    1) Russell was not given a running game, except for weeks one and two, where we won the second and just missed the first, due to a poor defensive scheme late in the game.

    2) Russell has been forced to throw deep passes at much too high a rate for any qb with any skill or any specialty. I’ve heard you guys say that it’s his arm. He’s equipped for it. OK then, so why not a more current deep passing offense? Some kind of run and shoot or something like what the Colts use? Russell is running plays we ran in the early ’80s. Russell was judged on his ability to run an offense that NO QUARTERBACK IN THIS LEAGUE TODAY could run.

    I was never big on Russell, except for after week 1 when, really, I was conceding to all of the people who predicted we’d be good. At that point, we looked good. I started drinking the kool aid. But for the most part, I was never big on him. But I don’t like the way he’s being scapegoated. It just reeks. I don’t know what the motivation is behind it, but when you keep hearing these comments about him being dumb, along with all of the “beanie” and hip hop jokes, it just makes me wonder. It’s not about race? Fine. Then cut the racial insinuations. Or denounce others that keep doing it. Because as long as they’re flying, along with what I said about the plays that were called for him, it raises a fair question as to rather or not Russell was set up to fail by an azz h ole coach who we already know hits women, and who very well might hate arrogant black quarterbacks (read, black quarterbacks, not arrogant white quarterbacks) as much as he hates women being forward with him.

    I wanted Russell to be benched for his gameplay from day ONE. I never had faith in him, again, sans that brief moment I guzzled the kool aid after weeks 1 and 2 of this year. But if Cable is up to what I think he is, then I certainly don’t want him to be benched for this. It’s not Russell’s benching I have a problem with. It’s the circumstances surrounding it. It stinks to high hell that Grakdowski was given a complimentary running game today, something Russell was denied most of the season. Russell’s arm or not, there is NO excuse to give one QB a running game and make another one throw the ball.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    russell probably was wrong to ignore him but can you blame him he shouldn’t be starting the only time he should be on the field is if we are in a spread formation but we wont because we only go i, two tight end, and shotgun

  • aig

    Grad Stats in college,
    2004 70.2% 27TD 8int
    2005 62.3% 29td 12int

    2004 50.7 9td 4 int
    2005 60.5 15td 9 int
    2006 67.8 28td 8int

    oh btw, the SEC is the most overrated conf in the country. I’m an Ole Miss fan. Name me a few of the SEC QB’s that have gone on to have success in the nfl in the past 10 yrs. The only time they had to play a tough game is within their conf vs 1 or 2 top teams. When they play outside the conf, they schedule nobody to pad their stats.

    JR has never been known as an accurate passer. No one at the scouting combine ever said it and no one at the pro level ever said it.

  • jhill

    Your choosing to read what you want to Lefty. I ALSO posted his complete game stats.

    You are the one telling me that Gradkowski played better than Russell the whole game. That he managed the game so much better.

    Really? Well that 58 minutes Russell played against KC got bashed by EVERYONE, lol. NO ONE wanted to talk about the last 2 minutes when HE WON that game.

    You STILL have people talking about game 1 even though Russell’s last 2 minutes put us AHEAD. Russell didn’t even play today, we won, and you guys are STILL talking more shyt about him than you are good stuff about Gradkowski. Which is undertandable b/c there wasn’t much to talk about, lol!

    You guys clearly have a double standard, and it’s all good with me. Just talking here.

    I think Gradkowski, Frye, Russell, and everyone else on offense would be better with a different offensive coordinator and play caller.

    Props to our defense for fighting it’s arse off. Marshallis earning his $!

  • Everything that is happening right now, a 3-7 record and a likely 4-12 season, which completes our 7th straight bad season, is a result of Davis not being serious about building an organization from the front office on down. Cable and all of his drama. Russell is only here because Al forced his hand against Kiffin. Gradkowski is our best QB (and he’s NOT good) because Kiffin was not kept aboard to either bring in a real veteran QB or draft someone in the later rounds, who could grow with his offense. Kiffin wanted C. Johnson or Peterson. Both would be much better than Russell. When you don’t know how to build an NFL team, or how to hire the right people in the front office, or, more likely, refuse to hire the right people in the front office, this is what you get. 6 straight seasons with 11 losses or more, and a 3-7 record to start the 7th.

  • JHill,

    Bush had only 4 carriers, yet still had enough time to have an awful fumble, that killed a lot of momentum.

    If I’ve said it once, I said it million times, we have no RB’s. They all have serious flaws in their games.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    good ST play by myers too with the strip

  • priesttj

    The difference is that Grads has been through what Russell is going through. He has been on 3 teams has seen the bottom and fought his way back up. he has worked n his mechanics and studies film very hard and puts the time in to get better. Russell can do the same thing it’s just will he.

    Grads is far from some great QB in fact he’s quite average but he understands what it takes to be at his best at this level. He puts the time on mechanics and film work…..period If Russell buckles down and does the same thing he will see similar results. He is by far the more superior talent but talent alone doesn’t get it done. Grads did nothing spectacular out the except when plays were available he made them. Simple, but it gives your players CONFIDENCE that if they run their patterns correctly the ball will get there.

    Our WR’s still made the same mistakes they always make but the QB didn’t contribute to the problem. DHB is a sloppy route runner and inconsistent player. But if you can afford to give him enough chances he will make a play. He did, ONE… Cahz Schilens was in and out of this game and for what? He is by far the best thing we have at WR and is going to be an utstanding player. JLH can make plays but we dn’t use him we use DHB and Murphy……go figure this game would’ve been over had we not wasted downs on DHB and Murphy running bad routes.

    Same thing in the KC game we play a bad hands WR at the end of a crucial game and he cost us the game. Schilens makes those plays blindfolded. The HC is literally costing us games forcing DHB on the field. With 6:mins in the game we’re throwing deep on 1st down instead of putting the ball on the ground and grinding out a win. If that defense doesn’t shut them down tis game is lost. Cable’s playcalling is freakin’ assinine. Just win the game dude stop trying to do tooo much. Bush easily wins that game if you hand him the ball and play smart offense. He ask the defense to do way too much with his dumbass playcalling.

  • kidseven

    I agree with whoever said earlier that this game shows the Raiders might have a better team than most people think. If we didn’t have liability in at QB all season, perhaps we’d be talking about how good a bunch of these other players are. Imagine what Grads can do with more time to get comfortable.

    I also agree that playcalling seems very poor. Better use of Bush and McFadden probably settles this game before the last drive.

    At least the Raiders have proven they can beat just about anyone on any given Sunday. Just enough to keep fools like me coming back.

  • jhill

    lefty12 Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    today we had 2-count them -2 3 and outs.going into this game we had more 3 and outs than any team in the NFL.you can say BG isn’t the solution,but you can’t say JR isn’t one of the major,if not the major, problems.


    Like I said, you read what you want to read. What part of Russell should be THIRD STRING is not saying he’s part of the problem?

  • aig

    Jhill and 16,

    here is one thing you guys miss. The most important stat for the QB positioin is not the numbers but really the stat between the ears of the QB. Leadership is extremely important. JR doesnt have it. Cutler doesnt have it. Jeff George doesnt have it. They all got big arms but they aint got no leadership skills.

    Moreover you didnt see balls land at the feet of our RB’s or TE’s today on those dumpoffs.

  • And you guys think Gradkowski is going to somehow remedy a completely rotten organization! And don’t give me this nonsense that you never expected him to be “great”, and you just want him to be better than Russell. Since when was that the goal of an NFL team? To be better than the previous qb? Never mind if he loses, just as long as he’s not as bad as the black guy with the beanie? Unbelievable. Again, I blame Al, for allowing this mutiny to grow into what it is. The Raiders are a joke. The Raider Nation is an even more pathetic joke. But celebrate today’s birthday gift.

  • # bdapprich Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    dont forget bengals have a good defense. they are the number 2 sead in afc going into today. no one has hung a lot of yards on them this year. grad was respectable.

    Actually, the Bengals are below the middle of the league against the pass. They are giving up and average of 231 yards per game passing.

    The Bengals are 2nd in the NFL against the RUN only giving up 83 yards per game.

    They are also 2nd overall because they are only giving up 16 points per game.

    So Gradkowski was below average throwing the ball against the Bengals, but they had 92 yards rushing and scored 20 points.

  • lefty12

    jhill,2 three and outs.he did manage the game better.i’m sorry if you refuse to see it-lmao.he didn’t score every time we had the ball,but he didn’t go 3 &out either-lol.you say you also believe Jr should have been benched and then you do nothing but make excuses and support everything he did,while criticizing everything his replacement did-lol.you are the one with a double standard.i said all along Russell should be benched to SEE if he was a problem.today PROVED that he is.if you refuse to acknowledge that there is nothing anyone can say-lol.

  • It’s not like it was a bunch of dink and dunks today.

    The int was on a deep-drop deep play (shocking it didn’t work right?)

    I counted at least 3 deep throws to DHB. One in the end zone, one the PI, one at the end of the game when he stopped running (shaking my head).

    There was numerous other down the field throws that were both incomplete, and complete (like the Chaz catch).

  • islandraider

    It’s not fair to compare the two qb’s against each other. One is obviously more physically gifted than the other (size, strength, etc.). One makes about 60 million more than the other. JR had his chance but apparently doesn’t put the time in the film, extra work and such (according to his coach and players). Granted he didn’t get the support he needed at times, but he also had other opportunities.

    Now Grad being less gifted has to work harder to find a spot due to his less daunting abilities. He did not look bad today. Not great, just not bad. Played with energy, inspired energy.

    Bottom line, one wasn’t cutting it, got benched and another got an opportunity.

    Can you imagine Cable storming into Als’ office and demanding Al to sit JR? I wonder if Cable pulled the pimp slap on Al.

  • djohnnyg

    Gradkowski saves the day. Just Win Baby. Russell would have choked this one away. Those are the facts, not speculation and bizarre, fatalistic, futuristic predictions.

    Grads 1-0 (against arguably the best team in the AFC).

    What is Russell’s record again MR? Oh, and how does JaDoofus rank amongst his NFL peers this year? Yeah; thought so. Hahahahaha. It sucks to have to constantly argue against actual facts doesn’t it jerk.

  • BlackSunday32

    Every short dump-off that went for 4-5 yrds would have been incomplete or 0 yrds , and Cincy didn’t just fumble Meyers made a hell of a play, DHB can’t catch no matter who throws it to him. Not the biggest Cable fan but it if I was gonna get fired it sure ain’t gonna be cause of some 300 lb chowder head. GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ldynblk26

    Monday morning oh, what a wonderful feeling to wake up and know Our Raiders are Winners Wooo HOOO!!!Man it feels GOOODD!! Bring it on Dallas!!GO RAIDERS!!

  • bdapprich

    if i was you mr i’ld be happy to finally win a frickin game (against a team with second best record in afc) and put your super bowl aspirations on hold for a while.

  • bdapprich

    i dont know how you can defend a guy with 2 td passes ALL YEAR!! grad matched that in one game. i dont care how much he gets paid, where he came from, how big, how fast, how strong, RUSSELL SUCKS!