Final: Raiders 20, Bengals 17



Oak_Louis Murphy 29-yard pass from Bruce Gradkowski (Sebastian Janikowski kicks PAT), :33

Oak_Janikowski 33-yard field goal, :15.


— Raiders last chance from own 20. Gradkowski hits Darren McFadden for 6 yards on first down. Gradkowski finds Zach Miller for 19 yards to the 45-yard line with 1:50 left.

Gradkowski to Miller again on first-and-10 for nine yards to the 46. Second-and-1, can’t find open receiver, throws it away.

Darren McFadden runs to the 45 for a first down. Clock down to 1:11.

Raiders have one time out left with 1:11 to play at Bengals 45.

Gradkowski wings one into double coverage for DHB _ no chance. Luckily it falls incomplete.

Second-and-10 pass to Chaz Schilens miss-timed, goes incomplete, bringing up third-and-10.

Third-and-10 pass to right sideline broken up Johnathan Joseph, intended for Schilens.

Fourth-and-10, Gradkowski finds Schilens for 16 yards and first down to the 29-yard line. Spike at 41 seconds.

First-and-10, Gradkowski finds Louis Murphy to the 1-yard line, fights his way into end zone for touchdown against Morgan Trent with 33 seconds left. Sebastian Janikowski can tie score with PAT . . . play under review.

Ruling upheld as touchdown.

— Andre Caldwell fumbles ball, Brandon Myers force fumble and strip. Raiders set up to win the game. Gradkowski takes a knee three times, Janikowski converts from 33 yards with 15 seconds left.

Bengals take short kickoff with 10 seconds left. Use five seconds on Palmer pass to Caldwell to the 42. Palmer desperation heave picked by Asomugha at the gun. Game over.

— Bengals get rushing rirst down (Bernard Scott) and Carson Palmer to Chad Ochocinco slant pass for another as Raiders need to get ball back. Thomas Howard breaks up third-and-5 pass with 2:20 left, Bengals punting from 49 _ ball sails into end zone. Raiders to start at own 20.

— Good field position is wasted. Gradkowski hit while throwing by Jonathan Fanene, underthrown pass intended for Louis Murphy caught on a dive by Johnathan Joseph. Raiders challenge, claiming he trapped it.

No announcement, Bengals get the ball at 21

— Cable’s decision to punt with Lechler looking good after Bengals go backward from own 10-yard line. Tyvon Branch dumps Bernard Scott for 3-yard loss, Greg Ellis sacks Carson Palmer to the 3. Raiders open at Bengals 43-yard line with 6:08 left.

— Raiders fail to pick up third-and-1 at own 47, Fargas stopped for no gain by Tank Williams. Fans boo as Shane Lechler comes in to punt.

Lechler pins Bengals back at the 10. Could be good call if defense can hold.

— Raiders come up with another stop deep in Cincy territory _ Jeremi Johnson stripped by Sam Williams, recovered by Desmond Bryant at the 15-yard line. First Bengals turnover in red zone in last 43 trips.

— Another third-and-long conversion _ Palmer to Caldwell in front of Routt for frist down at the 24-yard line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    Give credit where credit is due, the offense was much more fluid, it was competitive. The QB was energetic and played with a sense of urgency confidence. Hopefully he gets better. While Grad isn’t the long term answer he is a cmpetent game manager. He is more accurate and sees the field much better, he also throws the ball on time and with confidence.

    Is he a great QB?, hell no!. Is he what’s needed right now until we either get our guy going or get a guy? Absolutely. He will throw picks and make mistakes because he is a young QB as well. But he plays a lot faster and with confidence than Russell. That defense knew they had a chance if they coukld get the ball back to the offense, they did and we won.

    Those that think Grad is a player are mistaken he is someone you can use until yu get a guy…………period

    On the other hand this defense is legit. The front 4 is very good and the entir defense is very competitive. After the midway 2nd qrtr they handed the Ben-Gals their rear ends on a platter. They physically beat them up. The DT’s on this team are very good. Jay Rich has turned into a very good player even T Scott has turned the corner. Matt S is aon his way to being outstanding and Dez Bryant is rare find.

  • jhill

    LOL at the Lakers being up 20 in the 1st qtr.

    We REALLy have a chance to beat the Cowboys next week. 7 total points in 2 weeks right?

    Our defense is playing really well against the run and their passing game is stuggling big time right now.

  • 504 Raider

    About that early DHB drop. I think Gradkowski made it a point to go right back to him so he can let DHB know that he has confidence in him.

    Direct opposite of what we heard about JaMarcus lost confidence in DHB early in the season and that’s why he doesn’t look his way.

    I guess it’s just an example of leadership shown by Grad.

  • bdapprich

    gradkowski has never had a chance to start. goofy chucky tried to start him his rocky season in tampa bay and he wasn’t ready. he has the skills. he’ll get better every game.

  • priesttj

    Well as Cable has said he and Frye really work their butt off to get better. It a real Questin as to wether Russel think he should or shouldn’t. That should give anyone pause.

  • kidseven

    I don’t think we know much about Grad yet. Obviously, clearly, he’s better than Russell at this point. Though he doesn’t appear to be a pro-bowler in the making, I’m going to give him the rest of the season before I conclude anything, i.e., he’s just a temporary solution,etc.. He COULD be sort of a Garcia-in-his-prime type QB. But all that matters now is that he gives us a chance to win. I loved seeing that inspired defense at the end of the game–a direct result some confidence in the offense. Imagine how confident they’ll be next week.

  • Chris in NY

    Real Madden Raider,

    Are you JaMarcus? His agent? Or just in his entourage?

    Everyone else sees the obvious. No, Gradkowski is not Peyton Manning. But at least he showed he can fire up the offense and make some competent throws and run an offense that resembles something above a Pop Warner sh-tshow.

  • dave r

    jhill im 99.9% of the time with u but r dfnse is playing good against the run WHAAAAAAAAAT we let the bengals rush for 160 yards with no benson and a no name running back whose name i already forgot is not good but they did do a better jobin the 2nd half but the key to beating the cowgirls is stopping the run u know wade in his history will rely on that in his scheme on thursday we stop the run we can win this game

  • kidseven

    Well said, Chris.

  • dave r

    right on chris in ny

  • aig

    Dave R,

    Stopping the cowgirls is all about Miles Austin. Check out the stats. When he doesnt produce, they can’t score. I guarantee you we shut down their O if we shut down Miles.

  • dave r

    put 21 on miles and see what he he does just like ocho he might win th battle but will lose the war

  • bdapprich

    heart can take you a long way in this game. without it you dont belong in the nfl.

  • All of you guys down on Gradkowski…

    He’s not a pro-bowler… he still sucks, just better than Russell… etc.

    He’s done something Super Bowl winning QB Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t done this season…



  • Culebra

    What’s the deal w/ Seymour’s injury? Jerry come on!


    Who Dey ?? Who Dey ??

    THE RAIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Chris in NY Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    Real Madden Raider,

    Are you JaMarcus? His agent? Or just in his entourage?

    Everyone else sees the obvious. No, Gradkowski is not Peyton Manning. But at least he showed he can fire up the offense and make some competent throws and run an offense that resembles something above a Pop Warner sh-tshow.


  • jhill

    dave r Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    jhill im 99.9% of the time with u but r dfnse is playing good against the run WHAAAAAAAAAT we let the bengals rush for 160 yards with no benson and a no name running back whose name i already forgot is not good but they did do a better jobin the 2nd half but the key to beating the cowgirls is stopping the run u know wade in his history will rely on that in his scheme on thursday we stop the run we can win this game


    You’re right, Dave!

    But a lot of that 160 came on that big run by Scott. ANd if Nnamdi wasn’t trippin’, it should have been a 6 yard loss. Nnamdi just KNEW it was a PA fake and ran right by Scott.

    Overall, the Dline played really well against the run. But like always, it’s just a big play here, or a big play there and we end up giving up pts. Just like those 3rd and 20’s we gave up on the first drive. I thought the defense played well enough to keep Cincy under 14 pts.

  • MR is two faced liar. He claims to be a raiders fan and then roots against them during the game. Go back and read the threads. Pretty much everyone was owning him during the game and he even started crying. Meltdown in mid game.

  • Crimedog

    I asked this question before and no one replied.

    How much guaranteed money does JaWalrus have left? With the uncapped year, if his guaranteed money is almost gone, we can force him to renegotiate and if he refuses, just flat out cut him. It would be similar to the Javon Walker situation where the renegotiated amount would still be much higher than what he would get on the open market.

    So how much does he have left??

  • lefty12

    the gutter rat isn’t a Russell fan.when people were talking about JR busting out in the pre season,the gutter rat was on here talking about how terrible he was.he just comes on here and spouts anything he can that contradicts what everyone else is saying at the moment.

  • aig

    If we can pull a win on the Cowgirls, we can really be on to something for the franchise. I think we have a decent chance too. There’s nothign about the cowgirls that scare me. Cincy’s D is better than the cowgirls. The Cowgirls O is nothing special.

  • jhill

    I think we have a REALLY good chance of beating the Cowboys if our defense can get off the field on 3rd and long. I think we can hold them to under 14 pts, and steal one on Turkey day!

  • jhill

    I have no idea Crimedogg.

  • aig

    crimedog, i am pretty darn sure they will reneg his contract next year. he can’t go any where else either cuz no one wants him unless phil savage gets back into the league as gm.

    Mrs is a just an attention whore.

  • aig


    so true. giving up 3rd and forever has been our issue for a long time.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    that was a good win i wasnt really rooting for gradkowski but he did fine not much better than russell just had more help i think its funny that somebody was saying that if the oline held for another second gradkowski wouldnt have threw that pick its the same oline jamarcus was playing with the play calling was different too i didnt see as many deep routes by the wr either but whatever it was a good win im a raiders fan not a russell fan so im happy but im not as enamored with gradkowski as some of you are hes not the savior he had a pretty jamarcusesque but with more help it reminded me of the eagles game we blitzed palmer and had more conservative playcalling but it seemed like we ran the ball more than we have all year

  • aig

    yeah it was nice to see 21 maket htat final int after whiffing on that corner blitz and ran right by the ball carrier.

  • jhill


    Saw your post earlier. Not being super critical of Grads at all. I’m behind him and Fye all the way. I think two of the potential picks I’m talking about would have been on the young WRs. Murphy was late getting to the spot (I guess), and DHB didn’t get open on that deep pass. DHB wasn’t open on that play where he drew the PI either. I don’t think that the ball should be going his way as much as it is. It seems like they are forcing the ball to him come hell or high water.

    Grads did just fine throwing the ball to the RBs, Chaz, and Miller. I hope to see a lot more success with that group, mixed in with some production from the young guys.

  • aig


    it was me who said we needed 1 more sec or even a half sec. here is the issue. Jamarcus had the exact same play vs the Jets. And he threw behind watkins in the endzone only to have Revis intercepted the ball. Then he went to the sideline being all upset that Watkins didnt fight for the ball. Cable later pointed that it would take Superman to make that catch. I agree with Cable.

    The diff is Grad is much much much more accurate than Russell. he at one time completed 70% of his throws in college. So the track record is there. If he had 1 more sec, I think he would have nailed that pass.

  • islandraider

    Most amazing today:

    Down by 14, they didn’t quit.

    The energy.

    D on the field for 40 minutes, and still won.

  • Chris in NY

    Just saw we’re 14-point dogs to the Cowgirls. WTF is that all about? Stopping the run is really what it’s all about. The numbers haven’t looked good for the Run D this year but it doesn’t feel as bad as it has in years past. Often they stop the run over and over and give up one huge run like they did today to Bernard Scott and last week to Jamaal Charles. The offense’s inability to sustain drives this season has also put opponents in position to run a lot. Hopefully Gradkowski plays even better on Thursday and we shock Dallas too.

    I’m probably going to be out at relatives at that time, but I’ve got a call into Lechler. I’m going to ask him on our first punting down to kick it off the scoreboard 1,001 times so I’m home in time for the action to pick up again. Either that, or I can DVR it.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    i think the benching was bad timing too the game that chaz is back starting is the game russell is benched

  • aig


    in the first KC game, JR did the same thing again too. Murphy was open in the post and JR threw behind him as well. That’s jR’s prob he can’t throw it accurately due to poor mechanics.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    aig if you want to go by college stats didnt russel have like 68% passing in college too

  • # bdapprich Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    ill be back to apologize when russell starts and wins his next nfl game. dont hold your breath.


    I’ll be back to apologize when Gradkowski starts for any team after this season. I’ll also be back to apologize when the Raiders win 3 games straight, or more than 5 wins in a season, while Al Davis is still alive. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Since you’re all in such a good mood, any of you ready to man up and predict the final record? I’m going with 4-12. I also predict both Gradkowski and Cable are gone after this season. Anyone disagree?

  • I don’t think that anyone is claiming the Grads is the savior. But, in his first start in over a year, throws two TD’s (both on long drives) which is as many as Russell has thrown all year long, it just shows that Grads is better than russell at this point in the season. That’s not really saying much, but it
    is something worth noting. A little passion and effort can go a long way. Something that we have not seen all year from the QB position.

  • Crimedog

    Russell dropping like 25 pounds would probably help him more than anything. Just being able to drop back and move around the pocket quicker would be huge for him. It was nice today having a QB that didn’t look like a sloth every time he dropped back. If Russell never drops weight, he will NEVER be a good QB in the league, no matter what team he’s on.

  • bdapprich

    real mr let me guess. you live in denver.

  • jhill


    Russell completed over 60% of his passes in college. pretty close #s to Grads, and in a tougher conference, right?

    Gradkowski was 17 of 34 for 183 yds today with 80 of the yds coming on the last drive.

    Right up until 1 min left in the game our QB had passed for all of 100 yds, and our backs had combined for all of 75 yds.

    Our defense played their asses off today, and our STs came through with a big play. Let’s hope our defense can keep it up next week, and our STs can hold Felix Jones down on KRs.

  • lefty12

    Jhill,he had single coverage,on both the pass into the endzone and the PI play.instead of the pass being thrown into double or triple coverage,it was thrown to the Rec. who was 1 on 1-in other words it was thrown to the proper place.

  • los raiders de don rober

    told you we had a chance. jamarcus sucks the hope out of the team… thank you D, you won!

  • bdapprich

    dont forget bengals have a good defense. they are the number 2 sead in afc going into today. no one has hung a lot of yards on them this year. grad was respectable.

  • jhill

    The defense and STs should be dominating the talk here. The QB, no matter who he is, is handicapped by an in ept playcaller, and inexperienced WRs.

    50% completion and 180 yds passing and 2 turnovers from the QB.

    Bush had 4 frickin carries! 4 carries? While he was averaging 7 yds a carry?

    Fargas got the lions share with 8 carries for a whopping 30 yds.

    The offense makes no sense to me.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    i dont want it to seem like im against the raiders because gradkowski is in but this is the same gameplan we had when we beat philly except we ran the ball more it seemed like the rbs carried the drives with a couple throws mixed in until grad was close enough to throw a td something we didnt really do with russell we ran the ball a couple times but mostly deep throws

  • Lefty it certainly helps that he was able to look at both sides of the field. It’s hard to find those 1 on 1 matchups when you van only look at 1 receiver.

  • Texguy, bdapprich,

    Guys ready to put a little confidence in your boy Gradkowski with a prediction of this year’s final record? I’m going 4-12. Better or worse?

  • jhill

    That’s a good point, Lefty. Can’t argue with that.

    Nevermind the fact the DHB wasn’t open, lol.

    And to be clear, my point is that I’d rather see Javon Walker against that single coverage or even Murphy. Murphy makes the play against single coverage, and is even OPEN when he’s doing it. He was open today because the D was busy with Miller and Chaz.

  • jhill


    The issue is that Russell REFUSED to look DHBs way, not that he couldn’t see him.