Halftime: Bengals 14, Raiders 7



Cin_Carson Palmer 1-yard run (Shayne Graham kicks PAT), 7:12

Oak_Bruce Gradkowski 10-yard pass to Zach Miller (Sebastian Janikowski kicks PAT), :59


— Bengals held to three-and-out, will punt with 35 seconds. Tom Cable calls over Janikowski, telling him to get ready for potential long FGA at end of half. Seabass gets two cracks at it from 57 yards after Gradkowski completes passes to Zach Miller and Darren McFadden to the 39 following Bengals punt.

He misses wide right, gets a second chance because Bengals call time. It doesn’t count. Then he misses slightly wide left. His second miss in a row.

— Raiders back in game at 14-7 after 10-yard scoring pass completes 9-play, 71-yard drive. Nice mixture of run and pass, Gradkowski’s first TD prodcued as Raiders quarterback.

Just before touchdown, Darrius Heyward-Bey replaced Chaz Schilens . . . perhaps Bengals rotated coverage to cover DHB . . .

— Lawton open in right flat for 6-yard gain at 2-minute warning, Raiders to the 29. Raiders get first down, fake toss Fargas, another pass to Lawton to the 22. Toss left to Fargas for 12 yards to the 10. First-and-goal.

— Gradkowski to Chaz Schilens 25-yard strike first play of drive. A real live, legtitimate passing play. Darren McFadden runs for 9 yards on sweep left. JaMarcus Russell greets McFadden with slap on the back when he comes off. (Raiders backs often come off the field after a good play).

Gradkowski converts on third-and-short with QB sneak.

— Johnnie Lee Higgins first punt return _ goes 35 to 40 yards to his left, gains 2 yards.

— Larry Johnson gets first carry as a Bengal. Jay Richardson drops him for a 3-yard loss. He gets eight on the next play, however. Carson Palmer drops center snap on third down, loses four, Bengals punt for first time.

— Raiders go three-and-out following Bengals second score. Darrius Heyward-Bey drops third down pass from Gradkowski and gets booed.

— Raiders offer little resistance as Bengals go from pass to run and go 68 yards in nine plays. Drive consumed 5:09. Andre Caldwell and Brian Leonard had 15 and 11-yard runs on back-to-back plays, the latter against a blitz with Thomas Howard running past the play.

On 9-yard run to the 11, Benard Scott beat Kirk Morrison to the corner then ran through Chris Johnson for three extra yards.

At conclusion of drive Bengals had run 30 plays to seven for Raiders, have 19:05 to 3:43 advantage in time of possession. Palmer 8-for-9, 129 yards.

— Raiders blow opportunity, fumbling ball back to Bengals when Gradkowski can’t handle center snap, Dhani Jones recovers.

Moments earlier, Tyvon Branch blitz recovered by Kirk Morrison, who is stripped, fumbles forward to Greg Ellis, with Raiders recovering at Cincinnati 34.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Wow. Yeh, Tex Guy, and the rest of you who were saying that we’re playing more inspired football now…sure. We’re seeing that, aren’t we? What a joke!

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  • Coach_034

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  • The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 3:11 pm
    Wow. Yeh, Tex Guy, and the rest of you who were saying that we’re playing more inspired football now…sure. We’re seeing that, aren’t we? What a joke!

    MR you are right, we are actually moving the ball down the field before we fumble it instead of 3 and outs.
    By the way how was the Bush fumble Grad’s fault? Let me hear your imagined story on this one.

  • Thec07

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  • D is still playing inspired. Does that make you upset MR?

  • Terrapin

    Gradkowski 10/19 87yds 1td …but you would think he’s been on fire according to these announcers.

    Now you tell me if those stats are any different from Russells? If you think so you’ll be reaching ..big time.

  • Ghost2Post

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  • Our defense is playing better today because of the blitzing, period. They’ve got Palmer watching for the blitz now. If we did this every week, who knows? But we won’t. Because Al doesn’t like winning. We will not blitz next week, watch. And Gradkowski hasn’t done shyt to convince me he’s better than Russell. He’s being complimented by a running game and little dink passes that Russell never got. This organization is a joke, and so are most of the fans (like Thec).

  • Thec07

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  • Terrapin – The difference between Grad and Russell…..

    1 TD.

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  • Wrong, TexGuy. Russell has that TD, too. that drive was all running.

  • Terrapin

    If Russell went 10/19 87yds …he’ll be booed out of the stadium …oh wait ..look no further than last week 9/24 with all the WR/RB drops …booed out the stadium.

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  • Look at all of these running plays! You can see the faith Cable has in “grads”. Con”grads”! LOL.

  • Coach_034

    The bubble has burst

  • Wow. Awesome play, Gradkowski! Honestly, I think we’re ready to start mentioning Gradkowski along the lines of Joe Montana and John Elway. Seriously.

  • lefty12

    Terrapin,you can’t actually believe the game would this competitive if Russell was playing.the last 9 games are proof that wouldn’t be true.everyone knows Gradkowski isn’t an all-star calibre QB,but it is obvious the team is functioning much better with him at QB.

  • True Raider, you have to relax, man. I know you’re kind of stupid, but by your age, most stupid people know they’re stupid and learn to stop talking. I see you’re still having trouble with that.

  • Terrapin

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  • raidermarty

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  • Lefty, I don’t know if the game would be more competitive, but the result would be no different if Russell was playing and Cable was coddling Russell the way he is Gradkowski, with all of the running and dinking. BTW, GRadkowski isn’t even converting on the little dink plays, now. He looks just like Russell.

  • MR – I never said that Grad was the savior of the franchise, I was jsut saying that he is better than Russell. Just like the rest of the NFL QB’s.

  • Coach_034

    Seriously the numbers are below average but have a look at the 3rd down conversion rate and just offense management – Borderline with Russell in stats but just gives the other players confidence in gettin the ball in the zone

  • Tex, you said the team was playing more inspired because of Gradkowski, which might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. They’re really not playing that much better, and if they are, it’s only due to the play calling, conservative on offense and blitzing on defense. Same thing would happen with Russell in the lineup.

  • islandraider

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    The raiders look like they got some enrgy, will say that. Need the D. C’mon.

  • Terrapin

    The only reason this offense is resembling some sort of functionality is because the damn RBs (Lawton in particular) have decided to hold on to the ball.

    Lawton has been dropping the dump off all damn season! (And Cable continues to run that same damn play to him …queue IDIOT!)

    This game he’s finally catching them …that’s the main difference in this game. More players catching and not dropping.

  • lefty12

    Terrapin,are you now rooting against the Raiders because they benched the 35th rated QB in the 32 team NFL?are you rooting against the Raider QB because he isn’t the one you want starting?

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