Nixon’s the one


The Raiders promoted linebacker David Nixon and and placed Ricky Brown on injured reserve, where the season-opening starter at strong side linebacker will finish out the season for the second straight year.

Nixon, an undrafted free agent from Brigham Young, got the nod over Slade Norris, a fourth-round draft pick. Norris missed practices recently with a hamstring injury. Nixon will be active when the Raiders face the Bengals today at the Coliseum, with Jon Alston inactive after landing on the injury report Saturday with an “illness.”

Inactives for the Raiders are wide receiver Todd Watkins, linebacker Jon Alston, tackle Khalif Barnes, tackle Erik Pears, wide receiver Javon Walker, wide receiver Nick Miller and defensive tackle William Joseph. Charlie Frye is designated as the third quarterback.

Inactives for the Bengals are running back Cedric Benson, fullback Fui VAkapuna, linebacker Keith Rivers, defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene, tight end Chase Coffman and wide receiver Jerome Simpson. The third quarterback is Jordan Palmer.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Roch R

    Raiders have a strong game today, smells like an upset.

  • Roch R

    GO RAIDERS! Big day for the D-line.

  • Jhill,

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  • cheap college tuition

    Which bar shows the game? The san leandro spot or the dingy Alameda spot?

  • Nnamdi21

    Nixon can hit but his coverage is suspect.

  • Nnamdi21

    Black out in Alameda I’d think…Find a bar with NFL ticket and pray they’ll play the Raider game.

    Good luck!

    Lets kik sum azz Raiders!!!

  • DKnight007

    # priesttj Says:
    November 21st, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Everybody drafts fast players. You cannot win in this league without them and it is the one skill you cannot teach speed.

    I’d like someone to name one team that doesn’t draft speed. They all do…………..period

    Idiot….the good to great football teams do not prioritize straight line speed as a rule when they draft. The good football teams draft guys with FOOTBALL SKILLS, heart and strong work ethic who are strong and athletic ahead of focusing and drafting players that just have 4.3 straight line speed like the dumb Al DAVIS does.

    The good to great football teams do not REACH when they draft either and make smart and wise moves like trading down when necessary.

    Al Davis is NOT smart or wise anymore….he jumped the shark after he pushed Gruden and Allen out the door 7 years ago.

    Since some Davis lapdogs love to say that Al Davis IS the Raiders…..well then….the Raiders have sucked for 7 years and I guess thats means guess what?


  • DKnight, I said the same thing yesterday in response to that comment by priest. Of course every team drafts for speed. The difference is, other teams draft for other football talents, too, like tackling, blocking, etc. Al Davis, it’s speed and only speed.

  • A monster at MLB who can stuff the run yet can’t pass cover is more valuable in the NFL than a MLB who can pass cover yet can’t stuff the run. Al Davis will never, ever understand that. I don’t know how many years he’ll have to watch his defense get steamrolled before he figures it out.

  • Could Rod Martin, Pickel, Millen, etc. pass cover? I don’t recall those guys dropping into coverage. They played the run, period. Unless any team was suicidal enough to toss one to a RB in the flat. So, somebody in our front office back in those days knew what was up (Ron Wolf..ugh hum..). Al Davis thinks you can win dropping 7 guys every down, and one down lineman who can play the run. Yeh…

  • dave r

    time to watch another raider debacle sigh go raiders i can always hope

  • This Baltimore, Indy game is no joke. Might as well enjoy it. Because the Raiders game isn’t going to be good.

  • Steelers are about to choke again.

  • Nnamdi21

    Raiders are a pass rush cover D most effective when they are protecting points. The offense has sucked so badly during this losing streak, the D suffers.

    Raiders have gone on streaks where they don’t score Tds for hundreds of plays. HUNDREDS!

    So much for thier deep threat score from anywhere philosophy.

    SCORE TD’s to win dammit!

  • Nnamdi21

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 12:42 pm
    Steelers are about to choke again


    Rothlis usually makes a big play or two to pull it out in the end.

  • raidermarty

    Let’s Go RAIDERS- I got a good feeling about this one- call me delusional but we’ve played well when it looks like it could be a blowout. Chris Johnson has to step up and Gradkowski has to play error-free. Doesn’t have to be great- just error-free
    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nnamdi21

    Lets hope SanJay taught them how to catch the ball over this week.

  • Fabian’s hurt, bad.

  • raidermarty

    So sick of hearing about ochocinco….

  • If you hate ochocinco so much, Mary, why don’t you just refer to him by his real name, Cassius Clay?

  • 4evaRaider

    ochocinco…ochocinco… at least he dont wear white-minko’s =)

  • I love the fact that he changed his name officially. I love the announcers during games grudgingly referring to him by his new legal name. He can probably take some kind of action against them if they don’t. It’s his legal name, now. Love it. The guy cracks me up.

  • Stick it to the man, any way you can. Ochocinco gets props from me for that alone.

  • Coach_034

    Let’s go Boys!!!! Show the benched bum what the offense can do!!!

  • raiderlifer24

    hey nation how is everyone doing in the post jamarcus russell era? lol

  • Raiders4eve

    Can’t believe the cheats won against the Steelers big upset for
    all the gamblers

  • raidermarty

    Any links???

  • Raiders4eve

    Go Raiders

    We can pull an upset too

  • raiderlifer24

    http://www.atdhe.net usually works

  • raidermarty

    Just showing bars right now

  • Why can’t the Raiders stop a screen?

    Chris Chambers gets a 61 yard reception in OT against the Steelers. Good thing he is washed up.

  • JB

    atdhe.net not transmitting. Any other links?

  • Coach_034

    I’ve got nothing on my regular three let you know when have something

  • raiderlifer24

    it will be up soon it usually takes a minute it will be up though

  • “Bush got his yards against the Chiefs on only 14 carries, the most work he’s had in a game this season. His previous high was 12 carries for 55 yards in the opener.”
    Too busy trying to prove Davis right by forcing the offense to DHB.

  • Are the Raiders down 21-0 yet?

  • Raiders have given up 2 first downs on 3rd and over 15 on this drive.

  • raidermarty

    C’mon secondary ,damn!

  • Coach_034

    http://www.eplsite.com is up and runnin

  • Crimedog

    Why can the raiders never get off the field on 3rd and long?? They are the absolute worst team in the league when it comes to this. Wait a second, they are the absolute worst team in the league, period!!

  • Al Davis “da genius” saw something in DHB that the mere mortals in the rest of the league didn’t.

  • Cincy cutting through the Raiders D like a hot knife through butter.

    Palmer rushes for a td

    7-0 Bengals

  • Coach_034

    It took 10mins to score 7, therefore i calculate a worst case scenerio is 42-0…lol

  • Thanks for the link, coach. None of the other ones worked.

  • jhill

    Well, so much for the D being inspired by Grads.

    2nd and 22, screen for a 1st down. 3rd and 20, 85 for an easy 35 yd catch.

    Not to mention 85 being checked by T Howard at te goal line.

    DAMN IT!

  • D being inspired by Grads…..LOL. Like we’ve got Manning in there…

  • Crimedog

    Good thing we kept Nnamdi instead of trading him for a bunch of picks. Otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to get off the field on those 3rd and longs. Oh…nevermind. Classic Al Davis mistake.

  • Plunketthead

    I would love to see Al trade Nnamdi for Nnamdi’s sake as well.

  • LOL. There is NOBODY there. Guess the crowds didn’t show up for “Grads”, either, JHill. LOL. Empty seats, everywhere. It’s hard to find a batch of people anywhere. It literally looks like there’s about 3,000 fans there. What a joke!