Cable mum on returners, RB


News and notes following the Raiders pracitce Wednesday before they departed for Dallas:

— There’s a possibility of roster movement before Thursday. Coach Tom Cable would not commit to Jonathan Holland and Johnnie Lee Higgins as his specialists for kickoff returns and punt returns.

“Could be,” Cable said. “Not going to disclose that now.

Nor would he disclose his choice for starting running back, although with the “hot hand” philosophy, it doesn’t matter much. Asked if his starter would be Darren McFadden, Cable said he was going to give it some thought before game time.

Cable liked the way McFadden bulled for an extra few yards on one carry against Cincinnati, and Michael Bush’s fumble could have conceivably put him at the back of the line. Go ahead and assume Justin Fargas will get his 10 carries or more.

— Defensive ends Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour are expected to start. Chaz Schilens and Darrius Heyward-Bey will be the starting wide receivers. Listed as out are WR-KR Nick Miller and LB Jon Alston, both of whom did not practice. LB Isaiah Ekejiuba (ankle) is didn’t practice and is doubtful. Ellis (knee-shoulder) and Seymour (back) practiced in full and are probable. WR Javon Walker (hamstring) was limited and is questionable.

There was no update regarding the “residual” concussion symptoms suffered by Alston. Cable said the Raiders are going through proper protocol.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning And Happy Thanksgiving, Nation!!!

  • You guys don’t want Carlos Dunlap in the 2nd RD?! The best DT will be picked in the 1st RD. Brandon Spikes may fall to the 2nd RD, but he won’t be available when we pick. Believe it or not, there are a few teams that are playing worse than us. KC, Rams, Lions, Browns, TB, Bills, & Seattle, and Redskins.

  • raiderzmaverick

    # Charlie Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Perhaps I have followed the Raiders longer than some of you guys but the following LINEMAN were drafted in the first round by the Raiders:

    G Upshaw, A Smith,Gallery,D Russell,McGlockton,Wisniewski,Mosebar, Lawrence, Thoms off the top of my head.
    They were all solid pros up to Hall of Fame caliber talent.

    I can think of only two first round linaman busts.John Clay and Bob Buchowski(back injury).

    Yes you can find an Art Shell in round three but your odds of success are obviously much higher in rounds one and two. We have great success after drafting lineman high in the draft and we will do it again in 2010.

    This is not a new trend. We simply have to get back to our roots. BUILD THE LINES AND THE WINNS WILL FOLLOW.
    I remember we wiffed badly on O-Linemen during the Kiffen period. We had 3 1st round picks in a few years on O-Line and none of them panned out (Mo Collins, Matt Stinchcolm…?). Then we had Gallery which looked like a miss until he became a guard (and a damned solid one at that).

    D-Line I don’t remember any 1st round busts from us….in fact….I don’t remember us drafting any D-Line in the 1st 2 rounds since Leon Bender….

    Wait….scratch that….we did draft one Tyler Breyenton….remember him?

  • ColoradoRaiderFan

    I remember Brayton. I remember him giving Seattles TE a knee to the groin twice in a Sunday night game.

  • Charlie

    New England

    Warren makes $5mill a year!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is more than Seymour. He got it because Sapp talked him up.
    Thank goodness Lombardi is gone and Cable is dealing directly with Mr Davis.

    Warren is awful and was deemed expendable by Cleveland and the Donkeys.

    Watch him. He should be able to blow up double teams for $5 mill a year but he gets crushed by man on man blocking.
    His contarct expires at the end of this year and he will be out of the league. Guaranteed.

    He is an embarrasment only exceeded by another Sapp protege– Sands. Another waste of time and money.

  • hwnrdr

    Yup, we have never lost at the Texas Stadium. And I believe 4 years ago we beat them here in OakTown! I hope BSPN did not jinx the Raiders by saying that…!

    aig Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 9:43 am
    i thought BSPN said that we’ve never lost in Dallas and that they have lost 3 straight to us overall since 1995. Is that true? if so wow!

  • 4evaRaider

    Happy TDay Hwnrdr!!!

  • hwnrdr

    Same to you 4eva!!! I hope we go in there today and beat the crap out of them! I love seeing Jerry Jones with that dumbfounded look on his face!

  • Charlie


    I am talking FIRST rounders.

    Aside from that point, you need to draft lineman in the higher rounds to build lines like the Giants and Steelers who win on a regular basis.

    Jim Plunkett was successful with the Raiders because of the Oline. How did he do with the Pats and the niners?

    Our Oline made guys like Van Eeghan and Hubbard look great.

    No one even heard of those Colgate guys until we drafted them.

    Bottom line is that with the exception of QB you can have a great team drafting skill guys in the later rounds as long as you have STRONG lines.

    We have gone away form our roots which has gotten us in trouble.

  • 4evaRaider


    Me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aig


    Wow I am shocked at that streak, considering they had great teams over the years in Dallas.

    No worries man. I was disappointed we had not threw that backshoulder more this season… but then again it was JR at the helm for all those games until last week.

  • What a throw by AR!

  • centurionWR87

    I’d agree with that, we should probably look to strengthen the line with a decent RT. I think we need receivers but not young ones, we have enough of those… We also have a good TE in Miller, a good set of RBs and at QB, we have Russell (for better or for worse!). On the line – Seymour, Ellis, Kelly and Warren have been playing well this year but perhaps we need to draft a young DE or two… LBs – Morrison and Howard are quality players and Ricky Brown isn’t too bad either. At corner we have Nnamdi and Johnson who are both solid – maybe we could do with extra depth at CB though – Routt and Holland aren’t brilliant. At safety… Huff and Branch are good. Branch is going to be really good and Huff has definitely taken strides in proving his draft status, though I won’t say he has proved it for sure. We also have a good young guy in Mitchell.

    So, even though it’s November, here’s where I think we have needs imho…seeing as we’re discussing it…

    OT/DE/WR (but a vet)/CB/

    In the draft:

    Round 1: OT
    Round 2: DE
    Round 3: CB
    Round 4: DE
    Round 5:Return specialist?? who doubles up at WR??
    Round 6: O-Liner
    Round 7: DT

    Thoughts? (I’m aware we don’t have all 7 rounds…which do we have?)

  • 4eva and Raider O

    Happy Thanksgiving my Raider brothers!

    And to all of my brothers and sisters in the Nation:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Keep in mind what this day is all about and what we have to be thankful for: Family, friends, good health, prosperity and the Raiders!

  • armond

    raider o wassup, u know im on board with dunlap in rnd 2. what happened to him thats makin him fall?

  • TrueRaider

    I would like
    Round 1: MLB (Hate it or love it, I feel Spikes is just like Patrick Willis)

    Round 2: NT n DT ( Take the best hybrid inside player who can play the 3-4 n plays 4-3, some like the kid from Alabama I think his name is Cody)

    Round 3: RT

    Round 4: Center

    Round 5: RG

    Round 6: CB

    Round 7: Strong side LB

  • TrueRaider

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too brother.

  • armond

    i wish we had a chance at suh. he is what we want kelly to be but never will be. d williams from tenn is good too but i like the idea of dunlap off the edge and move seymour inside where kelly is. then say goodbye to warren and kelly. we definately need mlb slb rt. id look to get the best dl and mlb first before that rt. id like to see us get a solid veteran rt first then get another in the draft. we need to make a play for bolden as well. nobody needs a veteran wr like us.

  • TrueRaider

    Charlie if you like Giants OL line. One of their starters was cut in his second year, the kid from the Ivy league, he is starter there.

  • TrueRaider

    I think we win today wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo

  • TrueRaider

    I think MLB is essential, Morrison is gone after this season, he is a free agent so we need Spikes to start right away.

  • Dogg,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. We all have something to be thankful about, but let’s not forget to be thanful for living in the US. I love this country. Helped my dad with over $1,000,000 in medical bills when he had Cancer, and I was able to spend more time with him. I’m able to toto school, have a family, and own a business at the same time.

    Thank You USA!!

  • centurionWR87

    What about DE? Why is Morrison gone? Can’t we try re-sign him? Spikes looks awsum though! I watched a bit of the Florida Georgia game on ESPN America 😀

  • ColoradoRaiderFan

    Spikes is a good choice, regardless of the eye gouging. Is he top 10 good? I don’t know. Would like to see some quality Oline picks, and maybe a late round QB.

  • Armond,

    They are talking about his work ethic, and lack of production for this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving bro.

  • What about McClain?!

  • armond

    damn him too? i think with questions like those its not a bad pick when its past the 1rst rnd like with michael johnson of GT this year. if dunlap is available after the 1rst then u have to consider him cuz someone will draft him. yeah mcclain is good but im not as familiar with him as i am spikes. i like brandons leadership and the hoopla that he brings. i feel we need some of that open bravado around here. mcclain is supposed to have the better upside so it really depends on what u want.

  • armond

    yeah o u have a good hoiliday and dont let cable fook up your appetite today when we all watch dmc get his 4 rushes.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    if next year is uncapped we wont have alot of FA except seymour morrison would be a Rfa along with Routt and most of the other guys

  • Armond,

    I agree. Not bad for a 2nd RD pick, but not in the 1st RD.

    I would draft;
    1- Suh, McClain, or Spikes.
    2- Carlos Dunlap.
    3- RT
    3- CB
    4- LB/ DT depends on the 1st RD

  • 5- RG
    5- DT
    6- FB
    7- LB

  • We can fix all other issues in FA.

  • We should cut Warren, TK, Alston, Brown, Eugene, Routt, Green, Cooper, Watkins, Walker, RB Russell, S Williams, and Fargas!

  • armond

    hey whattup 16, morrison should be gone after this year and seymour aint goin nowhere. o, i like your order except u know we will take another skill guy. wouldnt be surprised if we go wr in the last rnd again just to see if we strike another chaz. jlh has been a huge disappointment this year playin scared. the last rnd normally goes to whoever is the best athlete with upside. too bad chaz cant stay healthy cuz he would be ballin now.

  • aig

    For those thinking of Spikes, you may want to check this guy out. I have watched him this year and he is a STUD. I think he is a much more impact player than Spikes. i have seen Vols Hardesty bounce off of Spikes. Hardesty is a legit NFL RB and that’s who Spikes and NOrwood will be facing.


  • armond

    i agree with all of those except fargas. just dont give him the ball as much but u have to admit bush and dmc aint doin much to stop them from doin that. another lb to look at is keaton kristik from oregon st. that dude is fast and physical. Tcody seems to be fallin back a little bit from where he was considered. this is the year to go dline and lb heavy like we shouldve went oline heavy this year. its some decent wrs comin out too so we really messed up takin heybey this year.

  • Warren & TK are backups at best, so is Brown, Green, Cooper, and Fargas.
    Eugene, Williams, Watkins, and Routt shouldn’t play in the NFL!
    Euk makes 2.5 mola year just to play STs!!! Cut him!!!

    End the Scholarship Programs!!!!

  • Midwest Fan

    I just can’t see taking a T with our 1st pick. Henderson is a good – great LT and we’re not paying top 10 money to a RT. Thats why I was thinking MLB. Think Mcclain will be worth the pick. LIke last year, maybe we’ll trade down…. or not.

  • aig

    Spikes is very good but he has bonehead stuff like this that makes you wonder….


  • *2.5 Mil

  • Thec07

    MLB is the only way to go. You dont give a RT top 10 money….

  • Thec07

    You can get good RT 2nd or 3rd… Would not draft a WR either… But would have preferred dez bryant over crabtree and that DHB thing….

  • Midwest Fan

    Meant like we all wanted last year to trade back. Didn’t mean to trade back like last year. Sorry, came out wrong.

  • Thec07

    We should have traded out of the the top 10 last 2 drafts….

  • armond

    aig thats the kinda stuff that makes me like spikes. we need some damn personality on the field. its not like hes all theatrics and no production, the boy can play. i do agree about eric norwood tho i forgot about him. dez bryant is so much better than dhb its not even funny. i remember watching him against oregon in the holiday bowl hopin he would come out. then i heard them say he was a true sophmore and i was like ” AW DAMMIT GINA!!”

  • 4evaRaider

    Glad everyone can check in all day all week-end all through the HOLIDAYS!!!!

  • Thec07

    Armond, Yeah Bruh I made the same mistake with Dez Bryant he is so dynamic thought he was a JR… He looked awesome as a freshmen as well. I wanted us to wait, either trade down or take a DT….

  • Thec07

    Dez Bryant ate oregon up in the holiday bowl last year, and to me is better than crabtree, had he not been involved with neon deion he would win ALL the WR awards this year….

  • aig


    ok you got me there bro with your take on Spikes. The Raiders used to be known as the dirty team anyways.

    On Dez Bryant, shcyttt…i’d love to see him in Silver and Black but I doubt Al will go for another WR this year. He has to go DT this year. i dont think he drafts too many OT in the first round from memory. Gallery was a rare case.

  • aig

    man, imagine if we had CWood and 21 on the field at the same time right now.