Cowboys Stadium notes


Pregame notes from Cowboys Stadium:

— At first glance, hard to imagine Shane Lechler hitting the scoreboard above the field. Hard to imagine a kick getting that high quickly enough to strike it.

John Herrera tells me it looks different from the field. He thinks Lechler can hit it. He’s approaching the field for warmups.

— Sony flatscreen HD televisions everywhere, on every floor near elevator, at concession stands.

— General parking _ $60. Parking near stadium for suite holders _ if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

— Spectacular weather. Hard to believe it’s the same city where Leon Lett skidded throught the snow against Miami.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 4evaRaider


    375.4evaRaider Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 11:58 am
    And I dunno Aig…

    I know I beat this dead horse 2 death but Grads led the nation in completion% his senior year…which means 2 me he know every play where everybody gonna be.Thats exactly what this team needs,imo…We got horses’ I hope we run ROUGH-SHOD over the ‘boys

  • aig


    There’s no doubt Grad has football IQ between his ears. He has better numbers than Unitas, Marino, and Montana in highschool in their area. He has a great TD to int ratio in college. The only knock i believe is he doesnt have a big arm to make all the throws. When he came on in Tampa I believe he had great numbers initially but then the nfl adjusted to him and forced him into situations where he has to make those throws his arms can’t.

    right now, I dont cared about next year. I care that we get a win this week and I really mean 1 week at a time. next year is to be worried about when the season is over.

  • It costs $60 to park there? You have to be kidding. Let Texas secede, already. We have no use for them.

  • If Al Davis charged $60 for parking the Oakland Coliseum would have to have a lot of bike racks.

  • aig

    Greg papa just announced that Lechler has already hit the TV screen….WITH HIS LEFT FOOT.

  • Yeh, we still have a punter, AIG. Too bad that’s it.

  • aig

    try to enjoy the game today Mr. It’s thanksgiving bro. Try to be happy this week. Worry about Al and his goons next week.

  • Gradkowski was better than Montana, Marino, and Unitas.

    ….in high school.


  • AIG, how can I not be happy? We’ve got a QB on the field who’s better than Montana, Unitas, and Marino! This is the happiest I’ve been in years! We might go to the SB this year with a quarterback that good.

  • AIG, check their pop warner stats, because if Gradkowski was better than Montana in pop warner, we’re going to be for real.

  • BTW, I’m not worried about Al and his goons. I’ve already faced reality that Al is beyond help and the Raiders will never win more than 5 games in a season until he retires. I was worried in like ’03. I’m sure of it, now. Al needs to go, period.

  • aig

    Mr. you’re obvoiusly twisting my statements. Let’s not go there. I only wanted to point out that he has a good track record of achievements in terms of stats at highschool and college. When he retires from the nfl, I will judge him for his pro career. The point is he knows how to get the yards and td’s. You can’t argue that point.

    But being that you need attention and you are intent on being a whipping boy again today. You can have it. All you can eat bro. Have at it and be as much of a jerk as you want to be.

  • AIG, I didn’t twist your statements. I quoted you verbatim. You said that Gradkowski is better than Montana, Unitas, and Marino….in high school! Dude, I’m stoked about that! I’m not making fun of you. I’m using that as a source for confidence! We might have the best QB in the NFL. I mean, he was better than Montana in high school.

  • aig


    Again. YOu ahve to know a play or 2 or have some football IQ to have a good track record in highschool and college. Being that you can’t read, you can’t understand the point I was making. But again, it’s buffet time. All you can eat bro.

  • AIG, I’m not making fun of you! Your point that Gradkowski is better than Montana, Unitas, and Marino…based on high school stats, has me back on board again. I have faith, bro. I mean, our qb was better than Unitas in high school! We can’t lose!

  • Frank YoooooooLLL

    Al Davis just hit the scoreboard with his cane