First quarter: Cowboys 3, Raiders 0



Dal_Nick Folk 36-yard field goal, :39


— Justin Fargas gains 7 on last play of quarter. He’s got 52 yards rushing.

— Tashard Choice takes direct snap, races 66 yards through huge hole before chased down by Asomugha at 11-yard line. Cowboys called for holding, first-and-10 at 21. Huff saves TD on run by Choice to 13. Trevor Scott brings down Felix Jones in coverage with one hand. Third-and-17, Romo can’t find target, incomplete. Scott pressures.

Fans boo wasted opportunity _ Folk’s 36-yard FG is good.

— Raiders can’t convert third-and-4 near midfield, Gradkowski to Schilens, incomplete. McFadden had earlier 12-yard run. Passing game not stepping up. Raiders called for holding following Lechler punt which Crayton fair caught at 13. Lost some good field position there.

— Cowboys go three-and-out from the 8, gain a yard. Huff gets second pass breakup. Trevor Scott playing exclusively as an LB, hasn’t had hand on the ground yet.

Raiders lose field position on illegal block in pack on Higgins punt return (Thomas Howard). Raiders open at 30.

— Backed up at 7, Fargas gets Raiders out of a hole with 22 yards run. After holding penalty, Fargas gets 12 up the middle. Raiders moving Cowboys off the ball on the run. Schilens can’t hold third-and-6 pass, tough chance. Lechler punts, Cowboys hold, open at 8-yard line.

— Miles Austin gets inside Nnamdi Asomugha, gets no help, gains 49 yards on pass from Romo to the 27. False start, illegal hands to face on Dallas bring up seocnd-and-24 at the 41. Incomplete to Austin on third down. Third-and-24 pass broken up by Michael Huff _ early? Refs say no. Matt McBriar punts out of bounds at the 7.

— McFadden in slot, gains 16-yard from Gradkowski on second play from scrimmage. Later is wide left, ball goes elsewher. Raiders end up punting on first possession.

— Gary Russell back for opening kickoff. David Buehler’s kickoff carries out of the end zone for touchback.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • aig

    No centurion,

    according to these guys, JR has been awesome this season. Cable benched him due to personal vendetta.

  • dave r

    aig u were right miles is killing us d is getting tired o line is getting mauled

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    aig your name alone discredits everything you say

  • armond

    u guys got what u wanted and now u see. grads wasnt that good against the bengals. dude was 17-34 with only 1 or 2 drops. 4 receptions by the wrs. u better off developing your future with every1 healthy to see how he responds. jr is partially responsible for his benching but the rest thats happening is what weve seen all season.

  • purvisman

    if we do somehow win, i hope MR doesn’t take it as hard as he did our last victory. oh, wait, he DOES want us to win. right?