Scoreboard survives Shane


Shane Lechler had three near-misses during warmups Thursday but never connected with the massive video scoreboard that hangs over the field at Cowboys Stadium.

Johnnie Lee Higgins was fielding punts along with Hiram Eugene, an indication the Raiders he will remain in that role. Specialists have left the field as quarterbacks and wide receivers are warming up.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 4evaRaider


  • For a family of five to go to cowboys stadium
    $50 gas (4 hour drive)
    $150 hotel
    $60-75 parking
    $50 standing room only tickets, or
    $250 nosebleed section tickets
    $200 in food
    equals $725 for standing room or
    $1825 for seats

    that is why I am watching from home today