Third quarter: Cowboys 17, Raiders 7



Oak_Darrius Heyward-Bey 4-yard pass from Bruce Gradkowski (Sebastian Janikowski kicks PAT), 5:37


— Raiders forced to start at 5 following punt, fortunate to get out of it without sack in end zone or interception _ they’ll punt to start the fourth quarer trailing by 10.

— Raiders best drive of the season _ 11 plays, 88 yards, with Gradkowski hitting Heyward-Bey in front of Alan Ball for the score. Took 7:16 off the clock.

Raiders overcame chop block penalty by Robert Gallery that negated a Louis Murphy reception to the 1, pushing ball back to the 39. Gradkowski had 21 yards scramble, 28 yards pass to Miller plus a 9-yard catch to open the drive.

— Big plays continue on first play of second half _ Romo to Jason Witten for 37 yards. Cowboys punt on first possession after big play.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • GForce21

    Only down 10

  • Midwest Fan

    Let’s go D! Time to make a big play.

  • aig

    dhb’s best assets are his legs not his hands. I dont know why we dont do quick screens with him or reverses.

    please bench higgins too.

  • priesttj

    The bottom line is we have to develope Russell he is really our only chance for soem degree of greatness. Grads is not a threat at all. He’s serviceable but if we want to go somewhere Russell has to get it done……..period

  • priesttj

    Weak arm and off target.

  • aig

    Cant develop a guy that doesnt motivate himself!

  • Can’t develop a guy that doesn’t care.

  • RaidingTexas

    Weak arm and off target is no worse than a strong arm and off target. At least Bruce gives a sht about the game. Jamarcus fkng sucks. Get over it already. Buncha losers around here these days. I fkng swear.

  • El Tato

    That Scott – Branch collision really hurt us. That was a TD with the game at 3-0

  • priesttj

    Yeah but what if he is motivated and cares, with that type of talent we could win big. He is our only hope…………..period

    The rest of this crap is a joke!!

  • JLH needs to be benched. Put Dmac on punt return duties.

  • Priest – what if?

    It’s obvious. He doesn’t care.

  • aig

    let me pay you 30 mil guaranteed. Let me kiss your a$$ for 3 years. Let me accomodate everything you are so lzzy about…ooohh you cant even motivate yourself to show up to camp fit?

  • dave r

    qb is not the problem no offensive line and the coaching staffs stupidity of nmamdi not covering the oppositions best wr were ever he goes is and line backers not hitting the gaps during run plays thats r problem

  • RaidingTexas

    This game is a shutout with DUHMARCHUS playing. I know Bruce is not the answer for this team. But I hate bad, fat, indifferent, highly overpaid athletes on my team.

  • aig


    this game would have been at least 3 fumbles if Jafatbust was back there.

  • priesttj

    Russell is the future if we have a future Grads is a scrap heap bandaid. Russell has real talent to be great, Grads has no chance. If you want a chance we take it on Russell. Just common sense…….period

  • priesttj

    I gotta call my boy Skip Peete I know he wants to gloat. They dogged us, he won.

  • RaidingTexas

    No, if you have common sense, you cut Russell and Gradkowski. Neither are good enough to even be practice squad players. That’s the problem with this team. It’s full of “starters” who wouldn’t even be given a second look elsewhere in the league.

  • armond

    priest dont bother arguing anymore. they have the guy they want so let them have him. people said the same things about other players and some of them went on to prove people wrong. they dont know anymore than we do.

  • Raiders4eve

    Hey Priesttj

    how do you know Skip Peete?

  • priesttj

    Taxguy, have you ever seen Russell or been around him? have you talked to the coaches? Have you talke to the players?

    I have and I know for a fact he cares and works. he’s just young and stupid, he needs to frow up and be made accuntable. He will come around I know he will he wants it bad. Trust me.

  • RaidingTexas

    Just remember, Priest . . . The captain ALWAYS drowns with that sinking ship. You can defend this sht with DUHMARCUS all the way to the bitter end for all I care. At least I (and most others) are smart enough to know that it will indeed be a bitter end. If he’s the future, it’s a BLACK HOLE future indeed. The kind of black hole where the Titanic now rests.

  • RaidingTexas

    Gawd, what a fkng waste of talent to have Zack on this team. I feel for the guy. He would be a Witten on any other team in this league.

  • priesttj

    He needs to grow up and take charge…that’s all and he’s learning how to do that.

  • Raiders4eve

    Message to AL

    Please Fire Cable
    Release Jamarcus
    Hire a GM
    Release Kelly n Warren
    Release the whole LB crew
    Bench DHB
    Get rid of the whole OL except Henderson
    Rebuild now

  • aig

    their pass rush was good today. Give them credit. We had a minimal chance of winning but i appreciated the efforts.

  • RaidingTexas

    Priesttj = the last man to believe Jamarcus is an NFL-level QB. Don’t worry, man. You’re in good company. There are still those out there who believe that Doug Flutie could have been more than he was. LMFAO!

  • Raiders4eve


    Commentatotrs r saying Grad played well, while everyone said JR sucked, so who is better now?

  • RaidingTexas

    Another sign of how bad the Cowboys really are: They let DHB score.

  • Raiders4eve

    The only good thing about this game is the jersey

  • Raiders4eve

    Can we start Frye next week???? Another shot of Patron

  • My notes from the game today…

    1. The missed INT in the first when Scott boned up was the turning point. That 1 play could have made a huge difference.

    2. Morrison is absolute garbage. I think he is the worst LB in the NFL. Watching him makes me want to puke.

    3. Rush was good today, but tackling technique was horrible. Romo escaped several plays when he should have been sacked.

    4. WRs are getting better with Gradkowski. He needed better protection today but you can definitely see improvement.

    5. Passing offensive scheme is junk. Most likely due to inexperience at WR.

  • aig

    when Grad has throwing lanes, he can make it work. The O line was overmatched today. Cable should have had Grad get out of the pocket on roll outs. Poor adjustment by Cable.

  • Raiders4eve

    Well, I love the Raiders always will, May God change our fortunes and allow us to see our beloved team be the best in this league. Amen

    With that said, happy thanksgiving 2 u all

  • 4evaRaider

    well it looks like the nfc is a little stronger defensivly than the afc…Our defense lost this one I think but still we got a ways 2 go but steAlers up next…hang tough and prepair!!!

  • priesttj Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Taxguy, have you ever seen Russell or been around him? have you talked to the coaches? Have you talke to the players?

    I have and I know for a fact he cares and works. he’s just young and stupid, he needs to frow up

    lol. I agree priest. I don’t like the bro-hawk either.


    Same old, same old.

    Defense shows some flashes, yet consistently gives up big plays.

    Offense can’t get the job done. 7 points just aint gonna cut it.

    The offensive woes of the LOWEST scoring team in the NFL continues.

    I’m really not too surprised.

    What does surprise me is to see anyone calling for the return of Jamarcus Russell as the Raid’s starting QB.

    We’re going to hear the same old nonsense about Russell. We’re going to hear that JR has all the talent and potential in the world, he just has to dedicate himself.

    To those of you that still haven’t given up on Russell, I ask what talent does he have ?

    Arm strength is about it.

    Besides having a strong arm, JR has minimal talent.

    He’s relatively immobile. It’s not that he can’t run, but he has no pocket presence, doesn’t feel or react well to pressure, can’t slip or slide to extend a play. He fumbles too easily as a result of not feeling pressure and failing to secure the football. His delivery is on the slow side.

    Russell is horribly innaccurate. Time and again, he has missed wide open receivers. And I’m not talking about narrowly missing. He’s not even in the same time zone on alot of his throws, even when he’s not pressured. He has no touch. He can’t even throw a catchable dump off to running backs.

    Russell doesn’t see the field and can’t read a defense.

    So again, I ask, what talent has JR exhibited ?

    Let’s assume Russell suddenly develops an extreme work ethic and tirelessly dedicates himself to being the best he can be.

    It’s possible he might be able to have a better grasp of the playbook and feel for the game. He might be able to better read a defense, maybe even run a no huddle or audible. He might even develop the ability to pump fake or use his eyes to manipulate defenders.

    Possible. But not probable.

    Because the truth is, Jamarcus Russell is a certified MORON.

    Anyone that’s ever listened to an interview with this buffoon, or read his incomprehensible statements in the press, knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russell is a mental midget.

    Combine Russell’s mental deficiencies, lack of accuracy, and other previously mentioned shortcomings–and top them off with a questionable work ethic– and you come up with one of the BIGGEST BUSTS IN NFL HISTORY.

    And yet, there are still those clamoring for the return of Jamarcus Russell as the Raider’s starting QB and face of the franchise.

    These people are out of their minds.

    Is Gradkowski the answer ? Probably not.

    But I’ll tell you this — Russell is DEFINITELY NOT THE ANSWER.

    Yes, the Raider offensive line is crap and the receivers are inexperienced. It would be hard for any QB to have a great degree of success with this supporting cast.

    But make no mistake, JR is a turkey. Not the kind of turkey we enjoy on Thanksgiving, but the kind that has no business ever quarterbacking the Raiders again.

    Happy turkey day.