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Here’s your chance to find out the latest on the Oakland Raiders during our live chat with “Inside the Raiders” blogger Jerry McDonald here on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at noon PST.

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Jon Becker

  • NorthernD

    Raider75 Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 12:28 am
    I remember when I was younger and before every season I would pick the Raiders to win the Super Bowl because I really believed any year could be their year.

    Those were the days.
    That’s pretty bad when even hope disappears…

  • In the 2001 NFL Draft the Raiders chose Derrick Gibson with the 28th Pick in round 1

    The next 4 picks

    Ryan Pickett – who cares
    Reggie Wayne – Looking for 6th straight 1,000 yard season
    Todd Heap – 316 receptions for 3658 yards and 26 touchdown. 2 800 yard seasons as a TE
    Drew Brees – Could have replaced Gannon (Marques Tuiasosopo was picked later in that round)

    and oh yeah, a few picks after Brees was a young WR who used to be named Chad Johnson.

    2002 Draft
    28th pick – Napoleon Harris (Raiders)
    29th pick – Ed Reed

    Drafts like these destroy football teams.

  • 2003 Draft

    2nd Round – Raiders select TE Teyo Johnson

    6 picks later

    3rd Round – Cowboys select TE Jason Witten

    Al Davis f’s up another pick. He was looking for a TE and chose the wrong one.

    Could it be because he can’t recognize talent?

    I can see that here he took a Pac-10 guy over a Tenn. guy, but how did he miss on Todd Heap (Arizona) and Chad Johnson (Oregon State)?

  • NorthernD

    Davis has always liked the big fast safety. Davis would never draft Ed Reed because he doesn’t have the measurables. Same as Bob Sanders.
    Instead he takes a flyer on Mike Mitchell because he’s 220 and ran a 4.45. Derrick Gibson and Patrick Bates also fit the same mould.
    The two biggest draft blunders IMO, could be Huff instead of Haloti Ngata, and DHB instead of Crabtree. All Davis picks.

  • If Al really loved the Raiduhs more than himself, then he would hand control over to a big time GM and stay out of the way.

    THE TUNA would look good in Silver and Black!

  • 4evaRaider

    Good Morning NATION!!!

  • BlackSunday32

    Anytime a WR comes into the NFL and you have to spend wasted time on catching the ball chances are he ain’t gonna be good a 20yr old working on catching the ball I hope he get good because it absolutely sicking to have such a horrible O and of course we still can’t stop the run. Sure wish C. Woodson was here getting DHB,DMAC,Russells money I would take him over all three. Don’t get to excited for next years draft at least the 1 rd its gonna be another bust, but hey Gallery is an ok G not great and a worthless LT with t-rex arms.

  • BlackSunday32

    Let’s see last year priest raved about Arman Shields hurt all year and didn’t play now cut. He always talks about Nick Miller being the DB killa well hurt all year may not play at all and watch him get cut next year, priest curse is stronger than the Madden Cover period IMO.

  • 4evaRaider

    When Gallery came out of Iowa he was all that.I know we drafted him 4 LT but a real footballer will adjust when needed and he did.Gallery is a footballer,imo

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!!!
    That is funny BlackSunday…I hope it was coincidence. i would like to see this Miller kid in action sometime…

  • 4evaRaider

    I kept Nick Miller on my FF team…I would like 2 see him play 2



  • 4evaRaider

    true dat Dirt-Lot =)

  • hwnrdr

    Yup, that must have been one bad shin break if he is out this long and he must have one heck of an upside if he is NOT on IR this year. I want to see what this undrafted kid got…

  • 4evaRaider

    I remember the fantastic catch he had in pre-season!!! Wow…imagine if you will 4 a minute…1 of our WR’s actually DIVING 4 da ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fast 2!!!

  • BlackSunday32

    Not gonna lie when in the 1 qt when they lined Fargas and Dmac together in backfield than spread Dmac out I thought for sure they were finally getting it why oh why did Garcia want out he would have been in a lot sooner than Gradowski those home games where the crowd was booing Russell would have been screaming for Garcia.

  • 4evaRaider

    Maybe as a professional he couldnt relate 2 the “distractions” in our beloved Oak-town.Like I’m sure (lol) some things are magnified and others arent but maybe the birth of his kid and his smoking HOT wife had something 2do with it.I also heard of him going 2 Philly but that didnt work-out either

  • RaiderRockstar

    I can’t beleive we’re still holding out hope for Nick Miller to make an impact and contribute this year … there is only 5 games left in the season and only 2 are winnable

    what a joke. he should have been placed on IR or the practice squad prior to Week 1 of the regular season

  • RaiderRockstar

    Steelers have lost 3 straight, including 1 to KC.

    Graddy is going back home, looking to play big in front of his friends & family. This is his 4th year in the league. he should be able to do some things now that he wasn’t able to do in the past. I’m hoping his trend against the Steelers doesn’t continue. those are awful numbers!



  • 4evaRaider

    Just like Brady or Manning(s)…it takes time 4A QB 2 develop.And I am not saying Grads has the ARM of either 1 of them.But each shines in their own way,imo.Like Ive stated many times;we got the horses we really dont need a rifle arm QB,imo.I really think Grads reminds me of Bob Greise,I know very high-praise but…the kid is a field general,proved it at Toledo which is Division 1A…very accurate too.Same thought as Jmac…hate 2 lose him and see them shine elsewhere.If and this is an if the size of Jmacs appetite,if Jmac comes into camp NEXT(I know) Year and is not prepared *&#$ him cut him instantly and Grads will be 1 more year older.Man 7 years of wait till next year

  • RaiderRockstar

    its me Dirt Lot!

    whats up brother?

    things are great, just real busy lately. how are you man?

  • RaiderRockstar

    gotta start workin’ fellas

    have a great day.

    carpe diem!

  • 4evaRaider

    have a GREAT Day Rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was reading KoolKell’s cut and paste comments last night, and the fact that Patrick Bates sat out a year intrigued me so I googled it and found this interesting article, for those that may also be intrigued. Seems kind of like a weird dude


  • When I watched last night’s game, the whole time I was thinking that New Orleans could have started LSU’s O-line and it wouldn’t have stopped them one bit.

    Brees in the shotgun, gets rid of the ball so quickly, literally the D has zero chance. The Pats sent the blitz at times, and the blitzer would go untouched, but the ball was out and the WR was already running down the field.

    This is a QB’s league right now. Brees is so good and so smart, they are just rotating in RB’s, WR’s and O-line and they don’t skip a beat.

  • Kirk

    After watching the Saints last night, I wonder how we managed to win even 3 games this year.

  • 4evaRaider

    Morning Vegas!!!

    Be Back L8er NATION!!!

  • Kirk

    The QB position in the NFL has become like the point guard in basketball. Brees pump fakes on almost every play to keep the defense off guard. Farve does the same thing. We need to teach our QBs to do the same this as well.

  • los raiders de don rober

    Nick Miller’s salary is Al Davis’ personal ATM…just like Javon Walker’s. Old Al is pulling cash flow from ghost players…

  • Morning 4eva,

    Hope the lamb and wine was as biblical as could be

  • Charlie


    I do not agree with your assessment regarding the Oline at all.
    Most of what the Saints do is predicated on superior Oline play.
    The simple threat of the run impacts the defensive alignment.
    The Oline repeatedly picked up the blitz which allows Brees to STEP INTO THROWS and not just get the ball off.

    Just the threat of pressure caused Brady to misfire on several attempts.
    The Patriots got beat on the line of scrimmage which is why they lost. Brees is not a better QB than Brady and the Saints do not have a better WR than Moss.
    No one schemes better than Belichick.
    What the Saints did was render the Patriots skill people useless as did the Giants in the Super Bowl by beating the Pats Oline.

  • Charlie Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Brees is not a better QB than Brady and the Saints do not have a better WR than Moss.


    Right now Brees is light years ahead of Brady. Tom’s momentum killing awful int, thrown into double coverage, was the biggest play of the game.

    You are crazy with this O-line stuff Charlie. The Saints replaced 2 O-lineman from last year, and you couldn’t tell. That’s 40% of the starting O-line from a team that threw for 5,000 yards, and they will throw for 5,000 yards again this year.

    If they replace the QB this offseason, they will not throw for anywhere close to 5,000 yards next year. If they brought in the Raiders O-line, they would come close.

  • You say “Most of what the Saints do is predicated on superior O-line play.”

    I say, “EVERYTHING the Saints do is predicated on the best QB in the NFL right now.”

  • So the Saints changed this year: TE, are working in a new RB and altering the carries differently than last year, replaced their leading WR last year (Lance Moore) and overhauled 40% of their O-line.

    The three constants: QB, Coach and production.

  • Charlie


    Put Brees behind Cleveland’s Oline and he would be on IR.

    Brees better than Brady?
    You need to watch more football.
    If Brees is so wonderful then why was he traded from the Bolts?
    He nearly had his career ended in SD because he was getting hammered due to a weak Oline.

    Dilfer won with Baltimore because of superior line play. Dilfer was an average QB.

    Plunkett nearly had his career ended because of weak Oline play before he came to the Raiders.

    Just spend a game not looking at the ball. Watch the line.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    What I got from the Patrick Bates article is that JaMarcus is probably being conditioned by Lincoln Kennedy.: “Kennedy suffered from weight problems – according to one teammate, be set the Waffle House record by consuming 21 cheeseburgers at one sitting.”

  • Charlie,

    Can we live in the now please? Jim Plunkett….who the hell cares that was 25 years ago?

    A completely different game right in today’s NFL, and I think it changed about 3-4 years ago. Every rule that has been implemented recently is to protect the QB, and help the passing offense.

    And why are you ragging on the Cleveland O-line, they drafted O-line in the first round 2 of the last 3 years? I thought that was what you were all about, building the lines, blah blah blah.

    Dilfer won a SB because of their D. They went over a month without an offensive TD!!!

    And today, Brees is a better QB than Brady, no doubt about it. Tom has a lot of miles and blew out his knee last year, and has obviously taken a step backwards. Brees is at the height of his game, Tom is not.

  • Charlie,

    The Super Bowl last year was played with two teams, with 1 (Steelers) whose O-line was their achillies heel, and another whose O-line (Cardinals) was average.

    Neither one could block in the game. Arizona’s LT had FOUR penalties in the game and they almost one.

    Pittsburgh game-winning drive started with a holding call and first and 20. Ben was running around all game, but he and Holmes made enough plays to off-set all the plays Warner and Fitz were making.

    I’m not saying too neglect the O-line, hell I would support drafting O-line in the first round this year, we are due to address that position. But today’s NFL is all about QB and coaching.

    Look at the Panthers, they have a very good D and O-line and easily the best 1-2 RB combo. But they stink due to Delhomme being awful. Put any of the top 15 QB’s on that team and they are in the playoffs. Take their O-line and put it on the Raiders, and we still suck. Why? QB and coaching.

  • I gotta run, but go ahead and reply Charlie and I will read it later.

    QB and coaching, everything else is secondary. QB’s make great O-lines, not the other way around.

  • 4evaRaider

    Over the summer someone posted an article about Brees.A company got 10 Olympic archers from the American team and set up a bull-eye.The 10 American Olympic archers hit 50%.From the same distance Brees hit the bulls-eye 10 times out of 10 times for 100%,of course this means the archers hit 5 out of 10 times.Four times out of the 10 bullseyes Brees hit,hit the DEAD CENTER of the bulls-eye.The diameter of the nose of the football was the same diameter of the bullseye.Brees is more accurate than 10 Olympic Archers…as a matter of fact Brees is light-years ahead of any nfl QB of any era,imo

  • 4evaRaider

    biblical indeed,Vegas!!!

  • 4evaRaider

    Hey Exla…congratulations on your lees than 1 point victory in FF…you earned it!!!

  • Charlie

    I agree that you must have excellent QB play to win in the NFL.
    My point is that no QB can be excellent if he does not have the time to throw and if he does not have the threat of the run.
    Those elements will never happen without an Oline that CONSISTENTLY wins its matchups.

    Again I go back a few years but one of the best pure QB’s I ever saw was Archie Manning.
    Absolutely amazing what he could do. Yet his career was horribly damaged by a weak offensive line that nearly got him killed.

    The Saints last night actually were playing McCallister at corner and got away with it becasue their Dline was winning the line of scrimmage battle.

    Getting to the point regarding the Raiders.
    We have had Collins, Moss and Turner and they all failed miserably because of a weak supporting cast which was the Oline on offense. They have all succeeded since they left because they play behind Olines far better than what we have in Oakland.
    The Panthers do not have good Oline play. Nor does Detroit or Cleveland. You can always look at a few highlight plays but good Oline play means winning the majority of the batlles week in and week out, not once in while against a weak opponent.
    When the Raiders play a good Dline we are not even competitive. Until our Oline play improves significantly we will NEVER be a winning team regardless of the coach or QB.

  • VanHeathen

    Al and Cable are the equivilent of Uncle Junior and Bobby Bacala from the Soprano’s…

  • VanHeathen

    If Al cared, he’d start ‘headhunting’ a management team to come in and take over the “Football” operations in Alameda.
    Then Al could concern himself w/ petty grudges, picking out track suits and taking care of himself…clean house Al, top to bottom, Herrera, Trask, all the minions need to go…we’re so far off the tracks, it’s time for a major overhaul.

  • 4evaRaider

    Ex…I mean 1.54 margin lol

  • 4evaRaider

    I always thought Tarkington was better than Archie

  • DMAC

    Wassup nation!

  • DMAC

    How about a little Mike Mitchell at the nickel position?