Raiders follow their (expletive) leader


Great story relayed by left tackle Mario Henderson in talking with reporters after the game.

On the Raiders final drive, Henderson looked up at the big screen to see how he had carried out his assignment on the previous play.

Big mistake.

“Bruce was like, `Stop (bleeping) looking at that thing and get your mind right,’ ” Henderson said. “I looked at him like, `You talkin’ to me?’ . . . I was like, `OK, you’re right. You’re right. You the man. You the man.’ ”

Langston Walker, who said he hadn’t lined up at guard since the night in 2003 when Brett Favre lit up the Raiders on Monday NIght football, said his first time on the field with Gradkowski was impressive.

“Bruce is fiery,” Walker said. “He’s yelling at us, screaming at us, running around like a banshee, but it’s all controlled. That’s how he gets it done. You saw the result.”

Added Cornell Green: “Bruce had something about him today. I don’t know if it was being home or just letting it all hang out, but he took control of the huddle. He’s cursing at people to hurry up. He brings that to the team. He brings that fire and that’s good.”

Gradkowski said it’s all part of the job description.

“When I am out there, when I am at practice, it is my offense and that is how I’m going to lead,” Gradkowski said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The Big Banana

    # 16yearsold16yearfan Says:
    December 6th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    i dont understand how cable can get mad at bush for being tired after 5 straight runs for 30 yards and its not like hes just running he was busting through the lines and fighting off tackles that was just a bogus reason to keep him out of the game
    Couldn’t agree more, 16year. Bush always seems to be in Cable’s doghouse for one reason or another. Seems like the coach had it in for him ever since he didn’t want to play FB.

  • The Big Banana

    “Bruce was like, `Stop (bleeping) looking at that thing and get your mind right,’ ” Henderson said. “I looked at him like, `You talkin’ to me?’ . . . I was like, `OK, you’re right. You’re right. You the man. You the man.’ ”
    That’s a F’N leader and a MAN right there. Little guy telling it like it is to a big lineman. And you can bet your azz that Henderson now has all the respect in the world for him too, because of it.

    Keep it up Bruce. At least until the old goon, Davis, decides you should be benched in favor of “the great playuh”

    Davis – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE trade out of the first round. You have no business making picks early in the draft. Your track record CLEARLY shows this. Either trade down or trade for proven players like you did for Seymour.

  • DMAC

    So we found our vocal leader on the offense. Who will step up and be our vocal leader on the D??????

  • Florida Pete

    i suppose my greatest irritation is not so much that fargas is playing…

    it is that McTiptoe is playing ahead of Bush…

    McTiptoe this year has 72 carries, 230 yards for an impressive 3.2 average… oh, and he has 3 fumbles (this year)… Bush has one fumble this year…

    Bush was a steal in the draft… and having him ride the pine is a great way to not only lose him…

    but a really good reason for him to grind an axe against this franchise…

    but here… it matters who you know and how much you get paid…

    not ability…

  • 2romes

    Man, to win a big game on the road against a desperate, hard nose team like the Steelers was awesome!!!!!
    The Steelers intensity on defense was match by the Raiders determination to get it done on offense.This is what The Raiders lacked before yesterday.This is not a stroke of luck. It felt like a gel ,if you will, took form with QB & receiver and thanks to great protection at that time,the Raiders prevailed.
    L.Murphy is a authentic receiver and should be treated as one. Murphy and Chaz should be listed as starters because they are, in my opinion, the two best receivers.Those Two receivers give the Raiders the best chance of being productive and winning games.Simple though, when the ball is in the air who are the two best receivers on the Raiders that you put trust in to come down with it? Higgins earns third spot with DHB alternating.
    Give Gradkowski the best chance of winning games by Keeping the best core skill set players on the field. This includes receivers that route run the best,block and catch.I like the kid DHB so do him a favor. Make him earn the staring position instead of handing him the silver plate.
    Raiders Be With You.

  • r8eray

    Someone tell coach to get his head out of his ass and give bush some 1st and 10 touches!! Fargas is 29 going on 30! you all know what happens at 30!

  • Charlie


    Gradkowski played well.
    Our Oline played better than it has but the proof is we are 4-8 and have had six consecutive losing seasons.

    We will not become a playoff team until we improve our team starting with the Oline.

    You are in the significant minority if you believe
    Henderson,Walker,Morris,Carlisle,Green are taking us to a Super bowl win.
    By the way that is what this is about, not beating an average Steeler team.
    Just the age of Carlisle and Green and Gallery’s injury woes should worry uou.

    The Dline at tackle is pathetic.
    Zero face pressure and zero plays by the Dline when it counted.

    You keep talking about the Cardinals. Did you watch last nights game?
    Favre looked pretty average with some heat in his face.
    The Cards neutralized Allen(see Oline) and Warner could step into throws.

  • DMAC

    Was that a nickel package we were running with Mitchell?

  • neilb

    new post

  • Today is a GREAT day to be a Raider fan, isn’t it?

    Had to walk over to the local dive this morning in the rain to get my ride from the parking lot, having to leave it there yesterday after consuming numerous victory shots of Patron bought for me by the Steeler fans in attendance with whom I had bets with.

    It was worth every step!

  • los raiders de don rober

    You guys remember how good our O-line was when Gannon played? and how average the Oline looked when Gannon got hurt? QBs help Olines like Olines help QBs…I agree this aint the 1976 Shell led Oline, but c’mon give these guys some continuity under a QB that helps them out.

  • El Tato

    # LA to TheBay Says:
    December 7th, 2009 at 9:15 am

    Biggest needs


    We have to retain Seymour and have a beast or two at DT to free him up. Picture Suh at NG in a 3-4 with Seymour at RDE (moved around a bit, though if needed), Kelly at LDE, Scott and Howard on the outside, Morrison can be freed up by getting a beast to play Mike.

    I know we do this every year, but this is not unrealistic.

    Even at 4-3 or some hybrid looks, a new Mike in the Ray Lewis mold and a DT is very possible and I think likely.

    Cable is not sold on Morrison, evident in camp.

    I like Morrison as a will in a 3-4, because of his speed.


    3-4 Defense next year is nor unrealistic:

    DE – Seymour (He played 3-4 DE in NE)
    NT – NEED
    DE – Kelly (Seymour’s same mold at 6’6” 300)

    OLB – Scott (Perfect fit: 6’5′ 250 pass rusher great speed)
    WILB – Morrison (Cover Mike LB, weak run defender)
    OLB – Ellis (He played the position in Dallas)

    Thomas Howard does not fit this defense, but he is a FA this season.

    Desmond Bryant (6’5′ 290) and Richardson (6’6′ 280) are perfect to play 3-4 Defense.

    Shaughnessy could move to OLB behind Ellis.

    We need:

    – WILB: Ricky Brown was tried at ILB in Training Camp and played ILB in College. He better in run defense than Morrison, he could play there. If not, Florida ILB BRandon Spikes is a perfect fit there via Draft.

    – NT: Denver found a serviciable NT in Ronald Fields, who was a backup in SF, he was cheap. The draft has some players who could play there too:Tennesee’s Dan Williams (6’2” 325) or Alabama’s Terrence Cody (6’4” 365) could play there.


    I’ve read the articles written by Corkran and Jerry speculating on JRussell’s future with the Raids.

    The consensus is he will be back as the Raids have too much invested in him and Davis will be reluctant to discard him as long as there’s the slightest hope he’ll develop into a decent QB.

    This board has posters that are of the opinion it’s likely Russell will be back, starting at QB, and Gradkowski will be sent packing.

    I disagree. And here’s why.

    When Cable has been asked if Gradkowsi’s elevation to current starter and Russell’s demotion was a temporary move, he’s been very clear that Gradkowski would be starting the REST OF THE SEASON.

    It wasn’t a case of ‘let’s see how he does, and we’ll evaluate our QB situation based on that’.

    Nope. It was ‘JR IS DONE FOR THIS YEAR’. Period.

    Well, I’ll be surprised if JR isn’t done with the Raids forever.

    Rest assured Russell’s demotion to the bench was at Cable’s behest BUT with Al’s approval.

    Davis knows this season is finished. If he retained any hope of Russell developing, he’d have insisted Cable play JR the remainder of the year and hopefully show some signs that he has a future.

    That’s a big clue that the old man is ready to move on.

    Look, when Davis gives up on a player, for whatever reason, that’s it. It’s virtually impossible to get out of his dog house. He doen’t care how much he’s paying the guy, where he was drafted, or how it will look.

    Marcus Allen, DeAngelo Hall, Javon Walker, and many other examples tell us that Davis will get rid of players he has decided he doesn’t like, or won’t help the team, in a heartbeat.

    The opposite is true too. If Davis likes the player and is perceived to be a loyal Raider, he’s going to get rewarded and be on a scholarship for as long as Davis wants him.

    I submit that Davis has seen enough of Russell to know he’s not ever going to develop, isn’t the stuff Raiders are made of, and he will cut all ties with him.

    At least I’m hoping so. Admittedly, I can’t stand Russell. I’m biased against him. Don’t like his image and the fact that he’s a blathering idiot.

    But most of all, I can’t stand the fact that JR couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat and has none of the intangibles necessary to ucceed in the NFL.

    Here’s hoping the old man has had it with Russell, because Raider fans deserve better than having to suffer waiting for JaMarcus to become something he never will be – a quality NFL QB.

  • El Tato

    Both, JaMarcus and Gradkowski will be back.

    They will sign a veteran to compete with them for the starting job, and the best man with start.

    Same SF did with O’Sullivan, Alex Smith and Shaun Hill. They had some good play from a career backup (Hill) and the best out Alex Smith, who is starting right now doing a good job.


    Great win! Let’s wait until we see what happens next week with The Redskins before we start fanning each others huevos.If we win next week, I can see us going 7-9. If we get spanked, which has been our M.O. latley, then Bruce Almighty will be sitting behind Jacarcus next year after Coach Fassell is ordered to do so.

  • RaiderSam

    If he gets the win over the Redskins and Browns…and pulls an upset of the Broncos..it makes Davis’ job easier…write off Russell…go into an uncapped 2010 season and get a veteran and add more experience on defense.

    Gradkowski with Jason Campbell as an emergency back up is looking better…especially if he can rally the team to 8-8