Gallery, Ellis absent


Left guard Robert Gallery and defensive end Greg Ellis were not on the field as the Raiders went through warmups and drills Wednesday before practice.

Gallery left the Raiders’ 27-24 win over Pittsburgh with a back strain of undetermined severity, while Ellis was inactive because of soreness in his surgical repaired knee.

Ellis, who was having fluid drained from his knee before surgery, has also had it performed after the fact, an indication he’ll probably be practicing and possibly playing on a limited basis and with the possibility he may not make it through the season.

Cable had no specifics on Gallery’s condition Monday. Gallery was not in the lockerroom Monday or Wednesday. One player said Gallery appeared fine Monday, but was getting an MRI and had complained of numbness in his legs immediately following the injury.

Center Samson Satele, who left in the first quarter of the Pittsburgh game, replaced by Chris Morris, said he was planning on practicing and was with the team for warmups and drills.

If Satele can play, Chris Morris, recipient of a game ball for his play at center, would be Gallery’s substitute at left guard.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • morilla Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 2:16 pm
    when coaches, players,analysts, writers, ( I could go on)

    please go on…and please give us links or names to these players and coaches that say these things…we would love to read them.

  • Nnamdi21

    Morrila: I think DMC is one of the assets illused by Oaklands coaches.

    Get this f’in guy in space and on the edge where his greatest asset, SPEED is best served!

    Bash Bush and Farg up the middle, split DMC out wide or at flanker or in the Wild hog.

    Mis use imo.

  • Plunketthead


    hell yes!!!

  • Florida Pete

    oh man, what are we gonna do???

    use Fargas as our between the tackles specialist???

    use McTiptoes as our end around specialist???

    use Bush as our what??? he’s the guy with the 4.5 ypc average…

    use Heyward-bey as our reverse specialist???

    use Russell as our throw it out of the end-zone specialist???

    i say running backs should be able to be a running back…

    i say receivers should be able to catch the ball…

    and i say quarterbacks should know the playbook and show up on time… ready to play…

  • Plunketthead


    I hope things go from bad to worse for Moss and the cheating pats.

    Moss is a cancer in the locker room and I hope it enfetc the whole team

  • Plunketthead

    infect, affect, effect

    I dont know what that was suppose to be

  • Plunketthead

    I am just very excited about winning the game this weekend. I really want to end the season on a high note so Raier nation can have an off season filled with high hopes.

  • M Lonetree

    I wandered though a Raider Image store today. Not a single GRADKOWSKI jersey for sale. must be a conspiracy of the highest order, ya think?

  • “When Hanson was busy making his accusations, he told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports how much he still loved the team.

    “I watch every game,” Hanson said. “I want them to win. Once a Raider, always a Raider.”

    Wow, that guy knows how to sweet talk Al…sorry Cable, but apparently you are losing the brown-nose contest…doesn’t bode well for you in 2010.

  • aig


    The Dmac apologists are in full effect. Gosh, when have you ever seen a RB in this league that is successful that does not have CALVES. The guy is a WR in disguise as an RB. Sorry but Fargas looked pretty good behind that sorry line. bush has even busted out some big runs behind that sorry line too.

    Washington is a huge game for us. We’ve got a perfect set up for Was and Browns. If you ever want to build momentum, this is it. I feel good though since Jadumbo is not the starting QB.

  • los raiders de don rober

    Why make excuses? DMac is a bust. he is not a traditiona RB like AP or Chris Johnson. He is not a scat back like Sproles, R Bush or Ray Rice. He is something in between that does not produce at NFL level. His yards/att is lower than Bush and Fargas…why the hell make excuses for a millionare?

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Yeah, yeah. . . .I know – here I go again with my Fargas kick. . . . . .

    But I just gotta say fellas: When is this man gonna get some love from Raider Nation?

    Without feeling the need to bash our other 2 young backs, is anyone ready to admit they were wrong about Fargas at the beginning of this season?

    Unless you’ve been watching some other team named the Oakland Raiders, it’s been pretty visible to even the most casual football fan, that Justin Fargas is the best running back on this roster.

    You absolutely cannot deny that at this point.

    He is not as fast as D-Mac (on paper).

    He is not as strong as Bush (on paper).

    But guess what?

    In the real world. . . . .on the actual football field. . . . .Fargas has been faster and more powerful than the two youngsters combined. Forget about the fact that his numbers have been better. I don’t care about numbers.

    The main fact is that he is simply punishing defenders and grinding out the yards that we need. . . . .and sometimes in big chunks. It’s clear defenders hate to tackle him.

    I think D-mac will be a GREAT player and I think the same of Michael Bush.

    But right now. . . .and has really been the case for years, Fargas is the Raiders’ best back. It was the case when Lamont (soft) Jordan was a starter and it’s the case now.

    And if he actually got 20-25 carries a game, he’d easily have a 1200 yard season. I really can’t say that about the other 2 cats (sorry Priesttj – I know you really like M. Bush and sorry Dakota – I know you really like D-Mac)

    If you can’t get yourself to admit that what I’m saying is true, then you’re really just hanging on to your desire that the other 2 guys would have outplayed him by now.

    Sorry, but they have not.

  • Plunketthead


    The Skins are a little scary. They are playing better then their record imo.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Wow –

    That Tom Cable is such a horrible coach huh?

    We finally got some real QB play and receivers actually caught balls thrown to them.

    What a concept.

    But yeah, let’s just keep hiring and firing coaches.

    That’s really gonna get us far.

  • Congrats, to “The Polish Pop Gun” on getting some recognition for his performance on Sunday.

    I think Hanson must have some pics/footage of Al wearing ladies underwear.

    Bummer about Gallery. Back issues can be a bear. I know, been there, done that…

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  • Plunketthead

    Broncos W 27-17
    Cowboys L 6-7
    Eagles L 24-27
    Saints L 30-33

    Thats there last four games.