Lockerroom message


Posted in several places throughout the locker room today is the following message:

Sunday 12-13-09

The day the Oakland Raiders break thru
Back-to-back wins get the Raiders on path to future success!

(if you believe it, it will happen)

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • This message should be in the coach’s office:

    Win this home game against a weak opponent Tom Cable or you are FIRED!

    Al Davis

  • DMAC

    I wonder who posted that?

  • 4evaRaider

    I see what you’re saying now JB….


  • JB

    My vote is to give Bey some time to develop into a quality WR. Don’t blame him that he was picked 7th in the draft. That’s on AD. Rightfully, he should have been a late 1st or 2nd round pick. That fact combined with the fact that the QB he’s been working with is terrible might acount for his lack of development. Let’s not shoot him yet. Give him another year and time with a QB that can throw an accurate pass and let’s see. Who knows, he might end up as the next Cliff Branch or warren Wells. He’s a good kid with a good work ethic. He deserves a little more time.

  • DMAC

    Develop him next year. I want to see how we play w/ Murphy Schilens and JLH.

  • JB

    There should be a scale at the front door with a sign on it saying ” If your name is JaBustus Russell and the needle goes over 250#, go to the workout room and don’t come out until your down to 250# or less”. Signed Tom Cable, HC for now.

  • JB

    # DMAC Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Develop him next year. I want to see how we play w/ Murphy Schilens and JLH.
    I wholeheartedly agree. Development also happens at practice. I still want to see DMac at slot WR. Catching passes and running reverses should be his forte.

  • Dmac20

    You know if we win out with the titans, steelers, and ravens losing two games, along with the jets losing three we can make the playoffs. Thats a big if but ther’s still a possibility.

  • morilla

    a very high percentage of the time, first round picks dont mean sh-t. Look at the numbers. So many quality players are buried in the draft, it’s about scouting and knowing the players.

  • Jamarcus would have mispelled the words, than misfired and posted them in the wrong places.

  • 8-8 is still out there

  • Dmac20

    I think the raiders mis-use DHB I think they should run more bubbles screens, slants and end arounds his way to get him involved.

  • inonewordraider

    Gradkowski will get him and all of our other speedsters involved, he doesn’t discriminate, if your open your getting the ball. We could expand the playbook with an intelligent hard-worker like Bruce

  • Kirk

    DHB should be a strong safety.

    Big, fast, and he can’t catch.

  • DMAC

    Wassup with this Nick Miller kid? They must think he’s the next Wes Walker.

  • 01rdrfan

    I definately agree with keeping DHB on the bench and letting the group who played on Sunday continue to show what they have. I don’t think it’s gonna happen unless DHB is really hurt bad. If anything, they should use him occasionally. Like on 4 wide or something. Other than that, every single receiver on the team has out performed him and they all would have much better stats if they gotten as many snaps as he has.

  • morilla

    Misuse DHB? lol, good one. He should be a third base coach.

  • DMAC

    DHB should be a boxer.

  • 24

    2 Former Raiders involved in this one. Thought this was funny.

    Four New England Patriots players, including receiver Randy Moss, were sent home from Gillette Stadium for being late for an 8 a.m. meeting Wednesday, The Providence Journal reported.

    In addition to Moss, the other players were defensive end Derrick Burgess and linebackers Adalius Thomas and Gary Guyton, according to the report. The players were apparently delayed by weather conditions, and will reportedly not be able to participate in team events Wednesday. All four were absent from Wednesday afternoon’s practice.

  • 24

    DHB should be a track star.

  • 24

    DMAC – Thats Wes Welker.

  • 24

    Gradkowski is showing signs of Rich Gannon/Jeff Garcia. He’ll definately get the boot next season. Theres no way we can have any success with a guy thats not Al Davis’ main guy. Winning with someone else would just be wrong.

  • DMAC

    Sorry, I apologize sir.

  • DMAC

    You know what I meant.

  • Chris in NY

    Wow. I didn’t know Tony Robbins was now working for the Raiders.

  • Infinite Raider

    Let’s build some consistency (Off/Def/Spec Teams) and string together some wins.

  • fingers

    I hear they have DHB practicing at trying to catch his shadow… When he catches it he gets back on the field….

  • McRaider5150

    You guys kill me. Don’t start swinging on his sack when he start to make plays. Half of you can’t catch a cold let alone a football.