Why Davis would bring back Hanson


It’s unusual for any employer to bring back a subordinate employee who unsuccessfully assisted the case of law enforcement against his supervisor.

But this, of course, is not any employer.

The return of Randy Hanson to the same building which inhabits Tom Cable will surely be painted as another example of Raiders dysfunction.

It’s an easy case to make, and not necessarily incorrect.

It’s another chance to rail at the Raiders for everything they’ve come to represent, and we’re not talking about the “greatness” and `commitment to excellence” that the “Team of the Decades” has clung to since it fell off the face of the earth in 2003.

Having Hanson back in any capacity, even if he never gets within 10 feet of Cable, is something the coach didn’t have in mind, especially when he’s in a four-game stretch run in an attempt to keep his job.

But Hanson’s life dream was to be a Raider, and Cable has separately echoed the same sentiment. That they shared the same dream means nothing to them, even if it means something to Al Davis, the man that hired them both.

While it appears unlikely that Cable and Hanson can work in the same place at the same time, wait a few months and maybe things will be decidedly different.

Also take the following into account and in so doing, understand Hanson’s rebound isn’t quite the stunner it seems:

— Davis doesn’t believe in chemistry or harmony.

He’s said it on more than one occasion. It’s a competitive business, even within an organization.

Men will argue and be combative. It’s survival of the fittest. If one coach bumps into another, who bumps into another, and someone winds up with a jaw fracture, it’s unfortunate, but not nearly as important as if a player was hurt.

Davis has openly scoffed the notion of locker room chemistry, even as Lane Kiffin and Cable (who has gone to great lengths to disassociate himself with his predecessor) have espoused the virtues of one-for-all and all-for-one.

— Davis doesn’t believe in chain of command.

He’s said it on the record in those very words.

“Chain of command, I don’t believe in chain of command.”

It’s the same thing as the locker room. It doesn’t matter if everyone is on the same page. Better to have dissenting views and people without a distinct rung on the ladder looking to advance. Keep job titles and descriptions as vague as possible.

— Nobody wants to pay for services not rendered, and Davis takes it to an extreme.

How many other owners would go the overhead projector route to avoid paying Kiffin, rather than just write the check and be done with it?

Maybe it makes Davis a visionary, or maybe it just makes him cheap. Either way, he’s not one to let someone off the hook in terms of working in the building if he can do anything to help the cause when that person is getting a paycheck.

Taking all that into account, the fact that Hanson’s parking code is active again on Harbor Bay Parkway isn’t so far-fetched.

Davis figures Cable will coach the team, Hanson will work in the scouting department, and have little if any interaction. If they’re both dedicated to the Raiders they don’t have to go out for drinks at the end of the day.

As for what each man thinks about the other still being there, who cares? What the television and print media thinks counts for even less (even if selected reporters are put on notice that Al isn’t happy with the way things are portrayed).

If Cable wants to remain coach of the Raiders, he’ll put a product on the field that Davis thinks can win in 2010. If not, he’ll be out of a job.

If Hanson wants to stay in the organization, he’ll continue to bleed silver and black. Maybe he’ll be one of those Raiders employees who hangs around for years, or be cast off when his contract expires.

It’s nothing Davis is interested in addressing with a game coming up Sunday against the Redskins.

You want a successful business model, check with Fortune 500.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    “Oakland, Alameda County, Coliseum sign off on Raiders’ extension this morning….

    Terms of the extension, which should keep the team in Oakland through the 2013 season, are similar to the current lease, which calls for the team to pay $525,000 per season and share some other revenue with the authority, such as what they get from concessions. The extension calls for the team to pay an additional $5 million over the additional three years. The team still would owe the $5 million if they decided to move to a stadium outside Alameda County.”
    In otherwords, the penalty for a Raider move would only be $5 million agreed to in advance. No incentive to stay like improvements of any kind to that decrepid stadium.

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    I did, played for the York Centurions (university in the UK) until I picked up a shoulder injury which hasn’t healed up…was supposed to go see a physio but still haven’t got round to it. Why?

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    Nothing bad!! Good friends with one of the coaches from Teeside U.

    I was was trying to place the name Centurions aswell.

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  • Raider Dell Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 11:11 am
    Ocho Cinco fined $30,000 for wearing a sombrero on the sidelines is one expensive joke. That was not even funny, or original. I’m liked the HOF jacket, that was original, yet expensive also.”


    Rumor has it that Ocho is seriously considering another name change. He is going to change his name to Hachi Go which is Japanese for 85. Sadly this is not a joke.

    I really liked his riverdance btw, may be my fave, although the HOF jacket was damn funny.

  • Oops, I didn’t see DMac’s post earlier.

    Sorry bro, didn’t mean to step on your toes…

  • Dakota Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 11:03 am

    “Bonds’ career over, agent says”

    Yeah no schyt Sherlock! Talk about being the last to know….”

    Bonds’ son career is just getting started. He was arrested the other night for assaulting his mother.

  • DMAC

    It’s all good Dogg!
    roof roof!

  • Raider Dell Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 10:47 am
    Raider Dell Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 7:57 am
    To all the Raider Nation who reads this blog. I am proposing a naming contest for Dakota’s son. Originality will be needed.

    The winning person will receive two tickets to two games during the pre season where I sit.

    The names for his son should be colorful, dynamic, have some Raider theme, Cub theme, and Laker theme to the name. Dig deep and think hard.

    Two game tickets await the winner. Dakota will have final say on the name and will select the winner on originality and if the name is used.

    Don’t be boring , pour them in this blog. Our future QB needs a name.”

    Ryne Rockne Long Dakota

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    smush bartman dakotakowski

  • Dark Forces

    If Al Davis doesn’t want to pay for services not rendered what the hell is the Javon Walker sitting ont he bench thing about?

  • dogen

    I told everyone on Monday that Davis would come up with some stupid, lame-brained, dumb-assed, f**Ked up way to smear this incredible victory.

    He can hardly fire Cable at this point, because the whole Raider Nation would mutiny.

    His ego is so damn huge, he just cannot stand for anyone else to be in the spotlight or get credit for this teams success. Can’t anyone see this fool is a demented psycho? He has truly gone over the edge and lives in some kind of angry vietnam type world on the edge of paranoia.

    WHY mess up your teams chemistry by bringing the suck ass Hanson back? Why would the sniveling ass-kisser WANT to come back? If its a matter of paying him, PAY him and send his weasel ass on down the road.

    The only thing I blame Cable for is not knocking the idiots teeth completly out, so he is totally indistinguishable……..like the moron JR.

    Is this not the SAME back-stabbing s**t eater that went whining to the police like some bi**ch when the team was struggling and down??

    NOW he says, “once a Raider always a Raider?”

    Davis is nothing if not a shrewd bastard. He is inciting Cable and knows he is playing with fire. He is like the Roman Emperor that cannot order the execution of a Gladiator, for fear of citizen reprisal.

    Sadly, Hanson is likely to undermine the progress this team has made and it makes me sick. Sick to think an owner hates the NFL so much he is willing to punish his own team. A man so delusional he lives in the twilight zone.

    All said, Gradkowski is the kind of dude that goes unfazed by this kind of BS. He is likely to play his ass off again despite all the nonsense. Cable just needs to stay the course and let that rat-bastard Hanson find his own slimy way around the lockeroom.

    Perhaps a player will finish what Cable started.