JaMarcus speaks


JaMarcus Russell hung around the locker room during the media availablity period Thursday for the first time since he lost his job as the starting quarterback to Bruce Gradkowski, addressing his feelings about being a backup.

I’ll have more specifics later, but here’s the capsule summary:

— Russell said he was surprised and embarrassed, conceding it was a new and unfamiliar experience.

— He didn’t think either his weight or work ethic was a major issue in his performance.

— He promised fans would see a “totally different JaMarcus” when he returns to the playing field.

— He didn’t sound receptive to restructuring his existing contract saying it was, “done.”

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DMAC

    Yeah buddy!

  • DMAC

    YOUR DONE!!!!!

  • Raider Dell Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 10:47 am
    Raider Dell Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 7:57 am
    To all the Raider Nation who reads this blog. I am proposing a naming contest for Dakota’s son. Originality will be needed.

    The winning person will receive two tickets to two games during the pre season where I sit.

    The names for his son should be colorful, dynamic, have some Raider theme, Cub theme, and Laker theme to the name. Dig deep and think hard.

    Two game tickets await the winner. Dakota will have final say on the name and will select the winner on originality and if the name is used.

    Don’t be boring , pour them in this blog. Our future QB needs a name.”

    Ryne Rockne Long Dakota

  • 4evaRaider

    oh it’s done alright

  • JB

    What a Maroon! JaDumbschit doesn’t have a clue. He is the problem – NOT the solution, at least in his current physical & mental state. Hey JaBustus, come to camp next next at less than 250#, know the total playbook and be prepared to put in the effort it takes to be a successful NFL QB and then we can talk. Short of that, stay home, we’ll do without you.

  • Nnamdi21

    Still got your back JMarc. Put in the work big guy and lets start lighting it up next year!!!

  • Maybe JaMarcus will go to Vegas with Javon and spray some champipple (Champagne and Ripple, thanks Redd Foxx). He’ll wake up in a dumpster alongside Javon and have an epiphany. He will then restructure his deal with the Raiders and sign an exclusive endorsement deal with Jenny Craig.

  • JB

    Long live Bugs Bunny

  • JB

    The Jenny Craig thing works – good suggestion. Hopefully it would work on him. Then maybe we could get him on Dancing with the Stars to improve his mobility and footwork.

  • Bobby Bushay

    JaMarcus… First contract is potential, second one is performance… I would be moving heaven and earth with the millions already given on potential to do EVERYTHING in my power to become the QB you want to be in 2010 – personal trainers, nutritionists, etc; if not, enjoy the $30+ million and the years of “Bust” commentary by the media that is coming for most likely the rest of your life. It’s worked well for Ryan Leaf. You have it all in your lap… God has blessed you, but you haven’t done enough with these gifts! Com’n already… what would “Little Mama” think right now? Uncle Ray? Finish the deal!

  • Jamarcus speaks?

    First time for everything.

  • 4evaRaider


  • JB

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see JaBustus become successful. But, as I see it there’s a lot of work ahead. He has a ton of bad habits, he’s extremely young, he’s out of shape with no real motivation to change his ways, he’s financially sound so he’s fallen into the “What, me worry”? mode, and the list goes on.

    Right now, he’s best described by Redd Fox’s favorite label – you big dummy!

    Wake-up JR. You’ve got a golden opportunity, don’t blow it. Change your ways & make a difference. Bear down and study. Work hard and put in that extra effort. Become a real leader of men. Make the commitment necessary to move on to the next level. It’s all up to you. The ball is literally in your court. You can either play with it or eat it but NOT both.

  • – He promised fans would see a “totally different JaMarcus” when he returns to the playing field.


    What, is he going to be even puffier and somehow more inefficient?

    This guy is just parroting what his agent thinks Al Davis wants to hear in the hope that they can fool Al into not cutting him in the uncapped year.

    Al will probably fall for it…

  • Dmac20

    F jamarcus this is Bruces team now. The O-line loves wm the fans love em, the coach praises him. Jafatass you had your chance, and i believe I speak on behalf of the nation when I sasy we don’t want you here anymore. (;

  • Dmac20

    Jamarcus can’t even take ownership of his faults that why the team was quitting when they had him out there at qb, and now bruce has that same team of recievers and lineman and hes scoring td’s. Bruc has 6td’ and 1int in three gasmes as a starter while jamarcus has 2td’s and 9 ints.smh and its not you… f off jamarcus. The only way the nation will give jamarcus even the least amount of respect is if he restructures his contract, be all he cares about is the money so you know hes not gonna do it.

  • inonewordraider

    Culpepper looked great against his former team Miami, just like Bruce looked great against his hometown Pittsburgh. Fat boy needs to start owning up to his mistakes and working to correct em but we can’t annoint Bruce just yet

  • Raider-405

    Let’s recap, if work ethic and weight are not an issue, what change will we see that matters?

    2 packs Skittles on the waist band instead of one?


  • Kaliver

    JaMarcus is aware that “totally different” to us, as fans, means completing passes, not fumbling the ball, not throwing interceptions, losing 30 lbs (minimum), being a leader, etc? Kid still seems utterly lacking in the introspection department.

  • snnyjcbs

    Wow, it never changes. Many seem to get so much enjoyment out of seeing a person that does well fall on their face. You can feel the pent up anger in the hate that they spill out in their comments. Most of these types must have such pathetic lives.

    Here is just a little clue for all that like to act like they know the Raiders. J Russell will be on the Raiders team another couple years. They will give him a chance to figure it out and see if he will come around. If after a couple years they see that he has not started to make progress and make gains in fighting to retake his starting job than and only than will as many here write “he is done”.

    The kid just turned 24 and needs to mature which he will. If this kid wants to put in the work and wants it he can become a very good QB. What happened I think will help him in the long run. But to all those figuring he is done as a Raider your wrong as time will show.

  • CaptainBlack

    The Raiders aren’t getting rid of JaMarcus anytime soon. He will either be a NFL quarterback, or working as a security guard with Stanley Roberts. JaMarcus, get your guard card!

  • richard smith

    yeeee-haawww……JaDumbA.S……yahhh, hahh…..caint ya jus bust ya jaw, knckle-spunk stupid as a bag a rusty hammers…….u and skank Al…

  • 90210

    Hey its a DONE deal that SENILE OLD GOAT got his azz out of the ghetto do you think he wants to go back?