Losman to join Raiders


Bruce Gradkowski is injured and signed to a one-year contract. Charlie Frye is signed to a one-year contract. JaMarcus Russell is signed to a contract the Raiders might not necessarily want to pay.

With those things in mind, JP Losman is in Alameda, taking a physical and signed with the Raiders, beat writer Steve Corkran is reporting.

Losman, a former first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills, was the quarterback of the UFL champion Las Vegas Locomotives.

The Raiders freed up a roster spot by waiving Roy Schuening, an offensive lineman who was signed to the 53-man roster Saturday to take the place of Robert Gallery.

Losman, 10-23 in five seasons with Buffalo, worked out with Indianapolis and was reportedly close to signing a contract with the Colts.

Losman passed for 6,211 yards with 33 touchdowns and 34 interceptions in Buffalo.

More grist for the rumor mill _ Losman’s UFL coach was Jim Fassel, who said last year he was interested in coaching the Raiders and whose son, John, is the Raiders special teams coordinator. The elder Fassel attended the Raiders-Redskins game Sunday.

Fassel was a Raiders offensive assistant in 1994.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DMAC


  • aig


    Cable has to convince Al too. We forget that Cable has a tough job of having to gingerly walk with Crazy Al too.

  • Chris in NY

    The other problem with DHB — the reason I wanted no part of drafting him even in the 2nd round — was that he wasn’t even that productive in college. We’re not talking about some guy who was very good in college and had these great measurables and is maybe just struggling in his rookie season. He never even dominated in the ACC with his speed. How’s that same player going to dominate in the NFL where everyone is just a microsecond slower when he couldn’t dominate guys he was distinctively faster than?

    I do hope DHB figures it out because he seems like a good guy and a hard worker and he wants to be good. He needs to catch about 1 million passes with nothing but his hands this off-season. Forget weights, forget sprints. Just catch footballs with your hands only from every different kind of pass possible every day this off-season until it becomes an unbreakable habit. That’s how DHB could prove the doubters wrong.

  • RaiderRockstar

    start Charlie Frye!

    Losman is an insurance policy in Weeks 16 & 17 in case Frye stinks or gets injured …

    Russell is done imo

  • Silver-n-Smac


    I hear ya man, but, how do you or any of us really know what type of effort he has been putting in lately?

    How do any of us know how that effort compares to the other 31 starting QB’s in the league?

    Are you convinced the rest of them have stellar work ethics?

    Did Kenny Stabler have a stellar work ethic? Did his physique impress you much? Has JaMarcus been hanging out at the bars with you and me, the way Stabler did?

    JaMarcus’ biggest problem is that he has NO idea how to express himself publicly.

    I saw a couple of screen shots of him, seated on the bench, with another player’r arm around him. He looked completely demoralized and he did again during that interview.

    He obviously DOES care.

    But he’s playing like crap. Simple as that.

    And what he needs to do is to shut fans’ asses up by coming out and saying that he DOES care and that he IS trying to get better and that it DOES hurt him to hear the boos.

    I think that can at least get the media world off his back a little.

    His problem is that he tries to come off as cool and collect.

    All that does is bring him more criticism.

    That kid may suck, but, he does care.

    I can say that much with certainty.

    You can say all he cares about is money, but, I disagree wholeheartedly.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    And when I say he sucks, I mean he sucks RIGHT NOW.

    I think he’ll be a very good QB in this league.

    Am I stupid?

    Time will tell.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Silver-N-Smac coming strong!

    I agree with you some of the under current on the blog in regards to JaMarcus is border line racist. It just goes to show you the class of some people man.

    Now don’t get me wrong he has not helped his cause but refering to him as a monkey and all of the other crazy names do get out of line at times.

    I just know the man could loose some weight and his game is terrible right now. With that being said he could leave a sorry franchise like the Raiders right now and go start in another three years or not. He will not be the first second year guy to stink the place up. Not to mention no run game, no WRs, no defense, and now no confidence.

    But he did take the money and dealing with rude fans and crazy media goes with the price tag. Not tomention wearing furs and shades to your interviews when you are loosing games does not help you in the eyes of the media.

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post.

    Frye is the guy!

  • drack

    Sidney Rice looked as bad last year, and look at him this year. How many hits has he took because Jruss hung him out. Look at JLH, Jruss hangs him out and he gives up, Brad hangs him out and he pops up ready to play. Jruss may someday get it, but we should not have to pay him until he does. His attitude kills him. Brady throws for 300 yards and 3tds and 2 ints and still takes the blame for things going wrong. Jruss completes 10 for 27 2ints 2 fumbles and less than 100 yards and says he did his job and its the receivers fault. That was not directed at Dakota but to Silver-n-smac.

  • ohioraider

    My nomination for username of the year goes to:

    Silver and Barf


  • ohioraider

    At this time I would like to announce the categories for this year’s Inside the Oakland Raiders blog awards.

    Best Username of the Year
    Worse Username of the Year
    Al Davis Sycophant of the Year
    Most Mindlessly Repetitive Poster of the Year
    Angriest Poster of the Year
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    Most Creative Bastardization of JMR Name of the Year
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    Tom Cable Hater of the Year
    Most Pointless Postings About Fixing the Raiders Through Better Talent of the Year Award
    Most Pointless Posting About Yearly Awards of the Year

    Please submit your nominations to this board by December 28. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • bcz24

    Yeah for Frye starting… we are still going to get embarassed by the Donkeys… not that a Raiders loss can be considered embarassing anymore…

    Dakota before you speak on DHBs Wonderlic score, have you ever taken the Wonderlic? Just out of curiousity. Its not easy. 14 is about the mean score for skill players in the NFL, excluding QBs (although im pretty sure #2 got a 7). Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the ONLY player to ever get a perfect 50 on it. Thats telling right there. I took it once and got a 48, but I definitely struggled with some of the questions (my IQ is in the vicinity if 162). There is no doubt in my mind that these young men that are bread to be athletes with education being little more than after thought would find that test nearly impossible.

  • bcz24

    Most Mindlessly Repetitive Poster of the Year

    This has to go to TheRealMaddenRaider… he posts 300 times a day about how we are all stupid cuz we all cant see that its all Als fault… hell he calls people who agree with him stupid

  • ohioraider

    Most Shameless Attempt at Public Self-Aggrandizement(Sub Category A: Showing Off One’s Intelligence), my nomination goes to:

    Post #515 above, Bcz24, the Wonderlic Wonder.

  • Vinous

    mistic1 – not true, Fargas outplayed Bush and McFadden on an every down counts basis. Cable has played young players beyond what he probably should have…the young players just have not stepped up. That is not a reason to fire a NFL HC.

  • Total inconsistancy is killing this team. Plus, I see high schools running spread and pro style offenses. You mean to tell me JR can’t? Only got 2 words for that – wow….