Third quarter: Broncos 16, Raiders 13


Notes and observations in the third quarter of the Raiders-Broncos game:

— Erik Pears doing a job on Broncos as an extra offensive lineman as Raiders play smashmouth. Michael Bush and Darren McFadden get Raiders to the 1, third-and-goal, Broncos call a time out.

Michael Bush explodes for 40-yard run, McFadden for 28 around left side _ his longest run of the season by 13 yards.
Broncos stack up Bush on third-and-goal, lost 2 yards to the 3. Will Raiders go for it or tie game with a field goal?

— Game getting away from Raiders following McFadden turnover, Brandon Marshall heating up, Tommy Kelly injured while rushing passer on Orton 9-yard scramble to the 19-yard line.

Orton gets way too much time, hits Marshall for touchdown which touches off fight.

— McFadden loses fumble to Tony Carter _ lost it running into Luke Lawton _ awful turnover.

— Chris Johnson turns and looks in time to avoid pass interference call on Jabar Gaffney and stall Denver drive, with Matt Prater kicking 51-yard field goal to start the half and close Denver within 13-9.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • weaselbit

    we can always hope that somehow this win made a diffr and changes Russell’s outlook. Damn near blew it w/ that fumble. denver didn’t deserve to win. Only injuries made it close

  • weaselbit

    Raiders4eve: Really??? Waht a deek. Just hearing it on radio.