Defenders look forward to seeing Ryan

News, notes and quotes from Wednesday’s pracitce, open locker room session and Tom Cable’s post-practice press briefing as the Raiders prepare to face the Cleveland Browns:

— Linebacker Kirk Morrison had a call on his cell phone Monday morning and recognized the booming voice immediately.

“It’s on! It’s bedlam!”

And then Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan hung up.

Linebacker Thomas Howard looked forward to talking with Ryan before the game when teams take the field for initial warmups.

“We love that guy from when he was here,” Howard said. “You always have a place in your heart for a guy like that. He drafted me and was my coordinator. But, hey, we’re on opposite sides of the field this Sunday and we’re getting after him. Like he said, it’s bedlam.”

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, a safety learning to play corner, thought Ryan’s brash confidence was something he needed during difficult times earlier in his career.

“He was one of the only coaches that stuck by me when I was in the beginning of my career trying to learn the new position,” Asomugha said. “The amount of confidence he had in me was huge and it did a lot for my development as far as growth with the cornerback position. I owe a lot to him and he knows that already so it’s going to be great seeing him. He’s a favorite of mine.”

— Cable didn’t have a lot of details regarding Frye’s starting assignment other than to say he’s passed the requisite tests, expects him to be able to play and that he looked fine in practice.

“I know that when I came out here they said Charlie’s passed everything and he’s good to go, so that’s what I can report to,” Cable said.

He thinks Frye will build on his game against Denver, where he wasn’t impressive statistically but managed the game well and narrowly missed on two potentially big throws.

“I think he will be better from the standpoint of A, conditioning, and then B, the fact that now he’s been in there and gone through it and got on a nice run, a nice stride, in terms of his flow of the game,” Cable said. `Now he’ll be able to relax and go play.

He didn’t have specifics on Zach Miller, other than that he’d been cleared to practice and was was limited.

— Those who didn’t pracitce included RB Justin Fargas (knee), WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (foot), WR-KR Nick Miller (tibia), QB Bruce Gradkowski (knees), TE Brandon Myers (concussion) and DE Greg Ellis (knee). Those who were limited included Miller, G Cooper Carlisle (knee) and CB Chris Johnson (ankle).

— The first thing Richard Seymour saw was Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall , “who said, “Oh, wow.”

Then he saw linemate Tommy Kelly, having lost his uniform pants near the goal line.

“I looked, and they were around his ankles,” Seymour said.

Jay Richardson wasn’t in the game, but had even a better view _ although it was one he would rather forget.

“I looked up at the Jumbotron and saw his big rear-end,” Richardson said. “He’s famous.”

Richardson said teammates were finding Youtube videos of the play as they boarded the team flight home.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Richochet

    # CaptainBlack Says:
    December 24th, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Shark, 4eva, great posts.
    Oh geez…Shark posts “He looks like he cares and will work on his craft the offseason” and 4evadumb posts “absolutely, everyone will see”??? and to YOU those are “great posts”??

    Yeah, LMFAO at you.
    In other words, you’re dazzled by the simplest of words?

    The guy just got guaranteed 22 MILLION, and “looks like he cares and will work on his craft’???? WTF??
    Gosh..what would “working on his craft” be?
    have balls thrown to him? LIKE HE DID ALL YEAR?
    Drop balls and wonder “why do I have cement hands”? LIKE HE DID ALL YEAR..and like he did throughout college?

    You guys are idiots. No, that’s not smack..that’s a fact.

    Bey sucks. He should NEVER have been picked at #7, and when he went out “injured” HE WAS THE WORST STARTING WR IN THE LEAGUE..not “bad”..not “ways to go”..but the WORST.

    Hell, during training camp the team was reduced to having him run routes with NO ONE AROUND HIM..and he still couldn’t catch balls. Was a mock celebration from Jerry when he actually caught a few..WITH NO DEFENSE IN THE AREA..Bey is that bad.

    Hell, his TD he STILL MISSED..it went through his hands, and settled in his gut..even that reception was a fluke.

    See above regarding “YOU’RE AN IDIOT”

  • Florida Pete

    the combine should be used to validate…

    not used to evaluate…