Frye watched it unfold _ on Monday


News, notes and quotes from the Raiders’ open locker room session and press briefing with coach Tom Cable:

— It took a day for the Raiders’ 20-19 win over Denver to sink in for quarterback Charlie Frye. Former teammate Andra Davis saw to that with a sack that gave the Raiders quarterback a concussion.

“It’s scary just to feel like that. You’re really not into what’s going on,” Frye said. “That’s why it was so interesting watching the film the next day of how we won the game. It was pretty cool to see how that unfolded, for me really for the first time.”

Clear-headed and cleared to play, Frye looks forward to a homecoming against the team that cup him after the first game of the 2007 season, benching him in favor of Derek Anderson. Frye went to college at Akron, his family lives two hours away and his sister is getting married in the area Saturday.

“I had to get 30 tickets,” Frye said. “It’s a chance for the family to come, friends, those type of things, and those things are special because who knows if I’ll ever get back there to play another game.”

Frye was the first player to start at quarterback for a season opener and be with another team the next, traded for a sixth-round draft pick to Seattle. Former G.M. Phil Savage made note of Frye’s propensity for taking sacks as one of the reasons for the move.

Since then, Frye was drilled by Mike Holmgren in Seattle and Paul Hackett in Oakland, both proponents of an offensive system which minimizes sacks and stresses getting the ball out quickly to receivers. He was hit against Denver, but not sacked.

“I really didn’t comprehend how this position is supposed to be played until I got to Seattle,” Frye said. “You always wonder, ‘Well, what if I had known that when I was playing in Cleveland? Would that have made a difference?’ And the longer you’re playing the more you understand.

“I talk to Cabes a lot (about) what he’s trying to get done. One of the big deals last week is they feed off sacks, Denver did. We didn’t want them to get rolling, momentum and stuff, so I threw a lot of balls away. That hurts the old percentage, but it’s bigger than that. That was our rival game. We had to win that game. That’s part of knowing the game.”

— With Luke Lawton suspended and Oren O’Neal on I.R., the Raiders find themselves with 220-pound Gary Russell as their lone fullback. They possibly could pick up Marcel Reece from the practice squad, although Reece’s strength has been receiving moreso than blocking.

— Although Zack Miller has been cleared to practice, he needs to pass one more test to play against the Browns.

“I think it’s called a post-accident concussion test,” Miller said. “It’s the same test I’ve taken four times already. I’m really close. I’ve been practicing, feeling fine practicing, so everything looks good.”

If Miller does not pass, Tony Stewart would be the lone healthy tight end, with Brandon Myers still not cleared to practice following his concussion. Guard-tackle Erik Pears played tight end against Denver _ and was a benefit to a season-best 241 rushing yard rushing performance.

Considering the weather in Cleveland could be in the 20s or 30s with snow and/or high wind, it could be a fullback/tight end kind of game.

— Running back Justin Fargas missed practice for the second straight day, meaning Michael Bush, coming off a 133-yard, 18-carry game against Denver, could get a lot of work. He’ll trade the wind and cold for the altitutde of Denver any day.

“I grew up playing in cold weather like that in Kentucky,” Bush said. “To me the altitude was a big deal. I hadn’t had much practice at it and it was a whole different beast. I kind of got used to it in the second half.”

— Those who did not practice Thursday included DE Greg Ellis (knee), WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (foot), WR-KR Nick Miller (tibia), quarterback Bruce Gradkowski (knees), Fargas and Myers (concussion). Players who were limited were G Cooper Carlisle, CB Chris Johnson and Zach Miller.

— Gradkowski is holding out hope he could play in the season finale against Balitmore.

“It’s crazy how much better you can feel in a week. I feel a lot better. Not as good as I want right now. The doctors are kind of surprised how fast I’m moving along,” Gradkowski said. “I’m not where I need to be to play just yet, but I’m getting there . . . next week’s a definite possibility. Once the trainers really give me the OK to really push it outside, then I’ll try that.

“It would be a lot easier if it was one knee. If it was one knee, I’d brace it up . . . it just stinks we only had three games left.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    December 25th, 2009 at 9:59 am
    Florida Pete Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 25th, 2009 at 9:59 am
    4evaRaider Says:
    December 25th, 2009 at 8:59 am
    we would get a favorable return on Bush,imo


    if we’re not going to use him we may as well deal him…

    and… i bet we get a whole lot more for him than any other running back we have…

    the only down side will be the biotching on this board after he is kicking butt for another team…

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    The Return of Godliness Says:
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    BHP= a shoeshine Amos n Andy buck dancing minstrel show excuse making I always contradict old stupid disgrace to all real Raiders idiot! The constant drivel he posts should be enough for federal indictment. The world won’t miss you when you take that dirt nap. Prolly needs to go there before Al Davis.

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    It sucks that people get hospitalized on Christmas, especially veterans, but it happens. Good to know that someone’s grandpa is going to be SOL in the hospital today, and my wife will be there with a pretty smile and a nice rack (lol) to bring some cheer. Grandpa deserves it.

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    4evaRaider Says:
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    Best scenerio,imo is trade Bush get maybe a 3rd and a 4th….I’d like 2C what other teams think of him.Anyway trade Bush,that Leaves Dmac and an ageing Fargas.Take Best with pick #1 and that leaves us with a 2nd,3-3rd’s,2-4th’s and 2-5th’s I think
    So trade the most valuable chip for what? A bunch of busts?

    Has DMAC or Fargas had a 100+ yard of note recently? What is their collective production? Look at the freekn facts

    Why isn’t DMAC getting production? Fargas?

    Bush in his limited carries has done more than both of them.

    If Cable doesn’t play him/start him….he should be fired…period!

    Play the best players! Not sentimental favorites.

    I am tired of losing!

    Happy Holidays

  • Florida Pete

    couldn’t agree more…

  • Florida Pete


    the deal is that the fargas and dmac lovers just don’t like Bush… period…

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    SnB….Merry Christmas!….

    Thats why there IS a possibility of trading Bush.We wont get much 4 Fargas because he is 30,but I would like to see him run through this NEW JUMBO line too.Anyway with a good QB Dmac will be a very good weapon.As Pete says I do not like Bush,because of his refusal to help the team any way he could.Call me old-fashioned but if you got other players doing everything they can 2 get on the field and Bush was giving a chance to get on but refused,well then 2me thats all I needed to feel this way.

    We need depth at many positions and starters too….Bush would get us picks,look at the big picture and see =)

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    I am about winning too. If Fargas was producing…I would be fine. To quote Singletary “I want winnners!”


    Until DMAC shows production on the field, its all “what-if” guessing at this point. He hasn’t proven an ability to stay healthy and make plays.

    As for Fargas, his time was about 2 to 3 years ago. Unfortunately for him, Davis never really believed in him as a lead back….otherwise the Raiders wouldn’t have draft DMAC AND Bush.

    I am not willing to wait for hope. I’ve seen Bush get it done recently and do more with his limited opportunities.

    With a young and growing team, let’s just claim the RB that’s producing and fix the other positions. We have too many other holes to have to create another one at RB.

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    Chris Johnson was getting yards behind KFC and the old VY and 8-9 man fronts.

    Running backs can either play or they can’t

    DMAC is entering his 3rd year……like Russell…put up or………

    We have to have a running game. Getting a real RB is tough…Oakland hasn’t had one since Garner…..

    Give Bush the ball and just move on.

  • weaselbit

    Been reading “They Call Me Assassin” by Jack Tatum.
    THE Jack Tatum.
    Picked it up a couple yrs back at a used bookstore. Prob hard to find now.

    I highly recommend it to those who bleed Silver and Black. It’s intense!

    A common theme repeats itself in his life. ___The advice of mentors and wise family members who raised him. Because of that, when he came to a crossroad, he always made the right decision. So the adversity in his life just made him stronger. Approached all aspects of life like a total warrior.

    JR needs to have the leeches pulled off him and a support structure put in place. Probably way too late for that. But it’s his only hope. He might’ve had it when he was younger, or he probably wouldn’t have accomplished anything in college. But he’s a long way from home. So much food and so many strip clubs. If they decide to keep him he needs a mentor fast.