First quarter: Browns 10, Raiders 3

Notes and observations from the first quarter of the Raiders-Browns game:

— Johnnie Lee Higgins wants no part of Charlie Frye pass with defenders approaching. Frye escaped, rolled right. Raiders also get a a false start penalty. Waste the possession in terms of points, but pin Browns at the 9 at the end of the quarter on Shane Lechler punt.

— Raiders squib kick to negate Joshua Cribbs _ Hiram Eugene nearly recovers it. Jerome Harrison dives on ball and is injured. Cribbs loses yard on first Wildcat run, with Matt Shaughnessy making tackle.

Gerard Warren pushes Derek Anderson out of pocket, Raiders force punt. Raiders will open near midfield after 3-yard return by JLH after short punt.

— Raiders rolling on third possession. Nice 15-yard screen to McFadden, 16-yard strike to Chaz Schilens, 14-yard run by Michael Bush. Cornell Green hold hold/takedown negates first-down red zone pass to the 2 to Louis Murphy.

Schilens can’t hold third-and-14 pass _ should have caught it. Sebastian Janikowski converts 44-yard field goal to trail 10-3 with 2:48 left in the quarter.

— Matt Shaughnessy sack leads to second-and-18 _ and Raiders promptly give up first down pass, Anderson to Evan Moore, 19 yards. Harrison has consecutive runs of 9 and 10 yards, stepping out of ankle tackles by Kirk Morrison each time.

Harrison has a quick 40 yards rushing, and Raiders interior line _ Gerard Warren in particular _ is being dominated.

Phil Dawson converts 42-yard field goal attempt for 10-0 lead.

— Raiders second series _ attacking deep ineffectively. Two incompletions to Schilens, an overthrow and catch out of bounds. Short McFadden run, and punt.

— Awful start for Frye. First pass directly to David Bowens. Supposed to be a slant to McFadden. It leads to a 17-yard scoring run by Harrison. Left side of Raiders line is caved in.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Tonio

    check justin.tv

  • Tonio

    wow… nasty game now…

  • DirtyBathWater

    we letting this guy gash us

  • Plunketthead

    Go back two blogs.
    Theres a link there but I think you need to download something

  • DirtyBathWater

    justin.tv is a sack of sht with all them people thats supposedly streaming the game but they dont… i wonder why

  • DirtyBathWater

    thanks tonio and plunktthead i will chek it out

  • GForce21

    Pride and Poise

  • RaidingTexas

    Justin.tv just links to Elitestreams.com, which requires a subscription to view the game. Don’t waste time.

  • Mike Davis 36

    Wow….We have to be the dumbest team in America, in terms of playing the game….

  • Tonio

    wow… nice push…

  • RaiderDuck

    Nice job defense (not).

  • Florida Pete

    putting Jamarcus in right now is a good idea…

    for the deep throw…

  • RaidingTexas

    I won’t be sorry to see Seymour be gone after next week. Another great move by Al Davis. We lost a draft pick for this piece of crap.

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    bring it sebass

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


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    61 yards!!!

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    Nice effin kick