Halftime: Browns 17, Raiders 6

Notes and observations from the second quarter of the Raiders-Browns game:

— Raiders get in position for 61-yard field goal attempt with one second left in the half. He nails it. Offense gets back three points in nice drive after defense embarrasses itself with a gift penalty-filled touchdown drive.

— Browns get first down as Michael Huff misses tackle on draw play. Now Browns can kill clock without fear of Raiders getting the ball back.

Flags flying as Raiders, Browns, mix it up. Both teams participating, but Richard Seymour gets an additional 15 yards and Browns could end up with a scoring chance.

Stanford Routt ejected for a head butt, and Derek Anderson finds Mohamed Massequoi for a 19-yard touchdown pass to culimnate the Raiders most shameful sequence of the season. They trail 17-6 with 18 seconds left in the half.

— Another costly offensive line penalty _ this one from Chris Morris for a takedown on Frye rollout. Sack follows immediately. Ruins Raiders drive which started at the 1 and had been approaching midfield.

Third-and-24 pass to Murphy well short of first down, forcing Shane Lechler punt. Cleveland hold pins Browns deep in own territory.

— Anderson converts third-and-8 with Greg Ellis covering Brian Robiskie. Thomas Howard holds up in coverage, breaks up sideline pass to Evan Moore. Anderson misfires on third-and-12 _ now Raiders will be in their own territory.

Hiram Eugene jumps offsides on Cleveland fake punt. Would have had ball at the 50 after incomplete pass. Browns down it at the 1

— Fair catch interference by Cleveland puts Raiders in great position for more points starting at the Browns’ 30. Rob Ryan dials up a blitz, Frye sacked on third-and-short inside the 10. Sebastian Janikowski coverts from 34 yards, making it 10-6.

— Browns start at own 9. Raidres need a stop here. Terrific defensive series highlighted by Warren’s 5-yard stuff of Harrison on second down. Three-and-out delivered.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Tonio


  • lefty12

    nice job Jerry-it’s 17-9.

  • GForce21

    Missing a few points on that halftime score Jerry

  • RaiderDuck

    It’s 17 – 9, Jerry. Please get the titles correct. That is all.

  • DirtyBathWater

    Jano nails a freaking 61yarder LOL!!!

  • DirtyBathWater

    Jerry didnt think that jano donkey leggs kowski wouldnt make the field goal..hence the 17-6 score muhahaha

  • GForce21

    Jerry are you MaddenRaider? Seems so, you both want to pull points off the board.

  • raidermarty

    Awesome kick by SeaBass!!!!

  • Florida Pete

    dear mr cable…

    it is not too late to run the ball…

    running the ball is a good thing…

    especially if it is mr bush doing it…


    your biggest fan…


  • Plunketthead


    You need to clean up your act a little. Its not that I dont appreciate you and your blog but that blog you call halftime needs a decoder ring. Most of your game blogs are somewhat readable.
    Its not like I am asking you to do something complicated like being able to read your post from beginning to end instead of starting at the end

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    Michael Bush

    9 carries 50 yrds… 5.6yds per carry

  • raidermarty

    What’s up with Asoumgha?

  • Tonio

    Im hearing Nnamdi may be hurt? That’d suck anyday… and especially today with stanford already kicked out

  • Raiders4eve

    Remember two yrs ago when Warren Sapp got ejected against the jaquars, this game seems similar we got lucky with the 3 pts but frye ain’t cutting it and the run plays r
    very predictable. Losing Walker has slowed down our OL, Morris clearly can’t play this shows everytime he starts at LG our team can’t run or block he is the weakest link in this line. Hope we can pull of a win but I just don’t see the end of the tunnel, we r in deep hole with this OL.

  • Florida Pete

    what happened to the live blog idea…

    i liked that…

  • Florida Pete

    SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    December 27th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    Florida Pete,

    Michael Bush

    9 carries 50 yrds… 5.6yds per carry


    yeah i know…

  • Tonio

    nnambdi’s in…and studding as usual

  • Tonio

    Nice D… stopped them on a short field

  • Typical Raiders. They call out Cribbs, and the other returner owns them. That’s the story with this franchise since Ron Wolf left.

  • raidermarty

    RAIDERS gotta answer back

  • Yeh, G Force, I’m Jerry. And Ann Killion, and Adam Shchefter, and Glenn Dickey, and …let’s see, who else made fun of the Raiders recently? Oh, Frank Caliendo, on Fox pre game this morning. Yeh, I’m him too, G Force. You should be a detective. Or, maybe not…

  • Tonio

    Now… let’s see Frye Fly… Bush Bush

  • Florida Pete


    leave ron wolf alone…

    he’s thinking about coming back to football…

    i don’t think he will if he knows you’re stalking him…

  • Tonio

    first play… first flag…damn

  • GForce21

    Oh sorry, nevermind. My awesome detective contacts just told me you were curled into a fetal position inside your apartment crying while holding a stuffed JaMarcus Russell doll.

    I mean, really, could a JaMarcus Russell toy not be a plush toy?

  • lefty12

    no left guard=no running game.

  • Tonio

    Scarry Lee Higgins

  • raidermarty

    C’mon JLH you’re killing me

  • raiderzride4free

    i love how we beat teams like denver, pitt, and philly. but we get ass whooped by teams like the browns.

  • Tonio

    We need a d turnover …it’s been way too long

  • Florida Pete

    mcfadden needs to take jlh’s place for the rest of the game…

  • Yeh, I’m stalking Ron Wolf, Pete. That was good.

  • Florida Pete

    jlh’s career is over…

    he will never be the same…

    he won’t make the team next year…

  • JB

    JLH hasn’t been worth a schit ever since he was blown up early this year. Right now he’s effective as Yvonne Walker.

  • raidermarty

    Yeah JLH just isn’t the same player this year

  • lefty12

    officials have taken over.not a good sign for the Raiders.

  • Tonio

    almost got it… need it this time

  • JB

    The middle of the O-line is terrible followed closely by the right end of the O-line. In other words, our line is doing nothing – a scieve by any other measure.

    I agree with Pete, pull JLH and run DMac at WR.

  • You know, Cleveland looks awful. Playcalling and execution looks almost like the Raiders. That bad. And they’re still up 20-9. What does that tell you about the Raiders?

  • Tonio

    Wow… oh well… we had a moment …

  • 504 Raider

    Cable must owe Rob Ryan a huge favor.

  • JB

    This game is still winable if we can just start playing. we need a takeaway to get things turned around.

  • The Raiders always lay an egg after winning a big one. It’s almost as if Al Davis builds teams to upset a few teams a year. That’s it. Doesn’t matter if they make the playoffs. Just beat Denver.

  • Florida Pete

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    December 27th, 2009 at 12:13 pm
    You know, Cleveland looks awful. Playcalling and execution looks almost like the Raiders. That bad. And they’re still up 20-9. What does that tell you about the Raiders?


    that we are the awful-est???

    what do i win???

  • djohnnyg

    Officials taking over???

    Raiders are playing undisciplined and just GIVING away the game. They’re making the Browns look like Super Bowl contenders.

    Still the dumbest team in America.

    All this talk of Cable having control and instilling discipline etc. is a bunch of bull$hit.

    This is Cables doom and he deserves it.

    This team is a comlplete joke.

    Getting blown out by the Cleveland freaking Browns????


  • raidermarty

    Duly noted JB

  • GForce21

    What does it say about our franchise QB that he can’t get on the field over journeyman QBs?

  • Tonio


  • raidermarty

    Finally – a break!!!!!!

  • JB

    a break at last. Now let’s get going.