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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 4evaRaider

    but take the song Rock-N-Roll Band 4 instance.All it is is just a simple 2 chord blues pattern but then takes an F# instead of the normal D turn and step it up 1 beat and VIOLA simple great song!

  • Frank YoooooooLLL

    cable stays, i can garentee it, just cant spell it….

  • 4evaRaider


  • mistic1

    Cable is out, thank god they lost, now we can get some real coaching in here.

  • DKnight007

    Warriors suck! They let Nelson dictate everything and fell for it….just so Nelson can earn more money.

    They should have kept Mullin….but Rowell got suckered by Nelson.

    I can’t decide who is a worse owner….Al Davis or Cohan! LOL

  • mistic1

    Is there any reason why no.2 is not playing? Fry is just as bad if not worse. if cable is trying to prove to everyone that no.2 is the fault for the season he is digging his own grave. Mr. davis must be pissed.

  • DKnight007

    Al Davis needs to FIRE himself for letting Gruden go and creating this mess!

  • Go Warriors!!!

    This would be typical Warriors, beat the Celtics and Lakers at home, give us fans some hope and than…..

    A 1-3 road trip, followed by a home loss to Sacramento.

    At least we got some bigs back and don’t have to play 7 guys with Radmonvich at the 5.

  • mistic1 Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 1:28 pm
    Is there any reason why no.2 is not playing? Fry is just as bad if not worse. if cable is trying to prove to everyone that no.2 is the fault for the season he is digging his own grave. Mr. davis must be pissed.


    I think it goes beyond on the field performance. Lots of rumors out there, and Jerry always tap-dances around some “off-the-field” questions.

  • JB

    Troy Smith, RFA Ravens should be AD’s first thing to do – get us a QB that can become a real elite NFL starter. I’m not sure what the penalty (compensation) is for the Ravens but I think it’s a 5th or 6th round pick. Smith for a 5th or 6th round pick would be a steal. Al should trade for him ASAP.

    He should throw JaBustus in the deal back to the Ravens for free. Let him screw up their team like he has ours. Somehow I don’t think he’d last long at the Ravens. Ray-Ray would probably cap his lazy ass in record time.

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Too bad NE Raider left, I’m a Red Sox and Raider fan. Talk about abusing myself with my choice of teams! Lol, and the Celts!

  • 860Todd Christensen Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 1:48 pm
    Too bad NE Raider left, I’m a Red Sox and Raider fan.

    I’ve got you beat…Raiders and Cubs fan! lol

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Look, if they have given up on Russell…then its time to just move on. No point in extending this out. Davis makes more bad decisions than good ones…so just add Russell to the ever growing list of bad, bad, bad decisions.

    I would like to see Fassell hired as head coach. At least he’s a professional playcaller and I would trust him with the roster than Cable who uses B.S to determine who plays and doesn’t

  • 860Todd Christensen

    You da man! Dakota!

  • 860Todd Christensen

    SnB, would Fassell take all the stuff from upstairs? I don’t think for what AD wants to pay, and control, would anyone come here, IMOP!

  • carnitas

    the raiders suck so bad my family and dog stay away from me on sundays. its been seven years since we look foward towards sundays. they should make a law where raider fans get to get sh*t faced drunk on sundays and get to call in to work on monday

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    860Todd Christensen,

    Fassell was a QB coach here in the mid 90’s..a time when the Raiders were at least competitive…for the most part…

    Fassell has also openly asked for the job as well. So he knows the deal here in Oakland as well as Tom Cable…if not better.

    Fassell as a QB coach would be huge for a team that hasn’t developed a QB in 30 years…he will manage Davis’ ego and accept what comes down hill.

    Most importantly, we will see a more professional playcalling and use of players. The O-Line will go back to power blocking and Bush and DMAC will be used more intelligently. Hopefully Marshall sticks around too.

    Also, with Fassell’s network, he might attract some higher caliber assistants than what currently available,

  • Fassel
    hell even D. Green

    I’d take them all over Tom Cable.

    Fassel has helped develop QBs, solved RB fumble issues, and taken a team to the SB…how could he not be better than Cable?

    Just because Cable sucks Al’s nut sack, or like you guys say, works well with Al, doesn’t mean we should keep him for crying out loud.

  • mistic1

    Cable is out, Davis maybe allowing cable to make a point to no.2, but that does not mean he pleased that cable could not get through to him. If you win Davis give you rope, when you lose and you dont lose his way you are out. Trestman for hc in 2010

  • mistic1

    Cable said he did an exceptional job???!!!?? What kind of dope is he smoking, and can he score me some? Outrageous, what happened to all the talk about accountabilty? You throw your qb under the bus, and say its mainly his fault. No way cable can come back now, Mr. Davis wont like it. Are the dropped balls, lack of o-line play, lack of tackling and bone headed play calling no.2’s fault as well? What about the failure to utilize bush and mac 20, thats on jamarcuss. This dude is full of it.Cable stinks out loud disconnect him if you want any chance of saving no.2.

  • Couldnt care less about that freaking chat….

  • Fassell wants to be here. His son is here, and he has coached with the Raiders before.

    I got the chance to watch and listen to Fassell with the whole LV Loco’s thing, he handles the media well, and has a very no nonsense approach to things. He wants to be a NFL HC again, and there are only 32 of those jobs.

    He seems to be a guy players like to play for, and more of an offensive guy than a defensive guy. He took the UFL seriously, said all the right things and won the championship with JP Losman. Things are forming into place for him to come here, although Al would do something stupid like have him interview for the OC job first or something bizarre like that.

  • First thing Fassel should do when he gets here though is fire his son. ST has been very bad under Fassel jr.

  • 860Todd Christensen

    I’m not saying to keep Cable guy, but so long as AD is breathing, I do not see any great hope for this team. I want power blocking back, people on the line to do it, and give the QB, whoever it is, more than 1.3 seconds to let a play develope and throw. Our RB’s are running into our front line and stop, there are no holes, and WCO for our team is a joke. No matter how many ways you try to fix something and it doesn’t work, you still get the same result. I can only blame the Owner, there is no GM to be accountable!

  • mistic1

    Fassel stinks, Trestman would be a huge upgrade as head coach. He also coached here before, does wonders with qb’s and he runs the kind of offense Davis loves. His offense score lots of points.

  • Dakota Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 2:06 pm
    First thing Fassel should do when he gets here though is fire his son. ST has been very bad under Fassel jr.


    Our coverages have been pretty good, no? I think potentially better than last year. Shane and Seabass have never had better years.

    The returns fell off dramatically though.

  • I would give Trestman my vote aswell

  • Lane Kiffin as GM…
    Trestman as HC!!

  • 860Todd Christensen

    LMN, LMAO!

  • Jerry noted in his “chat” that Trestman left on bad terms here. He is not coming back.

    I think, but do not wish, that Cable is coming back. Him and most other coaches go into the last year of their contract next year. With the lockout of 2011 looming, lots of lame duck coaches and assistants next year.

  • Jim Fassel…at least he sounds intelligent….


  • carnitas

    i think al should take a back seat and hire Marty Schottenhimer. i am sure he would love to face k.c. and san diego twice a year.

  • mistic1

    Everyone was on bad terms with callahan, I havnt seen anyone make that claim about trestman and davis. Callahan was a roach that threw everyone under the bus, coaches players etc. His name is getting a lot of buzz and several writers are connecting him to oakland. He would be a great fit, he meets the Davis criteria, and he has been a bay area guy on more than one occasion. He will get a look when cable is gone. I beleive also interviewed here for oc a couple of years ago before he went to canada. Post callahan. He wants to be a hc and he has lots of connections to people on the gruden/ holmgren/ walsh/ davis tree.

  • I don’t know who these 2 clowns are, but they are from last years draft and are about 100% spot on.


  • 860Todd Christensen

    Vegas, I live an hour and 15 from NYC, but don’t root anyone but the METS, but follow NY sports, just to see what they are up to, Fassell was treated very well by Sports Writers, where in NY they can really carve you up.

  • mistic1

    doesnt anyone remember how fassels teans under performed, save the super bowl run. he was so uptight his teams would often choke, we dont want that here.

  • Sean,

    [Comment From Sean]
    I should’ve been more specific – what is Al’s problem?

    jerrymac: He says it’s a bad quad. really.
    Sean, Jerry’s going to duck those questions every time. He or his newspaper are obviously intimidated.

  • RaiderRockstar

    sign T Scott Kooistra, C Melvin Fowler, WR Yamon Figurs & QB Drew Willy!

    we need some average talent to compete with the scum on 3-4 of this roster …

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Mistic, the Giants finally got a decent O-Line, that got them the SB!

  • 860Todd Christensen

    RR, any ideas for a bruising NT in the next draft?

  • I always thought Fassel’s teams had a tendency to underperform during the year but than stepped up a the end of the year and made the playoffs.

    Made the SB with Kerry Collins, and smashed the Vikings 41-0 in the NFC championship game.

    Better than the alternative I believe.

  • RaiderRockstar

    i think al should take a back seat and hire Marty Schottenhimer. i am sure he would love to face k.c. and san diego twice a year.


    yeah. LOL

    Carl Peterson for VP, Marty for GM & Shanny for HC!

  • mistic1

    If we are going to go the retread method, Dennis Green, or brian Billick would be a better fit.

  • The Big Banana

    RE: Cable, there is also the issue with the abused women. I don’t think that went over to well with Davis. May factor it into his decision this offseason.

  • mistic1 Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    If we are going to go the retread method, Dennis Green, or brian Billick would be a better fit.


    I would maybe agree with Billick, but not Denny Green.

    For what it’s worth, I went to the opening night UFL game that had Fassell and Green as the coaches. Fassell won by 3 TD’s and Green’s team had a ton of penalties. It was obvious which coach had his team more prepared to play.

  • mistic1

    fassel is clearly better than cable, but not good enough. we cant win with a guy that cant get the attention of the players from start to finish. Fassel is too…..milk toast. He is the nerd that is afraid to ask he girl to dance. We ned a much stronger personality, and coach that will employ a scheme that stretches the field. Not the ultra conservative fassel style.

  • RaiderRockstar

    any ideas for a bruising NT in the next draft?


    I thought Sammie Lee Hill would have been a solid 4th rounder to pick up and groom to eventually replace Warren on the D-Line, but Al opted to give undrafted undersized Desmond Bryant a shot there and trade for Dick Seymour with only 1 year left on his existing contract

    now I think we have no choice but to trade up and take Suh.

    DE Ellis
    UT Kelly
    NT Suh
    DE Seymour (pay the man!)

    Scott, Shaughnessy, Richardson, Bryant & Joseph = adequate depth I suppose

  • Fassell 58-53 with the Giants, a professional football organization. Not the Raiders.

  • Nnamdi21


    Get Seymour to mentor him during his Franchised year. Don’t expect huge returns from Suh year one anyway. Look at guys like Dorsey and Ellis, but shoring the D line might help the run D.
    Davis seems to prefer pass rushers to run plugs, but we’ll see won’t we?

    I don’t take anything for granted and have realize the folly of a Raiders draft board especially after last years debacle, but really, he’s always kind of been that way hasn’t he?

    Ray Guy, Seabass, ect…

  • mistic1

    Green is a qb super guru. Look at what he did for culpepper, and cunnigham. He also coached moon. Not to mention he was able to squeez a very good season out of the biggest, most immature jack ass of all time…Jeff George!! He would be able relate to no.2 and develope his game. That is what we need in the next head coach, someone that can salvage no.2. If no.2 flops we will be set back another 5-10 years.