Happy New Year


Returning from a New Year’s Eve Party less than an hour after midnight shows my age, I guess.

A handful of Raiders fans were there, including the hosts. Even their dog was named `Raider.’

It was almost like a chat, not that I minded with an open bar plus a craps table and a blackjack table available for entertainment purposes only.

The condensed version of my Raiders-related responses: Cable goes, JaMarcus stays, Gruden isn’t coming back.

Thanks for your interest in the past year, whether you agree with me or not, whether I meet your informational standards or not . . .

The biggest Raiders moment of the last decade was the “Tuck Rule” game. Yes, the Raiders got a raw deal. And it would have never happened if they’d have converted third-and-1 with Zack Crockett, if Adam Vinatieri hadn’t hit a miracle field goal, and the Raiders hadn’t wilted in the face of Walt Coleman.

It not only led to a Raiders loss, but set up a timeline in which Jon Gruden was available by trade to Tampa Bay, which just happened to be the opponent which mopped up the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

Best moment of the decade? The sound of the Coliseum when Tory James set sail on a 90-yard interception return for a touchdown in the playoffs against Miami, which ignited a 27-0 win and signified the Raiders as having officially returned to relevance.

The Raiders were back in their old Oakland glory, if only for awhile.

Worst moment?

Everything pales after Walt Coleman, because of what it meant and the sequence of events that followed.

Gruden was gone, Bruce Allen was soon to follow. Rich Gannon was injured, and Al Davis flailed as if he were thrown off a high dive and didn’t know how to swim. Most moves made in desperation failed, with the Raiders currently residing at or near the bottom of the NFL ocean.

Here’s hoping Davis recognizes his way isn’t working and hands over the reins to a capable replacement or suddenly rediscovers what it takes to build a winning team. Cynic that I am, the guess is neither is forthcoming in in the immediate future.

Either way, the number of empty seats is evidence enough it’s about time he realizes the problem.

Not exactly an uplifting year-ender, I realize. Hope to be writing something much different a year from now, explaining the error of my ways.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • M Lonetree

    Wow. Don’t know what to make of it. Our Fearless Leader Jerry Mc lurches away from an open bar to find his keyboard at 1:30 in the morning to commiserate with the bumpkins here. What does it all mean? At least we know he wasn’t sober when he chimed in and that is a good thing.

  • M Lonetree

    I would say H New Year but in this world new years are a dime a dozen. The Old Calendar Orthodox have one in a couple of weeks. Then the Chinese have one. Then the Iranians have one. Then the Buddhists have one. Then there is a Moslem one, a Jewish one and the Diwali of the Hindus.

    better, Happy Blue Moon last night, it only comes around every 30 months or so.

  • Raiderjambo

    Happy New Year Raider Nation. If you’re going to talk about bringing in John Fox, (if available), who quit on us already, may as well go the full hog and bring back Mr.Raider himself – John Gruden!

  • gaccamac

    Happy New Year RAIDERS NATION.

    I am a Baltimore Ravens fan, but I am old enough to have been a BALTIMORE Colts fan and remember the great Raiders teams with the “Snake” Stabler, Biletnikoff, Chester, Casper, etc.

    The “Ghost to the Post” broke our hearts in Baltimore in a great playoff game back at old Memorial Stadium.

    When Baltimore did not have a team for 12 years I was a devout Raiders’ fan. There are still many Raiders’ fans in the Baltimore area.

    I can only tell you it will get better. You are great fans and after 7 consecutive non-sellouts, I am hopeful that Mr. Davis will take the correct route and hire someone like Ozzie Newsome (but not Ozzie) of the Ravens. He gives the Ravens stability and an amazing ability to evaluate talent in all aspects of team operations. Just look around the NFL and see how many coaches and executives were hired from the Baltimore Ravens’ staff.

    My best to you, but not this Sunday.

  • A classy Ravens Fan. You have a great org and a good football team my friend.

    Good luck to you this Sunday, but I think we will put an end to your PO dreams.

  • BTW, I think Ozzie is one of the best at getting talent. Top 5 in the NFL IMO.

  • Raiderjambo

    Happy New Year Gaccamac, there’s a wee bit Raider in every NFL fan.