Final: Ravens 21, Raiders 13



Balt_Willis McGahee 1-yard run (Billy Cundiff kicks PAT), 13:16


— Baltimore, following fumble recovery, running successfully with McGahee and Ray Rice, Joe Flacco hits Mark Clayton for first down in front of Stanford Routt.

Tyvon Branch pressures Flacco into incompletion on third-and-long, Billy Cundiff misses 51-yard field goal attempt.

Raiders get first down at 41-yard line. Cornell Green starts drive off with a false start.

Raiders punt just over three minutes left, Lechler gets 51-yard punt and is at 51.1 for the season, where he’ll remain. McGahee breaks free on third-and-4 deep in Ravens territory for 37 yards, which just about ought to do it.

Baltimore at 243 yards rushing. McGahee has 16 carrieds, 167 yards at the 2-minute warning. Ravens taking a knee just after two-minute warning, beginning to kill clock and end game.

— Russell threads a 20-yard strike to Louis Murphy to the Baltimore 39-yard line Great throw. Murphy reverse gains 13 yards to the 26-yard line. Russell can’t prevent sack-fumble, however, loses fumble on dropback, Ellerbe recovers for another turnover.

— McGahee (8 carries, 100 yards) becomes the ninth running back to get 100 on the Raiders this season. He scores his third touchdown two plays later. That’s 12 touchdowns in 102 carries this season.

Tommy Kelly injured, teammates and doctors crowded around him on the bench.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • islandraider

    I did not hear the interview. What did Murphy say to indicate Cable gone and the ball and chain starts?

  • Lefty,

    Maybe he will be like VY, but Cable has no hope. I’m not saying JR earned another chance, but that’s what heppens when you ate a 1st RD QB. You get a lot of chances due to the high pick and the money invested in them.

    IMO lol

  • r8eray

    Raider Nation is yelling out for McClian….I love this chet!!!!
    We are in place in the draft to let McClian to land on our laps!!!
    But….I know we won’t!!
    Just got to have the right attitude till the draft, and hope for the best!

  • The only 2 times Al drafted who I liked in the last 11 years were Sir Charles and JR.

  • r8eray

    JR who?

  • This year I wanted Monroe, Orakpo, or Maclin. Last year I wanted S Ellis or Gholston.

  • Jabustus!

  • lefty12

    he didn’t say anything about Cable,but i don’t think both will be brought back.i read where Davis is pissed because Cable said we would have at least been playoff contenders if we had decent QB play this year.the old man is the only person in the NFL who actually believes the anchor will be a great NFL QB-him and some people on here.therefore it is logical that the coach who knows Russell is a bust will be let go so the bust can prove the old man correct.Murphy talked about how they were going to get together and work out in the off-season down south.personally,i’d prefer he worked with the coaches and studied more.but it sounded as if we will have him shoved down our throats once again next year-we are doomed!!!!!BTW,i hope i am wrong.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    No we can’t pass on a DT like Cody. Screwed up last year passing on Raji. Those big NTs that actually do something are rare….decent wide receivers are a dime a dozen….cornerbacks are a dime a dozen…but run stuffing NTs that can take on two blockers and swallow up run lanes and are an immovable object? that is rare.

    The Raiders have tried the “Goodwill Shop” approach to the D-Line and what did it get us? Last second desparation signing for Seymour at the 11th hour….overpaying for a 34 year old DE from the Cowboys….

    Stop neglecting the doggone lines. Did you see that terrible run defense again. Another year of me lecturing on the pourous lines on both sides.

    That 1st draft pick had better be a run stuffing NT or an OL…..PERIOD!

    Anything less than that is inviting more of the same!

    Run defense is again 30 something

    2 QBs go down in injury because Tom Cable’s O-Line ain’t worth jack.

    Fix the lines…stop talking yourselves into drafting another fleet footed back 7 player or wide receiver.

    It starts and ends with the lines….

    Did you guys see the Raiders win/loss record over the last 7 years?

    Good Lawd!

  • r8eray


  • r8eray

    Good night Raider Nation!
    I’ll be back tomorrow!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Who cares about JaDavis.

    If the head coach realized the limitations in the passing game…the head coach would have called more 2-TE sets…..more games with 30+ rushes instead of nickle and diming Bush in order to watch FArgas and DMAC (another bust in the making) run into the offensive line….more screens and short dump offs….more smashmouth football….

    But nope…the head coach thought we had the ’02 Rames or Peyton Manning out there every week. Tom Cable should be fired for this reason alone…not to mention one of the worst O-Lines in the NFL

  • lefty12

    O-i don’t agree with you or others who put so much blame on Cable.i thought he did a good job considering who the owner/GM forced upon him.

  • Orakpo has 11 sacks as a rookie. 4 of them were against us.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    It doesn’t matter.

    Al Davis will draft the fleet footed cornerback from Florida and bring him along slowly as a Nickel Back..

    Meanwhile, our soft touch defense will continue getting pounded into fine dust and our QBs getting driven into the turf and concussed every week.

    What a joke this is……tough times in Raiderland!

  • LMAO at R8!

    Good night bro.

  • lefty12

    kind of difficult to play ball control,smash mouth football when your QB makes mistakes that lead to you falling way behind early in games,and then making even more mistakes(TOS) as the game progresses.but i don’t expect you Madden games experts to understand that.

  • Lefty,

    I don’t blame Cable for drafting JR, DMC, or DHB!
    Things I blame Cable for:
    – Bad Oline. Barnes & Harris
    – Bad play Calling
    – stupid camp and OTAs
    – not having the team ready to play
    – not playing his best players

  • Another nice article, this time Monte Poole


  • -You think Al wants Fargas to start over Bush, or was that Cable?
    – we can blame J Walker on Davis, but what DHB over Murphy, and Eugene over Huff and Mitchell?
    – what about his crazy methods in OTAs?

    – What about his Play Calling?????

  • lefty12

    o-he did the best that could be done with the bums he was GIVEN to play the Oline.he had the team ready to play as evidenced by the last few weeks when we had nothing to play for and were at least competitive every week.Knowing the way the team is run,he probably had to play who he played for the most part.without being there you cannot say he ran a stupid camp and OTAs.as far as play calling goes,you could disect every coach and come up with plays that could have been called better or differently.hell,everyones GENIUS Belicheat blew a game with a call.IMO,which i realize is in the minority,for the most part,Cable did a decent job calling plays.


    Russell wins another game.
    This time for Baltimore.

  • Lefty,

    We agree on the QBs issues, but that’s not the only reason we lost so many games. IMO
    Cable has to be blame for the poor play of his team, and Al is to blame for not having good players on the team.

    Good coaches find ways to win with bad teams.
    Miami and the wild cat last year is an example of that.

  • 504 Raider

    New Post!


    The Russell fumble in this game was classic Russellness:
    Totally unaware in the pocket.

  • Raiders4eve

    Guys be realistic, some of the names you guys suggesting will be drafted before us.
    Here how i think the top 10 draft will be.
    1) Rams- Bradford or Clausen they need a QB just like we did

    2) Lions- Suh he will solidify the Dline for years.

    3)Tampa Bay- G McCoy DT that Raheem loves.

    4) Redskins- Whomever is left between Clausen or Bradford, Shanahan needs his Cutler like QB.

    5) Chiefs- Dez Bryant, best WRs this year to help Cassel, they got Charles da beast as RB, WRs is a need.

    6)Cleveland- They need a QB but holmgren will take back QBs like Frye or Hasselback b4 a rookie, I think they go with the best safety E Berry not Taylor Mays

    7) Raiders- We have many needs but will get our OL with Russell Okung if not AL will take Taylor Mays, not.

    8)Seahawks- Yep their defense is worst then ours, best MLB McClain, plays with Curry, they LBs are set.

    9)Bills- New GM and Coach, hmm, I would guess B Campbell, their OL needs work.

    10) Bears- Taylor Mays, they need work in their secondary.