Gannon offers to help


Assuming he can get past John Herrera, Rich Gannon would like to return and offer advice to his former team.

Rich Gannon, a blunt and direct critic of the Raiders play in his role as a CBS analyst and host of a Sirius Satellite Radio show, said on the air he has placed a call to Al Davis.

“I did something yesterday that I can’t believe even I did. I picked up the phone and I reached out to Al Davis,” Gannon said on the Sirius Blitz. “So I called Mr. Davis, I have not spoken with him yet, but I’m happy to help out in any way I can. I’d love to help JaMarcus Russell if he wants help. I’d love to help Tom Cable and that organization. It’s important. Listen, seven straight seasons where they’ve lost 11 or more games? Something’s not right.”

When Gannon was scheduled for a production meeting in Alameda before a game against Denver, Herrera said Gannon was unwelcome and the Raiders considered trying to ban him from the facility before they realized they couldn’t.

“He seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself,” Herrera said on Sept. 26. “I guess it’s our fault he threw five interceptions.”

Gannon has said several times he has no interest in coaching but has worked with quarterbacks in Minnesota and Tampa Bay by request.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • los raiders de don rober

    Ok,Ok. Maybe some kids pull 180s and get their stuff together, but goddam its seemes the Raiders were the worst offense in the league because of Russell’s play, not despite it. So I hope Russel pulls a 180 and works hard enough to be successfull…From my point of view the only real talent JR has is a strong arm, what else?

  • Silver-n-Smac

    By the way Richocrap:

    Thanks for your cut and paste of all the NFL stadium attendance figures.

    That certainly was enlightening for all of us.

    Let me clue you in on something.

    This may be hard for you to understand, as your ass has most likely never been in the Oakland Coliseum.

    30,000 Raider fans are more passionate about their team (regardless of the win/loss record) than the 100 G’s they’re packing into Dallas’ new bowl of gold.

    You’re an idiot.

    Purchasing a ticket says nothing about how much of a “fan” you are.

    Have you seen Candlestick lately?

    Yeah, they’ve sold out for 30 plus years.

    Whooo Hooo!

    Did you bother to notice that that stadium is barely half-filled on game days?


    If you’re gonna make statements, try putting some thought into them instead of enamoring us with meaningless statistics.

  • CaptainBlack

    If Cable is retained, I will be disappointed, but hey, its not my team or money.

  • Silver-n-Smac


    That’s cool – we disagree.

    As for him saying that about Cornell:

    Well, if he actually said that (which I have a hard time believing – I watch all his press conferences), that’s a stupid comment and I have a feeling that’s nothing more than him not wanting to publicly rip his player.

    He was probably asked about the player and didn’t want to embarrass him.

    What was he supposed to say?

    He sucks?

    He stood up for Kwame Harris in the same way.

    A head coach should never publicly humiliate his players.

    Would you want to play for a guy like that?

  • Silver-n-Smac


    As you said, it’s not our team and it’s not our money.

    All we can do is hope that correct decisions are made in this organization, like they used to be.

    Short of that. . . .I suppose we can follow Richocrap and support the erection of impressive billboards.

  • los raiders de don rober

    Cable threw Jamarcus under the bus, practically blaming him for the Raiders bad season. He’s gonna do the same thing next season to another one of Al’s trophy picks. Remember he’s good at weathering storms.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    # M Lonetree Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    The question is which one (or which three) of the contributors here are Jerry Mc in disguise attempting to further his “hits” as a way of maintaining employment. (He should not be begrudged that as it keeps this site alive and he keeps his job, but who is which?)

    Have a fine evening men and women of a Nation.


    Lonetree. . . . .

    There are 2 monikers that come to mind:

    1. Richochet

    2. RealMaddenRaider

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Good evening fellas.

  • 860Todd Christensen

    James Plunket was the last true QB the Raiders have had. Everyone else has tried to exemplify the true meaning of what a QB is to this team. I think, that is what AD is trying to exemplify to our underpreforming QB’s on this team. AL, personally, our O-line is a shambles, hurts our RB’s, passing attack, routing. Al, our D-line is a shambles, hurts our ability to stop anyones running game, allows routes to destroy our pass interception game, I’m thinking, Al, you read these posts all the time, if Russ don’t come to camp ready and able, I know he’s only 23 and from the south, Give him “one” more training camp, he does have the goods, but no excusses, make it or break it! PERIOD! I know AD will do the right thing!

  • CaptainBlack

    Smac, look, we all watched Cornell Green, Kwame Harris, and Cooper Carlisle play. They were not up to the challenge. So whenever the coach says something positive about these players it’s BS!

    And he did say what I wrote about Cornell. I do NOT create scripts.

  • 860Todd Christensen

    We nedd to spend some money on both lines, critics be dammed1

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Sorry, lefty here, don’t type

  • imaquaman

    history speaks for its self (1) al davis has an eye for veterans history has proved that many times to many to count .(2)2nd chance 3rd chance many of als best players have gone through half the league before coming home to the raider nation (3)ask any raider fan (you can tell which ones are fans from the ones who are just on the band wagon)being a raider or raider fan is not something you just wake up one day and say i think i like the raiders now that could get you @#$%%^ kicked you are born with it and it cant be helped from day 1 you know it and it looks like gannon has proved it again. al saw it in gannon then hopefully he sees it now.(4)gannon sees it in jr al saw it maybe the rest of you wanna bes will see it too. hope we dont have to wait untill jr,s 10th season before he shows it .YOU GO GANNON ONCE A RAIDER ALWAYS A RAIDER ESPECIALLY IF YOUR WILLING TO GIVE LIFE AND LIMB LIKE GANNON. PROPS TO YOU GANNON

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Regarding the following post:


    I have seen the greatness of Russell. i saw it when he was in college, he was amazing. we have all seen flashes here in the pro’s. 2 come from behind 4th quarter wins to knock out play off contenders at the end of 08. Also this year last second wins, in k.c, denver, and should have got the win in sd. he did that despite playing for one of the worst teams in the league! O-line is terrible, rookie receivers, and no running game to speak of, what could anyone realistically expect? Teach him what he needs to know and give him the help he needs, then we can properly judge him.”

    WOW!!! Are you kidding me. Did you watch the same games I did??? Please if you have these games on VCR or if NFL network replays them please look at his actual performance. I mean JR made what they in Tennis call many many *unforced errors* If I have to be blind and dumb and out of reality to be a Raiders fan then I am getting off this bus. Come on enough with the excuses. He was the main reason there was no running game!!!! They could confidently stack the box because they had no fear that JR would burn them or if he did it would be rare enough to be worth it. If I had to scheme against the Raiders with JR that is certaintly be what I would do. I know anything I say here will not effect the “true believer” but please be objective and really look at his actual play – he was terrible!!! Were there other problems – of course but you need to look at his actual play! Cutler for instance is a QB that you could make excuses for with what he had in Chicago but JR was just flat out bad even with the problems.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    By the way if Russell was benched after his horrible pre-season performances, I believe Oakland would have been battling for a wildcard up to the final game! Another point Russell was given extra work and the focused on the passing game all preseason and he still sucked!!!!

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I would like to recall my “blind and dumb” comment in post #265 the way most fans were booing JR actually confirms that most fans saw what I saw and it is only 5-7 people on this board that need to be fitted for new glasses!!!

  • Zymurge

    1960 — really, you don’t have to keep going. 99% of us all saw the same sucky thing out of Russell.

  • raiderzmaverick

    I’d love Gannon’s help. I hate the fact that Herrera is so distasteful that he attacks Gannon. He did play a horrible superbowl. He also won the MVP for us and helped us reach the playoffs and be respectable. No other QB has. In fact, his getting hurt and our horrible record coincide pretty precisely.