Jets’ coaches won’t be part of a post-Cable era


The world revolves around the Raiders, even in the playoffs:

— The kind of power running, play-aciton, limited option passing attack utilized by Mark Sanchez in a 24-14 win over the Bengals would be ideal for JaMarcus Russell.

If Tom Cable gets the bad news this week, the Raiders ought to look seriously who is responsible for that.

Wait . . . it’s offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and assistant head coach/line coach Bill Callahan, with at least a minor assist from assistant quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo.

Unless Schottenheimer is one of those rebellious sons who loves to stick it to the old man, never mind.

— Two problems if you’re hoping Al Davis makes a run at Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Garrett is making some $3 million-plus per year as an assistant coach and considers Norv Turner a close friend and mentor.

He’d undoubtedly ask Turner his honest opinion about working for the Raiders.

— Playoff football is an entirely different animal, but it sure looked from my couch that the Charlie Frye of a week ago looked a lot better than Tom Brady in the first half against the same Ravens defense. Let’s see if Brady put out an all points bulletin for Randy Moss at halftime and if he can spread out the Ravens and attack them with some success.

— With Seattle coming to Oakland next season with Pete Carroll as head coach, here’s hoping Davis brings in Jim Harbaugh just for the pleasure of watching the post-game handshake.

— For as long as the franchise has been back in Oakland, there have been a few letter-writers and e-mailers who flood local and national markets with a remarkably accurate view of the Raiders through a staunch pro-Al Davis point of view.

This week one took aim at Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen and Rich Gannon . . . and indicated that “whoever coaches the offensive line should be fired.’’

He wasn’t talking about Jim Michalczik.

— Donovan McNabb, anyone?

You’ve got to think Philadelphia believes it’s gone about as far as it is going to go in the McNabb era and will elevate Kevin Kolb next year.

That would mean McNabb would be looking for a starting job somewhere.

If it doesn’t happen, Kolb isn’t nearly as good as people seem to think he is.

— Big hit the Raiders took on the Hall of Fame ballot cutdown. Only Tim Brown survived, with Ray Guy, Cliff Branch, Lester Hayes, Jim Plunkett, Todd Christensen and coach Tom Flores failing to make the cut.

Davis pushes hardest for Plunkett and Flores. I’m partial to Branch, a dominant deep threat in both the regular and post-seasons who is at least a match and probably superior to Hall of Famers Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.

As for Guy, the bottom line is that for the majority of selectors, any time they come down to a player they consider worth and pair him with a punter in an either/or situation, the punter’s going to lose every time.

I mean, the Hall of Fame has a place where sports writers and broadcasters get their name displayed, but not a punter?

— Here’s the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s profile of Charles Woodson, grown up and flourishing as a star and a leader in a way he never did in Oakland.

Easily one of the most interesting and charismatic guys to ever set foot in the locker room, he could also be one of the most infuriating, given his Monday-through-Saturday preparation as a Raider.

Whether he shuts down Larry Fitzgerald today or gets lit up by him, expect Woodson to do as he’s always done and tell the truth when it’s over.

— Gannon’s taking some deserved heat for using his radio show to volunteer his services, knowing full well going public removed any chance of it happening. Gannon should know this _ he’s reached out before to no avail.

But do the Raiders have to take the bait every time? They could have looked above the fray for once with a polite, “thanks, but no thanks.’’

— Thanks to those e-mailers who pointed out my monumentally stupid error in my weekly NFL notes column for print, calling Chris Johnson “Chris Henry.’’

It’s been since repaired on Internet versions, but remains there for all to on paper. Any abuse for that mistake is richly deserved.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    I definitely agree, that whoever the new head coach turns out to be if Cable is not kept, (hope and pray Harbaugh gets hired) that Hackett is kept as the QB coach.

  • saladfingerz

    duck tales.

  • I really like what I see in Bruce, R8dr4lfe21, that’s it. If they bring him back, he will work hard and do his best, which is what we can’t say about the previous guy.

    I like Bruce, Losman and Frye. Bruce is the starter, Losman is the former first-rounder and Frye the future QB-coach 3rd stringer.

  • saladfingerz

    you heard it from fingerz.

  • DKnight007

    DKnight007 Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 12:26 pm
    It’s official. MLB Rolando McClain declares for draft.

    Read the article below….it says alot about his intangibles, intelligence, experience and leadership for being a junior. This guy should be the Raiders pick at #8 or an OT.


  • I think McLain will be off the board before we pick.

    If Suh is off the board, I don’t see the Lions passing on him.

  • My list is a bit different i have Gradkowski, Thigpen , and Jmac only cause i dont give up on youngsters so easily.

  • DKnight007 Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 12:26 pm
    It’s official. MLB Rolando McClain declares for draft.

    Read the article below….it says alot about his intangibles, intelligence, experience and leadership for being a junior. This guy should be the Raiders pick at #8 or an OT.



    if he is there, we gotta take him…

    he really could be a game changer…

    a la Ray Lewis…

  • JB

    A dominant MLB like McClain could do a lot for this team for Many years. Just think back on what Ray Lewis has done for the Raven’s D. Ray by himself is manageable but he brings together the WHOLE defense for a very formidable squad. I think McClain plus a few other key D players could also do the same thing. Use our #8 pick for McClain. Then 2-OT, 3A-C, 3BOG, 4, 5A, 5B & 6 on best available athlete (not fastest necessarily) in the DT, CB, DE, PR/KR categories.

  • El Tato

    Lions need all the help in the world, they could pick anyone, who knows, it could be McClain, but also an OT or Eric Berry, their OL sucks

  • El Tato

    Alabama plays 3-4, McClain is a 3-4 ILB, but I guess he could play also 4-3 for us

  • mistic1

    Are we missing the point? Davis wants to develop Russell, and win now. You don’t bring in another young unproven guy, to get this done. He will struggle, as he learns on the fly, you might as well send Russell back out there if this is the case. That is why you bring in an older proven nfl veteran, with a limited shelf life. We also have to consider the draft in terms of cost of signing your picks. This is why your new veteran qb, must be inexpensive. Finally, if davis brings in trestman, you need a guy with expeirnce in that sort of passing offense, Vick and Culpepper, fit the bill there. When culpepper was here he was still not over his injured knee. Vick is not an rb playing qb. he is a proven winner at his position, and like most so called mobile guys, the passing game evolves for them as they lose some of the speed and quickness in thier running ability. See Elway, Young, Moon, Cunningham, and Mcnair for reference.People become enamored or mesmerized by the spectacular things the guys do with thier legs, and underestimate, or discount their passing ability. This is an unfair stigma attched to most running qb’s, including vick.Remember the falcons were a running team, and were not built for a high flying passing attack win vick was there.

  • Hey Plunketthead….Ha Big Al tweeted you yet?

  • DKnight007

    Lets take a look if McClain will be there when the Raiders pick then:

    1.St. Louis (1-15)- Clausen or Suh
    2.Detroit (2-14)- Suh, Okung, or Berry
    3.Tampa Bay (3-13)- McCoy or Berry
    4.Washington (4-12)- Clausen, Okung, or Bradford
    5.Kansas City (4-12)- Berry, Haden, Campbell, McClain or Bryant
    6.Seattle (5-11)- Okung, Campbell, Davis, T. Williams or Morgan
    7.Cleveland (5-11)- Berry, Haden, Bradford or Bryant
    8.Oakland (5-11)- Hopefully McClain or a top OT
    9.Buffalo (6-10)
    10.Jacksonville^ (

    In conclusion, I think only 1 team may take a look at McClain hard before the Raiders at #8 and it’s a dreaded division rival. The Queefs! Ugh…..