Al’s blood boiling about now

If Lane Kiffin at some point determined his life’s mission would be to make Al Davis miserable, he is a success far beyond anything he’s achieved as a head football coach.

First, as Al’s fair-haired boy wonder, Kiffin determined he wanted nothing to do with the Raiders once he figured out who was really in charge and lost his prodigy status on the basis of a 4-12 record.

Now, after talking his way into the Tennessee job the same way he maneuvered through the hole created by Steve Sarkisian to get hired in Oakland, Kiffin has ascended to head coach of Davis’ second favorite team, leaving the Volunteers after one 7-6 season and one-sided bowl game loss to Virginia Tech to take over USC.


Kiffin is good.

Good at getting jobs, for sure.

Chances are Kiffin sent word through USC administrator Mark Jackson, who accompanied him to Oakland but found himself frozen out once young “Lance” had fallen out of favor with Davis.

Davis, meanwhile, either hasn’t yet met with coach Tom Cable or allowed anything to become public if they indeed talked on Tuesday.

At this point, Davis may be too busy regretting the day he sent John Herrera to USC to bring back Kiffin for an interview once Sarkisian said no and talking the kid into being the Raiders coach.

If Davis does send Cable packing, as most everyone expects, he gets to go through the process all over again.

As for Tennessee, considering the rash of secondary recruiting violations, the “hostess” controversy and the baiting of Florida coach Urban Meyer, the Volunteers fans discovered the same thing the Raiders did.

Kiffin’s in your corner.

Until he starts looking for his next job.

If Davis does eventually make a move with Cable and get around to hiring a new coach, hearing what he has to say about Kiffin in the post-presser gaggle could be one of the day’s highlights.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • djohnnyg

    I think Al is actually very happy about what Lance did to Tennessee.

    I was the Tenn. blog and everyone there is talking about how Al Davis was “right about Kiffin”, and “I guess Al Davis isn’t old and senile after all” etc. etc.

    Also, Chicago radio was talking about Davis today too. Dan Bernstein on “The Score’ in Chicago said “Well, you’ve got to give it to Al Davis. He was spot on about Kiffin” Then his sidekick Terry Boers said “Maybe Al Davis isn’t the lunatic we all thought he was after all”.

    Al is getting good press about this actually. Blood boiling? Al probably loves this. It makes him “right” for the first time in a while.

  • djohnnyg

    Al had writtena letter to Tennessee officals warning them about this slimeball.

  • djohnnyg

    Don’t get me wrong here. I am not happy with what Al is doing to the Raiders, I’m just relating what I’m hearing and reading as far as reaction to this whole Kiffin deal. I will say if Kiffin and Al were fighting in a cage match though, I’d root for Al.

  • joemostler

    how bout we sign kurt wurner next year! i think he would fit in great and lead us to a playoff spot. anyone agree?