UPDATE: Brown: I’m retiring


Another example of how no team operates quite like the Raiders . . .

Raiders assistant coach Willie Brown, the Hall of Fame cornerback and director of squad development, stops for a moment to talk to a camera crew outside the gates of the club facility in Alameda.

He’s asked about what’s going on with coach Tom Cable and plays it predictably coy.

Q: Are the coaches still employed?

Brown: I believe so. Right now they are.

Q: Has Mr. Davis met with coach Cable yet?

Brown: I have no idea. Mr. Davis just got here, so I don’t know.

Q: Are you optimistic?

Brown: Well, that’s a decision, you know, I’m on a different plane than what they are. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Going to wait and see.

Q: Are the coaches still doing player evaluations?

Brown: We’re pretty much done with that right now (rest of the answer is drowned out by outside noise).

Then comes the kicker. Brown is thanked for his response and says, “I’m retiring.”

Q: Are you?

Brown: Yep.

Q: Are you serious?

Brown: Yep.

He says this as he’s driving out of the parking lot in his silver SUV.

A link to the interview is here.

Assuming he was serious, that’s how one of the top five Raiders of all time (pick your order between Davis, Jim Otto, Gene Upshaw, Art Shell and Brown) announced his retirement.

Didn’t give it to Greg Papa to break on his nightly show on Comcast. Didn’t float it to Raiders.com for a little pub for the team Web site.

Instead, Brown lets it slip as an afterthought.

Kind of strange and cool at the same time.


Apparently Brown wasn’t kidding.

Quote from Raiders CEO Amy Trask to beat writer Steve Corkran: “Willie shall be remembered as one of the, if not the, greatest Raiders players of all time. We will honor Willie in the coming months.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • # Bob Marley Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:56 am


    Buddy, what happened to Dell and Oakglenn?… I’ve seen plenty of regulars around, where are those two?.
    OakGlenn is Captainblack.

    OakGlenn kind of became the board pinata’..seemed to paint a bullseye on his forehead every time he logged in..and finally left with his grand swan song, begging off, telling everyone he’s sick and tired of getting picked on.

    Now he’s getting picked on as CaptainDoofus.

    Full circle.

  • Thec07

    when i think of the raiders org, and what it must look like from a technological perspective i think of the old mainframes….

  • Thec07

    Raider without gutting the org, hiring a GM will be
    5-11, 6-10 at best…..

  • garcia
  • bcz24

    Plunketthead Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 12:45 pm
    7 months
    28 days
    21 hours
    13 minutes
    47 seconds

    untill opening day kickoff.
    This will be the best team Big Al has put together in a few years.
    I cant wait for the season to start. Al will get a veteran or three to anchor the lines and we will be in the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

    Best year ever!!

    If your buying that BS then I got some ocean front property in Idaho I would love to sell ya.. Blind optimisim is awesome though!

  • Thec07

    Wonder in BRL is working out right now…..
    6 months to lose 75 lbs….

  • Thec07

    Glad to see chow stay, thought he was going to seattle to re-join carroll….

  • Chris in NY

    ESPN reporting that Cable-Davis meeting was/is today with a possible 2nd meeting tomorrow.

    Just a gut feeling, but I think Davis might not be sure what he wants to do and will give the Cable Guy a chance to plead his case. Actually think Cable might stay at this point but it’s really anybody’s guess.

  • Plunketthead


    I honestly feel that Al is going to suprise everyone. The Raiders will turn this around and I expect a big return to revelance next year.

  • # Seymour Bush Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Richochet Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:32 am

    # 4evaRaider Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Tebow is 6′-5′ so height isnt an issue ….230lbs.Watched almost everyone of his games and the kid can zipp it side-line to s/l
    Sideline to sideline? That’s only 53 1/3 yds, mental midget.

    That’s an average throw.

    that’s an average throw? What’s a deep ball? 95 yards? when was the last time you saw someone throwing the ball 70 yards in the air over and over? And this guy calls others mental midgets?
    Are you serious? lol..you dumbass.
    I can easily throw a football 40 yds.
    You acting all impressed about a 50 yd throw tells me you’ve never played the game.
    Who the hell is talking about throwing 70 yds over and over? I’m saying 50 yd throw every qb in the league can make, except for those labeled as a weak arm.

    Now shut up, fool.

  • Plunketthead


  • mack-madden

    LOL- Richochet
    I’m not sure if your insults are for real or if your just teasing guys on here.
    Either way it’s HILARIOUS.
    I’d like to think you’re just joking and everyone is having fun with you.
    But when I read some responses I think you really hurt feelings.

    Either they don’t get it. Or it’s me that fail to realize your sincerity.

    I scroll for comments from richochet. Spellcheck. Just started norco bob.

    You guys make me laugh big time.

  • # Plunketthead Says:
    January 14th, 2010 at 1:03 pm


    I honestly feel that Al is going to suprise everyone. The Raiders will turn this around and I expect a big return to revelance next year.
    Be honest.
    Didn’t you say, or feel that last year?
    Year before?
    Weren’t you just dead on certain the year before that was “the year”??

    Why is this different?
    If anything, the cast of characters has as many holes now, as any other in the last 7 years.
    D line is porous.
    WR is anything but productive.
    No SOLID RB..lot’s of “potential”.
    O line completely sucks.
    QB is total garbage…
    Lot’s of holes..so..how is this “the year”??

    Oh..and let’s not forget the HC..whomever that might be.

  • DKnight007

    Hire Mayock as GM/Personnel Man and then hire Gruden, Harbaugh or Mooch as Head Coach!

    The team will be in the playoffs in 3 years if not sooner!

  • RaiderResurrection

    Not a problem Monday thru Fridays during the day. Fridays being the best days for you to come down and box with the guys. If you’re even worth it, I’ll box you. Other wise I’ll let my assistants take care of you. Keep in mind you have to sign a waiver so you don’t sue me when I crack your nose.

  • RaiderResurrection

    100 bucks says you won’t show. If you really want to come down and get knocked out. give me your email and I will send you information about my gym and directions