Cable leaves without comment


Raiders coach Tom Cable left the facility a few minutes ago with a friendly wave and didn’t stop to answer questions from reporters on the scene, beat writer Steve Corkran reports.

Cable was scheduled to meet with owner Al Davis Thursday, and possibly Friday, according to senior executive John Herrera.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • RaiderLen

    Uno means second??? : )

  • Charles Barkley said Kiffin must have pictures of someone having sex with a monkey.

  • RaiderLen

    I think Cable will be retained.

    I don’t care, one way or the other.

  • RaiderLen

    I liked the remark about Kiffin “falling upwards”


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    I think Cable will be retained too. I don’t like it because he chooses his favorites and lets them play way beyond reason(see Kwame Harris, Eugene, Green, DHB, Fargas) while inexplicably leaving producers behind like Michael Bush.

    He also didn’t use the 2-TE set and seemed to force the pass at all costs. His club med training camp did not improve results.

  • In all the wins the raiders had with Cable as coach they looked good. Cable could lead the Raiders to the playoffs if Grads starts and DHB does not. Also if he uses DMAC right, we stay healthy, we hire and OC, and Cable fixes the line, we can be good.

  • BlackHoleFan

    Fire him already – and please get a real coach, not some genius who calls for 45 passes againts Cleveland and abandons the running game.

  • RaiderLen


    I agree.st Bush should be the starting HB.

    McFadden has talent, find a way to exploit it.

    JLH, Schillens, and Murphy should be the primary WR group.

    OL, DL, and LB’s in the draft.

    QB should be an open competition with whomever is on the roster.

  • Dude


    Is Mike Bush your brother? Its really the only explanation for your non stop whining about the dude not gettn ALL the carries. How many years of him playing 3rd fiddle and NOT producing will it take for you to get your mouth of his calk??

  • No matter what happens, all of this does is keep the Raiders in the news during playoff time, which happens to be Al Davis’ M.O.

  • So is he out or in? A smile? So I guess we have to wait till tomorrow!

  • How about keeping Cable…getting a OC and a GM!!!

  • Raidervill

    Good Cable
    – Has pulse of team, Raiders still competing in Dec both years.
    – Wants to be here, can work with Al. No agenda.

    Bad Cable
    – Has endured his share of horrible blowouts.
    – Can’t handle the RB rotation and for a o-line coach does not stick with run enough.
    – Consistency…2 wins in a row please?
    – Play calling needs work.
    – 9-19
    – punching people to often

    If the Raiders were like any other team in the NFL I would say can Cable, but the alternatives are not that appealing. If Al can get Mooch, Harbaugh or Billick…I say do it. But if firing Cable means Gilbride or some other desperate choice (Lance) forget it and keep TC.

    Either way I think figuring out the QB situation is more pressing.

    One Nation Baby…

  • RaiderRockstar

    DHB is a player. Russell isn’t – Tim Brown

    cool man, thats what I was thinking!

  • RaiderRockstar

    I think Tom Cable should be strapped to the goalpost.

    then Michael Huff, Darren McFadden, Michael Bush & Javon Walker can each take turns punching him.

    thats what you get for keeping me on the bench while guys like Eugene, Fargas & DHB stink it up on the field!

    of course Hanson & Herrerra should get some shots in too. plus all the ex’s Tom abused.

  • bill

    Dude….Are you kidding me??? Micahel Bush owns the last three 100 yard games for the Raiders, (as third fiddle), He averaged 4.7 ypc, (as third fiddle), and lead all running backs in yardage, (as third fiddle). Wake up bro! Michael Bush is the best all around back this team has and Tom Cable is an idiot for not using the man more consisantly.