Raiders assistants also await word


Tom Cable isn’t the only Raiders coach awaiting word of his status for the 2010 season, assuming he hasn’t been told and is just keeping it quiet for reasons known only to Al Davis.

As the college all-star games and NFL combine approaches, assistants will either be still working for the Raiders or networking for other jobs.

Earlier today, Profootballtalk.com, referring to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, reported Tuesday could be a key date since assistant coaches must be notifed whether or not they’ll be retained.

However, according to an NFL source, no such deadline exists for coaches under contract.

The Raiders don’t release information regarding the contracts of assistant coaches, but normally sign them to two-year deals. That being the case, six new coaches _ defensive coordinator John Marshall, linebackers coach Mike Haluchak, passing game coordinator Ted Tollner, defensive backs coach Lionel Washington and defensive line coach Dwaine Board _ are likely signed through next season.

Wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal and tight ends coach Adam Henry were promoted from quality control assistants and are in their third year, as is running backs coach Kelly Skipper. Quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett is in his second season after being a special assignment scout last year.

For assistant coaches under contract who will not return to the staff, it’s common for teams to allow them to seek jobs elsewhere. If they don’t find work, the Raiders will often reassign them, as they did with James Lofton for a time last season.

It’s possible the Raiders could wait through the weekend or longer to sort it all out. It’s been 13 days since the end of the regular season. The longest a Raiders coach has gone and then been fired since the the team came back to Oakland was Joe Bugel, who was let go 16 days after the end of the season after going 4-12.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • How come the Chargers never answer the phone?

    They have no ring!

    Dan Marino and Charles Barkley have the very same problem.

    Oldie but a goodie

  • Shawnraiders81

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:54 pm
    Chargers need to get rid of LT and just make Sproles their premiere back, and use him like how we used Garner in ‘02. The beauty of it is that they have an owner in their division dumb enough to give away half of his team for LT. Guess who it is.

    No No No the beauty of this is the Raiders are World Wide. Most of the fans don’t even live in California!!!! That’s what happens when you make more than one superbowl run…..

  • Shawnraiders81

    garcia Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:53 pm
    How sad is it when the once mighty Raiders are reduced to cheering for Charger losses. San Diego has won four straight conference championships, 14 straight against the Raiders, and when the season is over the people still get to live in San Diego instead of Oakland. All in all, that’s not too bad.

    No No No the beauty of this is the Raiders are World Wide. Most of the fans don’t even live in California!!!! That’s what happens when you make more than one superbowl run…..

  • raideredoutL.A.

    bush dosent run as hard as i would like a big back would, then he shares the fumblelidis with mcfadden, rb isn’t a real loaded position 4 us, but still way better than our o and d-lines of course. linebacker positions need to be addressed as well.

  • lefty12

    we need a QB who can lead us more than we need a RB.look at the teams still left.if it wasn’t for Turner blowing that game today all the teams left are PASSING teams.look at Minn.-they had a great RB but couldn’t get to the championship game until they got a QB who could put points on the board.if we were competent on Offense(decent QB play) our Def. is good enough to win.If we could score points,the opponents couldn’t just pound us with the run.I’d also like to point out that when Grad. started we did score and therefore we were in or winning those games-and we all know Grad. isn’t a 1st rate QB.Imagine if we had one!!

  • Absolutely correct. McFelldown is a bust.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    raideredoutL.A. Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 8:09 pm
    bush dosent run as hard as i would like a big back would, then he shares the fumblelidis with mcfadden, rb isn’t a real loaded position 4 us, but still way better than our o and d-lines of course. linebacker positions need to be addressed as well.
    Please, he actually has speed and runs well enough to average 4.8 yds per carry on 123 carries.

    The Raiders HAVE TO STOP their affection for mediocre players like Fargas, Green, Eugene etc….that just don’t get the job done!

  • Shawnraiders81

    Norv Turner – the gift that keeps on giving.

  • JT

    Chargers were thight, they got intimidated by Rex Ryans predictions…

    The key to this game was charger offense againts jets defense…. if chargers could have gone up by 14 points… jets would have lost… simple as that….

    but they kept it close till rivers got frustrated and started taking chances into tight coverages…

    also that kicker is a choke…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    We need a smashmouth offensive line and run the football and then throw in spots.

    The Raiders historically are competitive when they can run the ball.

    Gradkowski? I am telling you, 2 freekn games does not mean squat! He earned the right to compete for the job next year and that’s it. A guy that got cut by 3 QB needy teams in his short time here probably has some glaring weaknesses that will be exposed when opponents can game plan him.

    We need to bring in a vet QB to compete. I hope the Eagles cut McNabb or the Seahawks cut Hasselback. That would be a perfect opportunity for the Raiders to pounce

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The Jets got to the AFC Championship game by having a boss offensive line, a strong running game and very good defense.

    That’s the path Tom Cable should have followed. Instead he tried to make us like the freekn Colts

  • Norco Bob

    NFL teams all have the same goal, win Superbowls,…the Chargers are on a dwindling list of teams still without one,..yes they are on a nice run, but what do division titles get you?…probably fired if youre Norv Turner,…yes the Chargers have been beating the Raiders the last several years,..if all they care about are divion titles then theyre doing great,…but they once again choked in a major way today, Norv probably will be fired, LT likely played his last game there, the Chargers havent won a thing,…Fouts couldnt do it, and I doubt they ever will,…the Raiders are in terrible shape right now for sure, I see it up close every year, but you cant take away their three Superbowls,…they own them,…they own as much as the rest of the division combined,…Charger fans like to give us a hard time, up until you ask them how many superbowls have they won,…that being said I didnt get any joy out of them losing today, because I dont give a damn about them, never have and never will.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    bush is another question mark on this team, as i stated earlier, the rb position is fine where we’re at, other holes need to be addressed, but it’s obvious as well bush isn’t ready to carry the load. always asking 4 a breather, fumble prone, and basically unproven at this point. it suited him basically, to be underutilized to keep healthy and fresh for big games late in the season.

  • lefty12

    people are always crying because we get so called track stars instead of ‘football’ players,yet continually knock the ‘football’ players we have because they aren’t good enough.

  • Lefty, thank you for proving that Al Davis can’t spot football players.

  • JT

    Al Davis is the supreme choke job come draft day

    Shone Green in round 3 by the jets…
    Ray Rice by the ravens…

    Wait, these RB’s are too short and run slow right?…

    We draft the 6’1″ McFadden that falls easily and cant stay healthy…

    Al Davis has no brains for talent evaluation… that is the reason we suck

  • Sweep The Leg.

    # Charged Up for Superbowl Victory Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    We’ll be back next year. Don’t get your heads down Charger Nation! We have to persevere just like those poor people in Haiti. Rivers won’t let that happen. Next year is our time soon as we get rid of Norv. Maybe we can get Kiffin.

    If you had any doubt that Charged up is a selfish dolt, then see the above where he compares the Chargers loss to the plight of the Haitian people.


  • lefty12

    S&B-read my whole post before you go off on one of your rants .i said Grad. wasn’t a 1st rate QB but he was the best one we put out there this year.I disagree with the type of team we should put out there.We need a team that can put points on the board.The Jets only won because Turner blew it.ALL THE TEAMS LEFT ARE PASSING TEAMS except the Jets and they should have LOST.

  • raidertalk

    I hate to say it but Cable should get another chance(although he needs an o coordinator). When he benched JaBustus we started winning. Until Grads and Frye got injured because of no pass protection.
    Who’s fault is it that we do not have O-linemen?
    When was the last time we drafted or traded for or got a FA O-lineman who was a probowler? The last one I can remember was Lincoln Kennedy???

  • ArcticRanger1972

    For Florida Pete
    Ref: Co. O (Arctic Ranger) 1972. I too was one, looking for fellow Rangers. Contact me.