Davis better at concealing info than building team


If Al Davis was as good at building a team as he was hiding his intentions with regard to the next coach, the Raiders wouldn’t be on this seven-year run of misery.

Here’s what CBS Insider Charlie Casserly said to today regarding the Davis-Tom Cable situation:

“They met last week and nothing was resolved about Tom Cable’s status going forward as the head coach. Now here’s one of the issues they have to work through. Last year, Tom Cable was not only the head coach, he was the offensive coordinator, he was the play-caller, and he worked some with the offensive line.

If Tom Cable returns, look for the Raiders to hire an offensive coordinator to call the plays, and Tom Cable, as head coach, might work more with the offensive line. Another issue _ Tom Cable said I don’t know if we can win with JaMarcus Russell. Immediately, people said, well, one has to go. Not necessarily. They both could stay. They both could go or one or the other could stay or go.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick got all worked up before the playoffs when Casserly reported Tom Brady was playing with broken ribs, saying, “Who’s been wrong more than Charlie Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist.”

Belichick may feel differently if he saw today’s report on the Raiders, because Casserly pretty much covered himself for every possibility.

But let’s face it. Nobody’s got the definitive answer on Cable. Maybe because Davis hasn’t made up his mind; maybe because the inner circle of people who truly know what’s going is so small that if word were to get out, Davis would know immediately who spilled the beans.

Conventional wisdom, the most dangerous of phrases when applied to the Raiders, is that Cable is a goner. That hasn’t changed since since the day after the season ended.

But to paraphrase Jim Mora the elder, “You think you know, but you don’t know.”

I’ll leave out “and you never will.”

A few thoughts about playoff football and how it applies to the Raiders:

— Is there any good reason Darren McFadden can’t be a factor along the lines of Percy Harvin, Reggie Bush or his college teammate, Felix Jones? Did he really lay waste to the SEC only to fade into oblivion as an NFL player?

— Put Darrius Heyward-Bey, Reggie Wayne and Sidney Rice in a foot-race and you know who wins. Put a football in the air, and, well, you know. The last time the Raiders had a receiver with hands as reliable as Wayne, he wore No. 25 and was covered in Stickum.

— Tim “That’s not true!” Kawakami thinks Davis may be holding on to Cable simply to keep him away from joining young Lance at USC. If the guy isn’t good enough to coach for you, then why would you worry where he goes?

Of course, when Davis cut Lamont Jordan, it was supposedly with the handshake agreement he wouldn’t go to New England _ which is exactly what Jordan did. Again, if someone isn’t good enough to play for a team coming off a string of 4-12s and 5-11s, why worry about where he goes next?

Anyway, Kiffin may still have openings at offensive coordinator and offensive line. Initial reports had Tim Davis returning to USC as Kiffin’s line coach, but the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports Davis will remain at Minnesota as the line coach and running game coordinator.

— Here’s a sheer speculation possibility for Cable should the ax fall _ offensive line coach of the Washington Redskins. Joe Bugel has retired, Alex Gibbs joined Pete Carroll in Seattle, and Cable was trained under Gibbs as a zone blocking guru. Mike Shanahan is a zone blocking guy from way back. Gibbs was on his staff with the Los Angeles Raiders.

— The first three names I was given by a veteran Davis-watcher knowledgeable in the ways of the NFL rumor mill should Cable be fired _ Kevin Gilbride, Marc Trestman, Jim Harbaugh.

— As bad as the Raiders passing attack has been since 2006, and as tempting as it is to keep playing roulette with quarterbacks and receivers, the Raiders desperately need some offensive line studs to or they’ll never get back to .500 and beyond. As good as the Jets’ defense is, their offensive line paves the way to a terrific running game and adequately protects a rookie quarterback.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • # Seymour Bush Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Don’t forget that Al and Dick Nolan, Mike’s dad, go back aways and always had a decent relationship. Having Mike here in some front office capacity might not be the worst thing.
    Go back aways? lol…oh..you mean go back a ways.
    Got cha.
    Except they had a zero relationship, dumbass.
    Show me anywhere that they were anything but casual?
    they weren’t.
    And obviously you don’t know anything about Mike Nolan.
    The guy has about as much tact as a flea.

    And WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER if his dad knew Al or not? How does that matter? lol…you freaking idiot.

    AIG: “Hey, he knew his dad. I’ll bet that makes a difference”…dumbass.

  • Seymour Bush

    # 504 Raider Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    If Marshall gets aluminumed with Cable, do we make a play for Mike Nolan? Then do we get Mt.Cody at #8? Spikes in the 2nd?
    wack-o-chet I am going to ignore your idiocy, not because you scare me or I can’t trounce you, I just (like everyone else here) don’t care a lick what you think about anything.

    Possibly. Terrance Cody will most likely drop on draft day. He’s a two down player, and while he did show some desire this last year, the main criticism of him is he takes waaaay too many plays off. Do you think we need another high profile guy that comes with the lazy tag? The number one issue of the Oakland Raiders appears to be on the lines and inside LB. Spikes probably will fall as most ILB’s do on draft day. We could probably find one in the 3rd round that would be just dandy.

  • Seymour Bush

    Would someone go find Al’s drool rag? He’s ruining the Alameda County Mental Health Crisis Clinic’s computer again with his ravings and droolings.

  • Best post Jerry has had to lay down, way to go Jerry, no punches pulled, our team is So lacking, again….

  • sol4rl

    above average owners and above average gms are consistently 1-3(3 may even be a reach) wins away to make the tournament..let that simmer before u tear it apart………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………(regular season only, since 05)
    AFC SOUTH..jags were 12-4 in 05′,8-8 in 06′, 11-5 in 07′, 5-11 in 08′, 7-9 in 09….5 complete seasons, above average owners and gms would drafted jus a lil bit better and in those 5 seasons 2 or 3 of those close games that could have went the other way. total wins in 5 years- 43!
    AFC NORTH..ravens win total 44!!
    AFC EAST…dolphins win total 40!……..dont forget 1 win 07’….
    AFC WEST…broncos win total 45!!!
    NFC SOUTH..bucs win total…a pedestrain 36
    NFC NORTH…vikes win total 45!!!
    NFC EAST…eagles win total 44!!
    NFC WEST..cards win total..37
    ************our beloved raiders……win total………..20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***********************
    ALL TEAMS REFERENCED have had gm’s the last 5 seasons.
    above average owner and an above average gm= better drafting, better free agent signings, knowing who to resign and at what price to resign them for.
    **********************raider win total from 99′-04′(5 seasons) F’n 50!!!!!!!!!************
    bottom line, jus own, your employees will ask for your input when needed. winning more games=making more $$$. making more $$ does so much for a BUSINESS. if you owned a business would u continue paying an underperforming employee? lmfao or better yet would you hire someone so qualified that u had a gut feeling that that employee would perform so well and could rapidly turn around moral in the “office” but u dont hire the right trainers and all that potential is lost when that same employee is consistenly late and jus does enough to get by, and after every weekly performance review that employee keeps saying a change will come. (sound familar?) im n sales and maybe i dont own the billion dollar company i work for but if i dont perform i will get “released” (if u reading this makes under the league minimal in ur respected field then u can say FIRED!!!) yet these players/employee’s, coaches/managers and owners/owners(Mr. Davis) still have employment? Irsay (colts owner) is so gangsta he didnt even resign harrison…marvin “oh sh*t i catch everything” harrison after a major knee injury.lol how much did we give javon? so we couldnt sign harrison when schillens went down in the preseason? harrison tutoring DHB, MURPHY, HIGGINS, WATKINS gasp…RUSSELL having a HOF correct him after an incorrect read. irsay’s win total last 5 seasons…65 (me crying)………………….now your arguement is “cant compare Davis to one of the best ran franchises”…right? why not? we use to be the best why not compare to that type of results? 65 wins in 5 seasons….think about that….and while im on my soap box****
    leave huff alone..took nnamdi four years**
    O-line would get crusched by 2 or more SEC d-lines lol***

  • RaiderSam

    “O-line would get crusched by 2 or more SEC d-lines lol***”

    SEC has had its share of flops

    Derrick Harvey, Jarvis Moss, JaMarcus Russell and Quentin Groves to name four.

    Question; Why has the SEC top teams Florida and Alabama seem to always avoid USC or Boise St.?

  • djohnnyg

    Ha. It hurts that the SEC has won the last 4 National Championships in a row, and in fact SHOULD have been given the # 1 ranking one of the years USC was gifted it. Auburn was 13-0 that yr. and would have destroyed USC.

    You’ve got it all wrong; it is USC that is avoiding the big SEC teams cuz they know they would be blown out by three TD’S if they dared to play Bama or Florida.

    Oh, and why hasn’t USC played Boise St.? (since u brought it up).

  • djohnnyg

    A better ? is why does EVERYBODY avoid playing Boise St.?