Seymour realizes the inevitable


For the second time in two weeks, defensive lineman Richard Seymour is talking up the possibility of joining the Raiders.

Last week, it was on Comcast SportsNet in New England. This time, it was with radio station WEEI in Boston.

Why? Because, one, it seemed like he did enjoy playing in Oakland. Second, Seymour realizes the Raiders have the franchise tag and aren’t afraid to use it.

The more Seymour talks up the Raiders, the more he’s liable to get paid on a long-term contract, rather than playing it close to the vest and settling for a franchise tag.

Al Davis made Nnamdi Asomugha the highest-paid cornerback in NFL history and Shane Lechler the highest-paid punter. Seymour’s a businessman. He understands this. And the happier he is about being a Raider, the more he’s likely to receive.

— Beat writer Steve Corkran confirms an NFL Network item which says the Raiders are interested in rehiring defensive line coach Mike Waufle. That would suggest that Dwaine Board has been given the green light to seek employment elsewhere. Board came in last season along with defensive coordinator John Marshall (who he worked with in Seattle), linebackers coach Mike Haluchak and secondary coach Lionel Washington.

— Davis was placed at the Raiders facility today, but no confirmation that he actually talked with Tom Cable. Cable wasn’t with Raiders scouts at East-West Shrine practices in Orlando, Fla., but that’s not anything out of the ordinary. The only head coaches there made in-state commutes _ Jacksonville’s Jack Del Rio and Tampa Bay’s Raheem Morris.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nnamdi21

    priesttj Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 11:21 pm
    Nnamdi21, for the best player on your team to always be whinning about what he can’t do instead of leading the troops bothers me. I’ve watched the raiders for over 40 years and we’ve had the best corners to ever play the game and they never once whined like he does about what they wont let me do. He’s making too much money and the rest of the defensive players listen to him and if he’s whinning what do you think they’ll do?


    I do recall him saying they needed to be more diverse but frankly after watching them this year, they were. They played zone, they blitzed more too it seemed.

  • Seymour Bush

    The Return of Godliness Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    # KoolKell Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Hey Bree, you lil faq,

    Last year you were Oakglenn’s boy.

    Now, you want to sound like KookKell?

    You wannaabe me don’t cha? 😉

    Oakglenn is still great. Nothing has changed on that note

    # KoolKell Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 9:45 pm


    Oakglenn left you for me to abuse. Did you know that. He wasn’t your daddy.

    Holy Moly. I don’t know who this oakglen guy is, but this is the 10th time you all have referenced him TODAY! I am going to try to find this guy, just like Sheen goes to find Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

  • Nnamdi21

    Armond: Scott got moidahed in pre against the run. Glad Seymour came in. Scott could be the reason either Morrison (please!) or Howard don’t get resigned long term.

    Played well sshifting back and forth between LB and DE.

    I like Shaughnessy’s potential, but the kids had some serious knee issues earlier in his high school college career.

  • Nnamdi21

    Peace out Raider Nation1 Enjoy the night

    Konnichiwa bishes!

  • armond

    ive never heard motivation issues with cody but his weight may or may not be a problem. i am honestly not familiar enuff with that to comment on.u cant deny the need for a dt like that.he is power that we are clearly lacking inside and we’ll see in the next few weeks how he fares starting with the senior bowl.

  • priesttj

    Jhill, agaim man we’re on the same page for cable to know full well the kid(DHB) was struggling and never give him easy touches is criminal.

  • priesttj

    Armond, Cody takes a lot of plays off and you can’t play him on 3rd down.

  • RaiderDebo

    Nnamdi and Priest, I agree with everything you say wholeheartedly except for one thing. I really think Cable should go. Lane Kiffen annoyed the hell out of me with his public feuding with AD, but the one thing I liked about him was his public support of JaMarcus. Regardless of whether or not he wanted to draft him, I think JaMarcus won him over and anytime the camera was on, he always backed him. Cable, on the other hand, always stops short of supporting him. I always get the feeling that Cable uses JaMarcus’ struggles to mask his deficiencies and somehow keep his job. Benching him when Chaz and Gallery came back turned me against him. He looked pissed when they won the Denver game and I couldn’t believe that “we could have made the playoffs without JaMarcus” garbage. Can you imagine John Fox saying that about Jake Delhomme? It was classless and unacceptable for any head coach in this league. I want a head coach in here that doesn’t make excuses and is ready to get the most out of JR.

  • armond

    as for namdi he needs to assert himself as a true leader of the d. he has a right to complain to an extent but he knew the deal and still took the money. he isnt a winner just like the rest of them. people talk about russells motivation but i saw moss quit during games several times. never saw jruss quit during a game and yet namdi said moss was a good teammate.he accepts losing just like most of these guys which is why we need some hardazz playoff experienced coaches in here. these guys have no clue on what it takes to win. nor does cable and his 4 verticals.

  • priesttj

    Armond, on the money bro. and Raiderdebo I hear you loud and clear I said the same thing earlier today.

    Nnamdi is not a leader that much is crystal clear. Great player no doubt but he needs to step the hell up and stop the whinning.

  • armond

    PRIEST you must know more about him than ive heard but i still like him. i also believe he wont have us in many 3rd and long situations so u wouldnt have to play him on 3rd down as much. DEBO u summed up how i feel about cable. he isnt anymore of leader than jruss. he has lied constantly to cover his azz and expects russell to acknowldege his failures. i dont want him as coach in any way.i always thought lil lance had more of a relationship with russ than cable has which was the only thing he was proffessional about.

  • NorthernD

    Cody was 400+ coming out of high school.
    That’s always been the knock on him. Weight and motivation. They seem to go hand in hand.

    If he shows up to the combine at 340, he’ll shoot up the draft boards.

  • NorthernD

    A bigger version McGlockton.

  • priesttj

    Yeah there are some absolute studs that have HOF potential in this draft at #8 we simply cannot come away with another damn DHB. This must be a huge hit like McClain, Dez Bryant, Suh or one of those edge rushers capable of dominating.

    Dez Bryant is Crabtree and DHB put together, he is a beast at WR. McClain may be as good a LB as there was in the draft last year. We cannot miss on this pick he must be an impact player immediately. This is a very deeep draft.

  • priesttj

    Gaurantee Cody will go after the 15 pick. He has issues that will never go away with more money he’ll get bigger. Chester was the same way I know he’s my cousin.

  • RaiderDebo

    I’m all for McClain. We need a war daddy MLB. Kirk just doesn’t cut it. Never has in my opinion. If not him, the DE Morgan out of Tech would be great. It’s a great draft to have extra picks in. The old man must not be that crazy after all.

  • NorthernD

    One of Al’s biggest mistakes was letting McGlockton go to KC, and then drafting DT Russell. The two of them playing side by side, would have been devastating…

  • priesttj

    They did play together for a year and Chester and I used to talk about just how talented Russell was he was truely one of a kind. He could benn a sure fire HOFer light on his feet ran like a LB at 320lbs.

  • NorthernD

    ’97. I stand corrected.

  • snnyjcbs

    I know it bugged the %*&^ out of you when the Raiders brought Seymour in. After your reporting that Seymour would not play for the Raiders turned out to be wrong I heard you were seen in tears.

    And as Seymour continues to build up the Raiders wanting to stay while dumping on New England there have been sightings of you walking the GG Bridge.

    Jump Jerry, jump. What a life you must live, having to report on something you cannot stand day after day, jump Jerry OR GROW A PAIR LOL.

  • WenzhouRaider

    haha, Al Davids being “placed” at the teams facilities makes it sound like hes completely immobile and needs his gremlins to carry him around from place to place on his dark thrown of a wheelchair….btw I know what he actually means.