All sounds good for JaMarcus

Let’s see . . . Hue Jackson, Jim Fassel, Marc Trestman . . . what do these guys have in common?

Each either has been asked (in the case of Fassel and Trestman) or will be asked (in the case of Jackson) how to fix quarterback JaMarcus Russell. And you just know Kevin Gilbride will be asked for his thoughts for a second straight year.

Then Al Davis will formulate a plan regarding their answers, plus new theories about how best to protect the quarterback and run the ball with three running backs, and determine how to proceed.

That’s assuming Fassel and Trestman have indeed already interviewed, as the Chronicle reports, and ESPN is correct about Jackson’s involvement in the process.

Nobody’s affixing their name to the sources, of course, what with Cable still technically being employed and all.

Not sure why Davis does this to line coaches, but in 1994, the situation regarding Art Shell was so protracted there never was a firm firing date, only a way-after-the-fact recognition that Mike White had become the new coach. Joe Bugel waited 16 days after the regular season finale to find out he was gone. Cable hits Day 17 today.

Davis could be in the process of building a staff around Cable, or, was was subjected when Cable lost his interim label, the coach could be involved in the whole process.

By the way, Davis’ yearly declaration that lots of coaches are interested in the Raiders job came from an unlikely source _ Bills’ G.M. Buddy Nix.

“Don’t ever think you can’t fill coaching jobs, even if they’re bad,” Nix said.“Oakland gets a lot of calls. Don’t say I said that.”

There have been various moments when the Raiders have been said to have hit rock bottom, but that might be it.

Getting dissed by the general manager of the Buffalo Bills.

The guy who just made Chan Gailey as his head coach popped off about the Raiders.

The same Chan Gailey who was fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Georgia Tech and most recently offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.

We’ll see if the Raiders confirm anything today . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The Big Banana

    If Russell is THE weak link, why do we need to upgrade the Oline, WRs, and OC?

    Why not just plug Grads in and keep everyone else? I mean, we were a hands down playoff team if not for Russell, right?
    Look, there are holes on this team with or without Russell. Fact of the matter is Russell is part of the problem. Not THE problem but PART of the problem.

    The fact that a journeyman outcast outplayed him by so much that they looked like a completely different team says all you need to know. But if you want more, throw in the fact that both his teammates and coaches have publicly implied that he’s not giving it his all. There are players so disgusted that they are leaking info to media members. He even threw his teammates under the bus to the media and went as far as saying that he played well when he, in fact, stunk up the joint. Said he didn’t understand why he was being benched and that the team was making plays for Bruce, minimizing the effort from his fellow QB that he admittedly leans on for help.

    The kid needs his head examined, plain and simple. Either he has issues in his medulla oblongata or he is one lazy ass that simply doesn’t give a sh1t. Take your pick.

  • fingers

    Rehab for JaMeatloaf?……….. Yep… Weight watchers… ………. You can turn him over to Marie Osmond …or one of those other fat chicks

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