Jackson does Harbor Bay Parkway


With all the conflicting accounts of another typical offseason for the Raiders, one thing is for sure _ Hue Jackson was in Alameda, talking to team officials.

Assume that Al Davis was among them if you want, but at this point, with all the reports, denials and non-denials, it’s hard to know what’s up with the Raiders.

The Jackson visit, I’m assured, is a lock.

So where does that leave us?

First, Jackson wouldn’t be in the building if he’s not a serious candidate to be something. Since John Herrera said earlier today the Raiders have interviewed no head coaching candidates but have fielded calls from assistants, we’ll assume the reports about him being interviewed as a candidate for offensive coordinator are accurate.

Whether Jackson is under contract or not doesn’t matter much. The Ravens simply deny permission if he’s under contract, or perhaps they’ve already agreed in writing he could leave for a coordinator’s spot. He’s not here unless he’s available to be hired.

Jackson has considerable experience as an offensive coach. He coached running backs for the Redskins in 2001-02, was the Redskins offensive coordinator in 2003, coached wide receivers in Cincinnati from 2004-06 and was offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons in 2007.

With the Falcons, the line coach was Tom Cable. When Jackson was on the staff at Cal in 1996, Cable was the line coach.

Correction: Cable was with the Raiders in 2007. Jackson and Cable worked together only at Cal.

So it’s not a reach to think Jackson could be the new offensive brain-trust on a Cable-coached team. Or that Davis is at least examining the possibility.

In that scenario, if the Raiders were to again stumble out of the gate, Jackson could take over as head coach. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as we media-types are prone to do during yearly coaching searches.

As for all the Raiders denials about not talking to Fassel, Trestman, Harbaugh, etc., about the head coaching job?

In their favor is the fact they haven’t operated that way in the past, or at least since they returned to Oakland. The real “interviews” came after the head coach was fired.

On the other hand, every team in the NFL has ways of reaching out to prospective candidates should they dump their coach. That’s not the same as an interview. It’s more along the lines of, “In a hypothetical situation, if we fire our coach, are you interested or not?”

Every team has a front office to do those kinds of things. The Raiders? Not so much. Although it’s not impossible, I’m guessing if Davis wants to gauge the interest of someone like Jim Harbaugh, he calls himself, rather than having Mike Taylor or John Herrera do it.

And even those conversations leave a lot unsaid. Linebackers coach Don Martindale was convinced after a lengthy interview with Davis last season he was under consideration to be the head coach. The Raiders, by way of a Herrera statement after the fact, said he wasn’t.

Jon Gruden said he never remembers even being told he had the job. Lane Kiffin said he and Davis talked and the only thing he was asked is, “Well, do you like us?” Then he was taken away with lawyers to work out a contract.

The Raiders offered the job to Dallas assistant Sean Payton in 2004 and USC assistant coach Steve Sarkisian in 2007, only to flatly deny it when Norv Turner and Kiffin were hired. Even people who work in the building, when their guard is down, will admit as much.

So pick a side to believe and cross your fingers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    Anything POSITIVE or GOOD happen yet with the Raiders today??

    Has the dumb old man offered Harbaugh at least a 4 year contract worth 16.5 million total guaranteed?

    If the idiotic old man can waste money on guys like Juggs Russell and DHB, then I’m sure he has the nuts to give a REAL coach like Harbaugh 16.5 million over 4 years right?

    Nah…the old man Al doesn’t know what the heck he is doing.

    Hire Harbaugh as Head Coach and the he can hire Hue Jackson as his offensive coordinator and keep Hackett as QB coach.

  • armond

    oline no doubt has to be upgraded along with lb. alex mack wouldve solidified that entire left side this season. dhb wasnt a good pick considering we couldve had a future all pro C on the team. dezmon briscoe from kansas would be a guy to go after this year after the 1 rst rnd. the wiz nephew from penn st might be a good option this year.

  • Raiders4eve


    Tomlin drafted Rashard Mendenhall and thats why he started over Speedy Parker, he also drafted Wallace, besides, Tomlin is clearly in command you can notice it by the way he talks and says who is starting or not. Cable needed AL’s permission to bench Jawalrus. Ken Whisenhunt controls everything in Arizona you gotta agree some coaches have more leverage then others.

  • armond

    hopefully seymour can throw some salt in the game against the pats for us to get wilfork. wouldnt that be somethin to have seymour/wilfork and a 3rd/5th pick for burgess and a ’11 1rst rnder? id do that every time.

  • RaiderRobG


  • DKnight007

    # Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Al is not stupid enough to want Gruden back. He flamed in Tampa, and is overrated.

    Thats’ funny…because Gruden would turn this franchise around in a heart beat!

    Without a doubt!

  • Seymour Bush

    armond Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    the argument to keep cable is weak. take russell out the mix and there hasnt been real progession by any of our young offensive guys.

    How’s about Schilens and Michael Bush.

  • evereraiderz Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    your argument is very flawed, especially since we know for sure that Gruden would come

    RICHOCHET: Actually, what is known is that Gruden answered yes when asked if he would ever coach the Raiders again. What he DIDN’T SAY was would he take that job without Al dumping that List of 10. I say no. My money says no.
    and that we had Sean Payton hired before JJ intervened.

    RICHOCHET: While Gruden is a, IMO, quality coach, Payton was an assistant.
    Do you understand what I mean when I’m saying the Raiders won’t get a quality head coach? I don’t mean they can’t hire someone who turns INTO a quality head coach..I’m saying what others are saying, that an ESTABLISHED, QUALITY HEAD COACH would find no desire, or need to compromise so many things in order to come to coach the Raiders? OF COURSE any team can hire an assistant, and find gold when they turn out to be a star coach..not saying that. I’m saying that ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR BONES (means once you’ve established yourself, obviously) that you now are in a position to be a little more selective. Yes, Payton turned out to be a quality head coach..BUT..then he was an asst.
    BTW..that assistant? TURNED DOWN THE JOB..because of a 500K raise. What does that tell you?
    I mean we could hire any number of guys, but that doesn’t make them a good choice. How many guys do u think would have taken the Indy job, but for continuity sake they kept a GOOD coach that happened to be an assistant and promoted him. You probably thought Caldwell was a bad hire. How many in here thought Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh was a good hire or Mike Smith in Atl? Who knew how good Sporano was before Parcells hired him in Miami?

    RICHOCHET: again, the point wasn’t “you can’t hire an asst and him turn out great”. Apparently you think that’s what I meant.
    Not at all.

    if you go all the way up the thread, you’ll see the whole context. Seymour the Flea just cut and paste one paragraph out of the whole thing.
    In other words, he has no excuse for looking stupid..he screams stupid, lol..big time.

  • Seymour Bush

    RICHOCHET: While Gruden is a, IMO, quality coach, Payton was an assistant.
    Do you understand what I mean when I’m saying the Raiders won’t get a quality head coach? I don’t mean they can’t hire someone who turns INTO a quality head coach..I’m saying what others are saying, that an ESTABLISHED, QUALITY HEAD COACH would find no desire, or need to compromise so many things in order to come to coach the Raiders?

    What the hell is wrong with this guy? Why is he sooooooo freaking dense? We understand the redundant obvious irrelevant posts. That’s what you do. What you don’t seem to grasp is what were the combined records of the Head Coaches that are coaching in the AFC Championship Game coming into this season? I will answer that for you 0-0. You know what that means? You don’t need an established Head Coach to win in this league. So your argument is irrelevant.

  • # jhill Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Al is the GM!
    RICHOCHET: Exactly. The biggest faux paus.

    Did Carroll and Shanny Rat get to pick their whole staff? No hangovers? How about Buffalo?
    Richochet: Don’t know about Carroll..but you can bet Shanahan has full control over who’s on his staff. You can also bet that Shanahan, and most likely every HC in the league, (except the Raiders) has the authority to terminate an asst, if need be. How could they not?

    Well outside of DHB and Mike Mitchell, Russell, Gallery, Huff, and DMAC were not bad picks at the time they were made. Easy to go Monday morning QB on us.
    RICHOCHET: Outside of? lol..Two picks just this last year that made no sense to anyone. Russell, Huff, and DMAC? Huff and DMAC were way down the list of priority needs at the time, and both are suspect. Russell was that “deep threat” Al can’t resist. Obviously that could have gone either way. obviously it didn’t work out.

    You mean like The Titans owner told Fisher to play Vince Young? (side note: can’t believe he made the Pro Bowl!).

    RICHOCHET: I’m sorry..but which of the ten does that directly apply to? None.

    Only person I’ve heard say that is Sapp. No argument that Ryan was a puppet. Marshall sure seems to be mixing it up though.
    RICHOCHET: The list is long on explayers that have no shortage of things to say about Al butting in..from Romo to Collins to Rice to Sapp. How many do you need?


    Or it just goes back to he needs to fork over the cash and hire a better coach. Kiffin and Cable picked those players!

    RICHOCHET: Picked what players? Where did you ever see that? For that matter Kiffin didn’t want Russell. Obviously as HC he had no say in it.

    The rest sound like personal issues you have against the owner or are lumped in to the whole Kiffin thing. Kiffin shouldn’t have acted like a spoiled brat. So Al told him NO you can’t bring your daddy here. Play out the year and hire someone else when Ryan’s contract is up instead quitting and trying to get fired.

    RICHOCHET: lol..that’s not how it happened, and you know it. Al pulled his ‘YOU DON’T FIRE ANYONE. NO ONE FIRES ANYONE AROUND HERE BUT ME.”..THAT’S when Kiffin said if I can’t control my staff, fire me. Al didn’t. Al dared him to “quit if you want”..knowing he wouldn’t have to pay him. Kiffin didn’t take the bait. Kiffin went public with his displeasure in Al’s offseason total chaos fiasco, starting with Walker. Comments from Kiffin about Al butting in prompted Al to threaten Kiffin for going public with what was going on (Ironic that Al did the exact same thing..no?) INCLUDING Al getting together with Ryan to game plan the defense, ignoring Kiffin. Al sends a warning letter. Then Kiffin suspends Randy Hanson, where Al promptly OVERRULES KIFFIN.

    You’re welcome to state exactly which of the 10 is wrong.
    So far you haven’t.