Lots of Raiders coaching rumors floating around


Another day, another deluge of Raiders rumors.

While there’s no definitive word coming out of Raiders’ headquarters about head coach Tom Cable’s status, there’s a report that Al Davis is already interviewing potential replacements for Cable’s job.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported both Jim Fassel and Marc Trestman, a pair of former Raiders assistants, have talked with Davis about becoming the Raiders’ next head coach. Another thing both Fassel and Trestman have in common is they’re coming off championship seasons — Fassel coached Las Vegas to the inaugural United Football League championship and Trestman’s Montreal Alouettes won the Canadian Football League title.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported the Raiders have asked for and received permission to talk with Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson. It’s not clear what position Jackson will be interviewing for, though it’s possible it would be as offensive coordinator — either taking the reins from Cable or running the offense for the new coach.

Connecting the coaching dots, Jackson served three seasons as USC’s offensive coordinator under then-Trojans head coach Paul Hackett from 1998-2000. Hackett is the Raiders’ current quarterbacks coach. Jackson also spent the 1996 season as Cal’s offensive coordinator, where one of his co-coaches was Cable, then the Golden Bears’ offensive line coach.

The 44-year-old Jackson enjoyed his greatest NFL success as the Cincinnati Bengals’ receivers coach (2004-06), where he received a lot of credit for developing Chad Ochocinco (er, Johnson) and T.J. Houshmandzadeh into top-flight receivers. That’s a skill that could potentially serve him well in Oakland, where last year’s No. 1 pick, Darrius Heyward-Bey, had a disappointing season.

Jackson has been second-year Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s only quarterbacks coach. However, Jackson has received some criticism for not elevating Flacco’s game this season.

Finally, NFL.com first reported that ex-Raiders defensive line coach Mike Waufle will interview for that same position with Oakland. Currently, Dwaine Board is listed as the Raiders’ defensive line coach.


Jon Becker

  • new post ladies

  • RaiderDebo

    Hobs, relax. I’ll get to the toilets in a minute. But 1st things 1st: QBs shouldn’t have records. That is a bogus stat that I don’t even think is official. The legendary Gil Brandt said it best: There’s no position more important then QB, but no position depends more on the guys around him getting their jobs done. In his prime after two years as a starter? Please. He’s got plenty of time to reach his prime. And I could care less about his QB rating. As he, along with his supporting cast, gets better, that’ll get better too. It’s a process.

  • RaiderDebo

    priesttj Says:
    January 20th, 2010 at 8:14 am
    Great post #124 they want what they seee from Grads because he’s a fiery guy. But 3 teams ran him outta town. Same with Frye yeah they are ahead of Russell at this point but that wont last long.

    I’d personally take Frye over Grads size being the reason but they’re comparable talent wise. But when it comes to greatness talent wise neither of them compare to Russell NFL people understand this fans do not.

    Thanks Priest. Thank God Al Davis recognizes this. I hope Grads and Cable go to another team with Hackett and Tollner. Then some of these so-called fans can go and follow them. I’m for keeping Frye too. He’s a good model for JR off the field in terms of preparation and is already looking ahead to being a coach. I saw a special on Brett Favre the other day. He said his 1st couple of years with Green Bay, he’d watch film, but he was just watching the game. He didn’t know how to break it down. But Ty Detmer helped him figure it out. In fact, he said Detmer had to explain to him what a nickel defense is. That’s what a veteran backup is supposed to be. A selfless tutor/mentor. That’s what they brought Garcia in for, but he’s too full of himself to do that. Frye is the guy. All JR needs is a a little help in this area like any other young QB. Not worried about him at all.

  • ohioraider

    Priest your support of Frye over Grads is outlandish in its wrongheadedness. I watched Frye in Cleveland. He is nothing more than a benchwarmer/clipboard holder. Gradkowski reminds many of us of Gannon in his spirit and leadership. These qualities have been totally lacking in this team–including at the top of the hierarchy. If you can’t see this you’re clueless, but then again you still believe crazy Al will turn things around don’t you?

    RaiderDumbo you’re not much more insightful, dude. You guys are a couple of apologists and really believe a change in coaching staff is the answer. Good grief.

  • inonewordraider

    Grads looked good when he was in but we were still down at halftime to the Redskins with Bruce at the healm. I like bringing Bruce back Frye however is expendable based on what he showed against Cleveland. We still need to bring in a solid vet qb (Vick could suffice) to compete w/ Grads in case D’s figure him out and he’s unable to adapt. An OC so Cable can focus more on OL, a revamped Oline and LB crew via FA/draft and were in business

  • cfrylopez

    Jin Fassel told Sirius radio host Gary Williams this morning that he had NOT talked with Al Davis about the Raiders Head coaching posion because the Raiders currently have a Head Coach, Tom Cable. Al Davis has not called him and he has not called Al Davis because he has a coaching job he really likes in Las Vegas and his son in on the raiders coaching staff and he wouldn’t want to create a bad situation for his son.

  • DKnight007

    Do not renew season tickets unless Harbaugh or Gruden are hired as the Head Coach and if a REAL GM/Personnel Man who knows how to run the draft are hired!

  • DKnight007

    Once Al Davis is gone….I want you Al Davis worshippers to go bye bye with him!