Trestman agent issues denial


The agent for Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman told the Montreal Gazette his client had not interviewed with the Raiders.

“All I can tell you is he’s the head coach of the Als,” Darren Weiner said. “He has not interviewed for any job, nor is he trying to position himself for any jobs.”

By “the Als,” we’re assuming Weiner means “Alouettes” as opposed to the Oakland Als (as in Davis).

Speaking of Davis, John Herrera was authorized to give a statement to the effect that the Raiders have not been interviewing head coaching candidates and that in fact Davis has had lengthy discussions with incumbent Tom Cable.

According to published and Internet reports, the Raiders have either contacted or interviewed Trestman, former Giants coach Jim Fassel and Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Fassel denied being contacted by the Raiders in an interview with Sirius Satellite Radio.

“The reports that we’ve interviewed prospective head coaches is totally untrue, totally false,” said Herrera, adding that those reports were were “absolutely untrue, false and completely irresponsible.”

(That’s right. Both absolutely untrue and false at the same time).

As for reports about potential assistants (line coach Mike Waufle, Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson), Herrera said, “A lot of people have called inquiring about coaching positions, as that’s par for the course at this time of the year.”

Herrera refuted reports that characterized Davis’ talks with Cable as “brief,” saying, “Mr. Davis has had meetings of substance and depth with Tom Cable since the season ended,” but stopped short of saying those meetings were evidence Cable will remain the coach during the 2010 season.

Basically, we’ve got denials all around, no one on the record and Cable still hanging in there, awaiting his fate, hoping to remain the Raiders head coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chris, I believe Sapp. So do most people who aren’t die hard Davis loyalists. Don’t know what to tell you.

  • Glutten for Punishment

    i want that stretcher! lol

  • Chris in NY Says:
    January 20th, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    My theory: Al doesn’t know if he’s going to keep Cable or not. I think he’s a little torn over what to do.


    Uh, I think we’re all kind of on that page already. And, as humble as you try to make Al sound, leaving your head coach in the lurch and not letting him know if he’s coming back is classless. Cable’s been fired, even if he doesn’t know it. If I were Tom Cable, after all of this, I would do what Kiffin did, except smarter. I would do everything I could to build my team my way, while being careful to not do anything that arbitration would agree with Al is grounds to fire me for cause. But of course, Cable doesn’t have the resolve to stand up to Al. He’s not an assistant half his size or a woman.

  • Out for the night, up earlie tomorrow, east coast here

  • Glutten for Punishment

    i think cable will remain coach and they are now beefing up his staff. especially offense.

  • Chris in NY


    I’m not saying you have to believe Davis, I’m just saying Sapp is not a credible source of information. He’s like a fat, black bulging eyed Glenn Beck, only smarter.

  • Chris, I believe Sapp’s a credible enough source to say what he said about Davis and the Raiders. The rebuttals against his comments have been contrived, desperate attempts at distraction, at best. And much of what he said about Al’s meddling has been corroborated by so many former Raiders’ players, coaches, and management that I’ve lost count. Lastly, in my opinion, John Herrera has more of a resemblance to Glen Beck than Sapp does.

  • RaiderMario420

    I got locked out of my IBA account for a while and haven’t been able to log-on for a few.

    I like Rolando McClain for our 1st pick. He plays fast and nasty, can start right away at SLB, and could grow into one of those franchise forces in the middle. Unless we trade up with the Rams to get Suh, but I think that might be cost prohibitive. After that, our other early round draft picks should be spent on OL. God, we were bad up front!

    Had a dream the other night that we traded a mid-round pick to Philly for Vick, and Al let Vick, JaLardass, and Gradwhatshisname battle it out. You would figure someone out of that group would step up and not be horrible. I kinda agree with Cable that we’re not too far away. Gotta get better up front, get better at stopping the run, and find a QB to lead this team.

    Speaking of JaLardass, earlier, DURING the season, I saw him at the club with a certain Bay Area rapper, smoking a blunt and drinking a bottle of Hennessy. You should have seen the size of the bag of Jack-in-the-Box hamburgers he picked up at 4am! This professional athlete has the diet regimen of . . . well . . . myself. Except I’m not being paid $60 mil to do so. Man, what a bum. I called both the NFL and Raiders HQ’s and practically begged them to drug test him.

    And finally, as I have always said, cut all that Al Davis bashing out. Al Davis IS the Raiders. It was that way when your daddy became a Raider fan. It was that way when you became a Raider fan. It was that way when your kids were born Raider fans. You don’t like it, go be a Charger fan. I hear their bandwagon is always open.

  • RaiderMario420

    Raider Company Line:
    Cable is the head coach . . . until further notice

  • RaiderMario420

    Heard that the Raiders were positioning themselves to make a move for Merriman

  • Rich Gannon is saying the same thing as Sapp has.

  • RaiderMario420

    Vote for Hall of Fame finalists:


  • Kell, isn’t funny when people defending Raiders’ management accuse others of having no credibility?

  • Infinite Raider

    U want to shut down sapp (not that I care about him or his opinion)?


  • “isn’t IT funny”, not, “isn’t funny”.

  • Infinite Raider, are you saying that Sapp isn’t telling the truth, and that people only believe him because the team is losing? If so, I disagree. What Sapp said about Davis is nothing that hasn’t been said or written about before. Kell, we still got a link to that ’96 SI article?

  • Vegas,

    I’ll be back later, so we can continue the draft talk.

  • Mistabr0wn

    Its hard to say which is more of a circus the AL Davis off season or the 0bama admin. Im just gonna call it a toss up. At least we can vote out Barback..


    If the Colts make the Super Bowl, we’ll be on to the seventh-best quarterback in the AFC making the team. That’s only 23 more injuries away from JaMarcus Russell making the team, and no one wants that.

    from profootballtalk.com

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • MR,

    Not an order. I read a post that said jerry should do a thread about the draft, so I wanted to talk about the draft since nothing else is going on as far as the HC job.

  • jhill

    LMFAO at Vince Young making the Pro Bowl!

    The state of the QB situation in the NFL is at a ridiculous all time low.

    Vince fugging Young? A Pro Bowler ?????!!!!????


  • LMN,

    I like Scott as a DE his rookie year, but he played better as a LB this year.

    I say LB, and an extra pass rusher when we need one.

  • jhill


    Saw the dude at the club blunted and Henny’d up?

    Then, what, you just happened to run into him again at Jack N the Crack?

  • jhill

    Trevor Scott found the right spot at OLB. Good fit. Really hope to see Marshall stick around and build off how the defense played with the blitzing and whatnot. Add a McLain and a fat guy in the middle, and we might have something.

  • NancyGayFan
  • What is it with the silly sniveling children, with their “If you don’t like Al, go find another team”?

    You dumbasses.

    Al is destroying the Raiders, not building them up.
    Al has made the organization into a joke, no longer feared by anyone.

    Read it again, morons. If you’re happy losing, looking pathetic, being laughed at, and having players avoid the team like the plague, all because some geriatric stubborn old coot tells you to, you’re about as spineless as it gets.

    You have Smac with his ‘AL IS THE RAIDERS. LEAVE IF YOU DON’T AGREE”

    Priest with his ghetto ebonics “Ya man..I’s representing..al’s da man. Yo, leave if you ain’t down with Al”

    to the Nitwit Mario above with ‘Stop picking on the booger picker Al”

    Who gives a ratsass about an owner?? HE DOESN’T PLAY, MORONS..he just ruins the team in the background..yet you spineless jellyfish still are happy with that? lol…bunch of pansies.

  • jhill

    We have some incredible needs for FA and the draft this year. We may not like DHB and Russell, but I think we can all pretty much agree that those won’t be position taken with the #8 pick.

    OT, C, DT, LB, and CB ALL have legit arguments for the #8 pick or a trade to acquire.

    OTs are kinda thin this year but do we take the 3rd best OT if the best LB is on the board?

  • Dude

    OT- agree
    C- AT 8. No way in hell
    DT- agree
    LB- agree
    CB- How do you figure that? Draft a guy at 8 to be a backup?

  • weabadteam

    As everyone continues to evaluate how bad the Raiders have drafted, one fact remains, when guys now put on that silver and black jersey they remain mediocre and their work ethic rarely is moved forward

  • w-t-f

    This is funny:

    (That’s right. Both absolutely untrue and false at the same time).

    I almost get the feeling that Herrera is the real problem here, telling Al everything he’s doing is great and that everyone else is wrong. If you’ve ever seen Lord of the Rings or read the books, Herrera is like Grima Wormtongue and Al Davis is like Theoden getting bad council from him:


    (herrera on the left, davis on the right).