Raiders adamant Jackson is O-coordinator candidate


A pair of Baltimore area reports have Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson in Oakland not only as a candidate for offensive coordinator, but head coach as well.

Both the Carroll County Times and the Baltimore Sun reported Jackson could ascend to the top job.

Raiders senior executive John Herrera, however, said the Raiders have conducted no outside interviews for job of head coach.

“I would vociferously deny that any head coaching interviews are taking place while (Davis) is still meeting with Tom Cable,” Herrera said.

Jackson’s contract status is not known, but he was allowed to interview for the 49ers offensive coordinator job last season while under contract with Baltimore. Coach Mike Singletary even brought back Jackson for a second interview, but in a mild surprise, instead selected Jimmy Raye to run the 49ers offense.

In other news, the Raiders are finalizing an agreement with Mike Waufle to return as defensive line coach. Waufle coached at Cal from 1992 through 1997 and with the Raiders from 1998 through 2003. Swept out with much of Bill Callahan’s staff, Waufle was hired by the New York Giants, with his shining moment coming following the 2007 season when his unit dominated the unbeaten New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Waufle was fired following the 2009 season as part of a Giants shakeup. He has almost exclusively coached four-man lines, which seem to rule out any chance the Raiders would switch to a 3-4 defense.

The Raiders made no announcement regarding the status of incumbent defensive line coach Dwaine Board, but chances are he will be in Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl next week, still under contract with Oakland but with permission to look for another job.

The contracts of assistant coaches Aaron Pelch (special teams), Rich Scangarello (quality control offense) and Bert Leone (quality control defense) were not renewed, although it’s not inconceivable they could return unless they find other employment first.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Plunkett…ask Vegas what happened after Hurricane Katrina!

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  • I’m simulating Vikings and Saints right now on Madden. Saints up 28-14. I have such a life.

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    lol I dont think he has to wait.

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    I am on the Brettbandwagon
    SB MVP at 40

  • Why can’t the Raiders just announce that Cable is staying? This is just like Kiffingate. The Raiders kept saying that nothing had changed regarding Kiffin’s job duties, so fans thought nothing was wrong. But they wouldn’t just flat out say that everything was fine with Kiffin and that he would remain coach for one more year. The reason they didn’t do this is simple: He wouldn’t be coach for one more year. He and Al were certainly clashing and the kid was on thin ice. So, I have no reason to believe that the Raiders lack of a guarantee that Cable will be around one more year is for any other reason. Saints just scored again on my Madden simulation, btw. Bush has over 300 yards. So realistic.

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    What’s up Raider N-A-T-I-O-N!

    Another suspense filled off season! As “old” as this is getting, at least there is “new” hope. Unfortunately hope is not a plan.

  • Kell isn’t the reason the Raiders lost 11 or more games for 7 years straight, you guys. Misdirected anger? Saints just scored again.

  • 42-14 saints on my madden simulation. early 4th quarter. Saints just picked another one off.

  • Saints are still throwing the ball. ha ha!!

  • Saints are running a spread, up 42-14 in the 4th. I love Madden.

  • Kell, you could be in here all day praising Al Davis and they wouldn’t have a problem with you. Don’t believe their excuses for harassing you. You know why they’re really doing it.

  • Of course I do MR. 😉

  • I would prefer to see N’awlens vs. the team coached by the smart Ryan twin, in the SB. Than the two weeks of ball washing of Peyton, and ‘ol #4. Leading up to the game. It will be unbearable.

    Cable, still has the gig. Right?

  • People who are loyal to Al Davis at this point in the game are not much better than people loyal to Bin Ladin. I’ll bet you that most people loyal to Davis today would kill for him, if asked to.

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    Hope for Haiti? Telethon.

    as for humans, each land or country has and must deal with its own karma.
    I cannot say precisely why after Toussaint threw out the French in 1810 that Haiti has been the role model for beleaguered and f#cked up places.
    The island of Hispanola had some 400,000 Arawaks as inhabitants when the prick Cristoforo Colombo became guv. His soldiers would use the indigenous population as target practice and within a few years the Arawak were no more.
    So, the island has a shytty karma, but then why is the Dominican Republic which is two-thirds of the island not inflicted with the same crap as Haiti? A voodoo reflection perhaps, but still a mystery.

    “When I reflect that God is just, I tremble for my country.” – Thomas Jefferson

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    People who are loyal to Al Davis at this point in the game are not much better than people loyal to Bin Ladin. I’ll bet you that most people loyal to Davis today would kill for him, if asked to.

    In order to kill someone, a spine is required.

    Point to one Al lover who’s not a gumbyesque worm?

    Maybe bore ya to death..I suppose..other than that, you’re safe.

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    Scott Brown (R-MA) for head coach!

  • Ha ha ha ha. Scott Brown (R-MA) for head coach! uh huh. uh huh. Ha ha ha! That’ll show them! Ha ha. Ha.

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    Why can’t the Raiders just announce that Cable is staying? =====================================================
    Al Davis=Attention Whore

    No suspense=no media circus=all quiet on the western front

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    I have learned not to debate debilitated monkeys.
    You’ll debate monkeys, just not debilitated monkeys?

    You’ve come a long way, OakDork.

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    I didnt think Oak was coming back after the two year beating he took. : )

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    First Contact is great theatre but Picard could not lift Kirks massive balls if #1’s life depended on it.

  • # Plunketthead Says:
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    Dam Rico, I can never keep my trolls straight.

    I didnt think Oak was coming back after the two year beating he took. : )
    Gluttons for punishment always seem to believe things will be different if they put on another dress….

    Visions of Petticoat Junction keep popping up…lol.

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    raiderzmaverick hit this %100 correct

    McFadden is a lot like Russell in that he doesn’t seem to have the ‘vision’. I.e. he isn’t able to see a lot of things and how the play is developing. He just runs to a place and if it’s open then great and if not, then he falls over.

    McFadden would have more yards with the Vikings than he has here though.
    mcfadden = skinny legged runner that can’t break tackles.
    No vision at all reading blockers or defenders in open field.
    As for his breakaway speed? he been caught from behind too many times while breaking a a long run full speed. Unless we use him in gimmick/trick plays like Reggie bush. He’ll be worthless.
    When he was drafted. I said we’d be lucky if he can be Eric metcalf.

  • My picks couldn’t be any worse, the simulation says the Saints in a route, that’s my pick this weekend!!

    Go Saints!!



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    Get Jackson as IC and get Troy Smith in free agency

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