Raiders predictably vague on Cable


The Raiders response to ESPN’s story claiming Tom Cable will be the coach in 2010?

We won’t say he’s staying, but we never said he was going.

The Raiders stand for a lot of things _ silver and black, pride and poise, commitment to excellence, great tailgates . . . but straight talk has never been one of them.

Let’s assume for a minute ESPN’s Adam Schefter (the false rumor mongerer) is right, just as he was as a member of the NFL Network claiming Art Shell would be fired (met initially by a Raiders denial).

This time, we’re talking about a coach the Raiders ostensibly want to keep.

Someone that, you know, they might want to get behind and support _ as they did Rob Ryan when reports surfaced about his imminent firing at the request of Lane Kiffin. (Kiffin was overruled by you-know-who).

Instead, more jabs and feints than Sugar Ray Leonard the first seven rounds against Marvin Hagler.

Cable’s not talking on the record. His agent, Don Yee, declined comment. A few players, eager to hear of Cable’s fate, aren’t returning phone calls.

Cable is expecting to attend the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., as the Raiders head coach, evaluating talent for next season.

For what it’s worth, here is the Raiders statement issued by senior executive John Herrera:

“We’ve never made any statements that the head coach would not be back. That has been media speculation from the beginning. We’ve consistently stated that we’re going through an evaluation process to determine the direction that the organization needs to go. The process is ongoing, and it has not reached a conclusion.”

Thanks for clearing that up.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    # Phila. Raider Says:
    January 24th, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    The Raiders never indicated he was going to be fired!!! I am tired of the media, in absence of information, creating their own stories and assigning them to sources or whatever. It is almost a mind set where “we’ll throw this crap out there and force their hand in having to respond with the real story”. Every single outlet had Cable GONE. Now it is BREAKING NEWS HE STAYS….their was never any Raider evidence he was not going to stay so how is this news???

    Yeah but the old man and Herrera never exactly offered any great votes of confidence that Cable was gonna stay either.

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  • djohnnyg

    Can’t somebody just tell Al Davis not to act so stupidly?

    He wants so desperately for the media to say good things about the Raiders, and he figures he’ll get that result by referring to the most recognized announcer in the league as having “not a bone of morality in his body”? Since when is criticsizing a football team “immoral”? How ridiculous. Then, didn’t he call Chris Mortensen “a chronic liar” or something like that? Why not just ignore stuff like that? Who freaking cares?

    Then he embarrassed himself by interrupting Seymour at the presser by saying “and he wants to play for the owner”; referring to himself of course.

    We wonder why a decent head coach like Cowher, or heck, even Sarkisian, wouldn’t come to Oakland. Gee whiz, maybe it’s because they worry they may not even get freakin’ paid, or that they worry Al will bring out a freaking overhead projector and read private letters, and then publicly state that he is firing his head coach “for cause”. Or maybe that Al will fire him in the middle of the season and not pay him the amount he owes him. Gee, I wonder WHY a good coach would be resistant to coming to Oakland.

    Somebody tell Al that he is only embarrassing HIMSELF with this stupid crap, not to mention the Raider fandom.

    After considering the above, how can anyone come to the conclusion that he is anything but a sane individual?