Raiders predictably vague on Cable


The Raiders response to ESPN’s story claiming Tom Cable will be the coach in 2010?

We won’t say he’s staying, but we never said he was going.

The Raiders stand for a lot of things _ silver and black, pride and poise, commitment to excellence, great tailgates . . . but straight talk has never been one of them.

Let’s assume for a minute ESPN’s Adam Schefter (the false rumor mongerer) is right, just as he was as a member of the NFL Network claiming Art Shell would be fired (met initially by a Raiders denial).

This time, we’re talking about a coach the Raiders ostensibly want to keep.

Someone that, you know, they might want to get behind and support _ as they did Rob Ryan when reports surfaced about his imminent firing at the request of Lane Kiffin. (Kiffin was overruled by you-know-who).

Instead, more jabs and feints than Sugar Ray Leonard the first seven rounds against Marvin Hagler.

Cable’s not talking on the record. His agent, Don Yee, declined comment. A few players, eager to hear of Cable’s fate, aren’t returning phone calls.

Cable is expecting to attend the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., as the Raiders head coach, evaluating talent for next season.

For what it’s worth, here is the Raiders statement issued by senior executive John Herrera:

“We’ve never made any statements that the head coach would not be back. That has been media speculation from the beginning. We’ve consistently stated that we’re going through an evaluation process to determine the direction that the organization needs to go. The process is ongoing, and it has not reached a conclusion.”

Thanks for clearing that up.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • darkhorse

  • Njraider333

    Does anyone think that finally big Al has found someone in Cable that he will actually trust to make decisions ??? He did allow Cable to bench Russell, so maybe there is alittle hope the Al will allow Cable to shape this time and have more influence on players then past coaches.

  • NoMoreFargas

    Great so Al trust an awful head coach who hasn’t won anywhere, I always wondered who Al would hire that would be worse than Norv Turner and 2 HC in a row Lane Kiffin,Tom Cable wow what amazing HC. Can’t wait to see Fargas 2010 maybe 3 1yrd TD and 500 rush look out league .

  • Morning Nation!!!!

  • Thank You Zymurge

    Zymurge Says:
    January 23rd, 2010 at 9:12 pm
    For those blaming Cable and the ZBS for lack of production, just how much do you know about the ZBS anyway? I knew only the basics, so I looked up info online and found this great breakdown: http://www.rockytoptalk.com/2009/3/31/815874/zone-blocking-tutorial-inside-zone

    One thing that it calls out is that the ZBS requires a certain type of RB. Fact is, none of the 3 Raiders RBs are a great fit, but Fargas is probably the best. That would explain why Cable uses him as the starter. That, and he’s also the best pass blocker. They key is that the RB must be decisive, make one quick read, and then plow towards that decision whether the hole is there at the time they commit or not. DMac lacks the cutback ability and Bush so far is too hesitant and won’t commit himself into traffic.

    NFL teams that exclusively run the ZBS are Oakland, Washington, Green Bay, Carolina and Houston. How did some of the non-Raiders offenses with the ZBS do?

    Houston: #6 passing, #30 rushing, #6 overall
    Green Bay: #5 passing, #11 rushing, #9 overall
    Carolina: #2 rushing, #17t rushing, #18 overall
    Washington: #12 passing, #29 rushing, #19 overall

    * all ranks based on average per play, not total yards, to give a better feel for effectiveness of system

    Looking at the system overall, that’s pretty much overall success. And all of those teams have RBs that are a better match for the system — not too mention better QBs to keep 9 out of the box.

    BTW — the much maligned Raiders rushing game was #19 overall in yards per attempt, which is just under average. Not bad for a team that had a so-called horrible run blocking scheme, no passing threat for more than half the season, horrendous play calling and an offensive line that most here think needs at least 2 if not 3 of the players replaced.

    Maybe, just maybe, the ZBS is the only reason that they were as successful as they were.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Hope springs eternal. I have a small amount of hope for next season. Al made a good choice in bringing back Cable. If he get’s an OC that knows how to use the running backs and Gallery coming back full strength will help a lot. Of course all this is moot if Al forces Jafukus on them because all that MF does is fuk us up. Lost cause he is. Oh and if he let’s Marshall blitz more, I think the defense can get excited.

  • voiceofreason

    As much as I’ve grown tired of this circus at the end of every season, I will have to say that the Raiders are in the right with that statement. It has all been media speculation. They never said they were dumping him to begin with. Cable’s under contract if you’re a true fan you’d know Al isn’t going to pay a coach for not coaching. Unless he’s been crossed and as far as I can tell with Cable thats never happened.

  • Norco Bob

    I think Jerry should ban fans from yappin about the draft until we at least get to February…say after the combine? But whatever, Iv seen some of you weirdos post about this coming draft, about 3 days after the previous draft,…I wouldnt be surprised if you guys whack off thinking about Mel Kiper Jr.

  • I’m a weird-ooo…..why the hell I am still here….I don’t belong here

  • Plunketthead


    11 Minutes Of Action

    Football fans everywhere are preparing to settle in for the NFL’s biggest and most electric weekend of the season—a four-game playoff marathon that will swallow up at least 12 hours of broadcast time over two days.

    But here’s something even dedicated students of the game may not fully appreciate: There’s very little actual football in a football game.

    According to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent broadcasts, and similar estimates by researchers, the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes.

    In other words, if you tally up everything that happens between the time the ball is snapped and the play is whistled dead by the officials, there’s barely enough time to prepare a hard-boiled egg. In fact, the average telecast devotes 56% more time to showing replays.

    So what do the networks do with the other 174 minutes in a typical broadcast? Not surprisingly, commercials take up about an hour. As many as 75 minutes, or about 60% of the total air time, excluding commercials, is spent on shots of players huddling,

  • Norco Bob

    Hi Vegas,..hey Mr High Roller, you got your bread on the Jets and the money line?…goin 4 team parlay with a couple overs?…its always so interesting to hear you go on about how you bet the weekends games,..we talk about it for hours afterwards.

  • LOL

    I’m here for your entertainment Bob.

    I took the Saints because of MaddenRaider’s Madden simulator. I can’t pick worth a shyt right-now, so I am going to try this, this weekend.

  • Hey some people talk about taking their poodles for romantic walks by the river, others talk about betting, other’s on their mock drafts.

    To each their own.

  • Norco Bob

    I hit 5 4-team parlays last year at Cal-Neva in Tahoe last year, rough year on those this year, hit a few money line payoffs,…put a few bills on Oakland at Denver, money line….the sports books in Tahoe, well theres only two, are strugglin, all of Tahoe strugglin, too many Injun casinos,..the latest one in Shingle Springs is killing Tahoe.

  • Plunketthead

    Vegas always talks good football here on this Raider football blog.

  • Norco Bob

    Thank you Plunk, Im sure he apreciates your support.

  • Hey 408….thankx 4dat funny as hell true life choking by the dolts ;}

  • LOL…hey I can stir the pot and play devil’s advocate fairly well.

    Off to the Sunday morning married-lif runs to best buy, wal-mart and god knows what else.

    Enjoy the morning!!!!

  • GRaider

    Plunkett, I agree the WSJ stat is pretty interesting. Of course, they might say the something about the time spent shooting in a firefight. It underscores the importance of preparation. Once a play starts, it requires immediate reaction and commitment, and there is almost never any opportunity to correct a mistake. Would that JRuss would understand that having a gun and knowing how to pull the trigger is hardly enough.

    I wonder if the 60% includes replays. (At least the Raiders have made it to the huddle and gotten their plays off the last couple years.)

  • Plunketthead

    You are welcome Norc

  • Plunketthead

    They break it down at the link. I was gonna c&p all of it but I did not want Norc to bark at me this morning.

  • Norco Bob

    Cutting and pasting should also be banned here….cutting and pasting shows a lack of intelligence.

  • Plunketthead

    Preach it, Norc.
    The masses will follow

  • Plunketthead

    What do you think of Bretts chances of popping too many vics and laying another interception filled tuurd on the field?

  • I was listening to murp & mac the other day and they were talking bout how Herrera’s wife had a 4 year battle with cancer that she ended up loosing. Big Al paid 4 everything. No wonder the guy does what he does 4 Al.

  • Norco Bob

    No they wont, not on that,..theres some real slow pewople in here like old man Kell, he has an excuse though, hes not smart, doesnt have any original theories, cant think for himself, so he has no choice but to cut and paste and post as his own thoughts, eventhough they clearly arent his ideas,..but hey look, hes old, battling depression, stupid looking, (yes Iv seen his pic),..then theres the Rich`s, MR`s, they cant seem to post without first posting someone elses thoughts,…thats what happens when you cant initiate an arguement on your own.

  • O Mock Draft 1.0:

    1- ILB R McClain
    2- DT T Cody or Jared Odrick
    3- OT Sam Young
    3- DE Austen Lane
    4- ILB Micah Johnson
    5- OG Sergio Render

  • Norco Bob

    Did you really do research on Sergio Render?…damn.

  • How Many DTs will be drafted in the 1st? T Cody is rated lower than Suh, Mccoy, Price, Dan Williams, and Odrick at this point.

  • Seymour Bush

    Terrance Cody makes Jamarcus look like the “hardest working man in show business…James Brown!” Do any of you really think we need another all world talent that won’t lift a finger on the other side of the ball? Puuleeeeze.

  • Ricky Bobby,

    Go walk the Poodles, pop a few more pills, and get lost.
    I don’t feel like being nice to retards today.
    God bless you!


    wouldnt it sukk if by game 8 al fires tom cable next season ?

  • severeraiderz

    I hear antonio pierce is a FA and I think he would be a good pickup. He is an LA native that grew up a fan of the team and is the type of personality that can hold other players accountable.

  • Seymour,

    I will not draft anyone with questions about his work ethic in the 1st, but you don’t think a 2nd RD is worth the risk & return with a guy like T Cody? (if he falls that far)

  • Norco Bob

    God?…lol…F*ck God.

  • Don’t be angry at God. He didn’t make you a pill popper- poodle loving- alcoholic. lol


    NORCO , HEY HEY HEY . god is a raider fan buddy he told me


    why else do u think the rest of the world hates the raiders but us righteous few ? damn jews that run the nfl keep holdin us down man

  • When are you gonna come to SD, and bring me some of the Greens you guys have up there? I heard you have better Quality up there.

  • SFAD,

    you are crazy!

  • oo00tt00oo

    we have been watching for some solid news on cable and specultaing about harbaugh, trestman, etc…..another possibility just came to me….what if this is our annual wait for the super bowl offensive coordinator

    oakland raiders next head coach is..drum roll…
    Clyde Christensen or Pete Carmichael or Darrell Bevell or Brian Shottemheimer(ok..that wont happen)

    or how bout this one….davis waiting to bring back bill callahan

  • oo00tt00oo

    or the other possibility….raiders are jerking cable around hoping he quits so AL doesnt have to pay him his salary

    boy…that one actually sounds the most accurate

  • Seymour Bush

    # Raider O Says:
    January 24th, 2010 at 9:34 am


    I will not draft anyone with questions about his work ethic in the 1st, but you don’t think a 2nd RD is worth the risk & return with a guy like T Cody? (if he falls that far)

    Exactly. I know you are not a big Cable guy but those high effort guys are the kind of guys Cable wants on his roster, and not only on the field but in the locker room and film room as well. There was no reason to start Frye the last game especially if you REALLY are trying to develop Jamarcus. But because of all the effort that Charlie Frye put in getting to work early, doing everything he could to get on the field, helping the coaching staff, Cable started him in the last game and let the fat assed lazy dude sit. Don’t think that did not go unnoticed in the locker room. The players appreciate that.

    With regards to Cody, I think our offensive line has been an unmitigated disaster for years. Actually since our last playoff run. Al has tried to fix it but to no avail. If Okung is available (no sure thing), you take him. If he isn’t and McClain is (no sure thing) you take HIM. If neither is available, you might want to trade down a few slots and grab Dan Williams, the best Nose Tackle available in this draft. that’s what I would do, if I was primed to get a nose tackle. Sorry for the long response.

  • new englandraider

    a lot of talk of cody being over hyped. also, heard a lot about his work ethic, or lack there of

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    High motor guys that are GOOD! That’s the key! High Motor guys that are GOOD


    random thought . wasnt karate kid part 2 like the most ubderrated movie ever. u remember when sato told his son 2 go help daniel son but his son was like . i cant then sato ran out side and helped danielson & then came back in 7 told his son . NOW, U ARE DEAD 2 ME. i coulda shed a tear man.


    then at the end errbody pulled out that stick thingy with the string and started twirling it while daniel son was gettin his ass kicked and then chosen i think was the japanese dude name was started lookin around & got pissed cus errbody was against him and charged daniel son ….

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Cable rides with guys to the point that the season becomes lost. He rode DHB and Kwame Harris when it was clear they couldn’t play.

    His absolute devotion to wasting carries with Fargas is well documented…and Eugene continues to steal snaps from Huff.

    Now we have another “Cable Guy” in Bruce Gradkowski. The Raiders need to bring in competition for this 3x released journeyman QB.

  • My 2010 Mock Draft

    1. LB- ALA.- Rolando McClain

    2. OG- IDAHO- Mike Iupati

    3. RB- STAN.- Toby Gerhart

    3. DT- CAL.- Tyson Alualu

    4. LB- KEN.- Micah Johnson

    5. WR/KR- OLMISS.- Dexter McCluster*

    5. OG- Tex.T.- Brandon Carter

    7. C- N.D.- Eric Olsen

    *Logan Mankins N.E. (OL)
    *Nick Leckey N.O. (C)
    *Jahri Evans N.O. (OL)


    *Free Agent