Rex could have been a Raider


If the Jets take out the Colts and Peyton Manning over the next few hours, get ready for a solid two weeks of Rex Ryan mania.

It’s worth remembering that when the Bill Callahan regime was ushered out following the 2003 season in favor of (eventually) Norv Turner, the first candidate for defensive coordinator was Rex Ryan, then the linebackers coach of the Ravens.

Baltimore, however, declined permission because Ryan was under contract, as was their right. So instead, the Raiders turned to Rex’s twin brother Rob, who coached outside linebackers with the New England Patriots. Rob was hired.

“It’s about time a Ryan joined this organization,” Rob said at the time.

Judging from the way the Raiders were pushed around on defense under Rob for six years, you could make the case they got the wrong one.

Or that Rex, who eventually ascended to defensive coordinator in Baltimore, isn’t all that much different than Rob except for having the Ravens’ superior personnel.

Considering the job Rex has done with the Jets this season, with defensive schemes that are his, it looks like he’s just a damn good coach.

Even with that, there are too many pundits who are taking the Jets in this game _ more than you’d think for a 9-7 team that got into the playoffs in large part because the last two opponents were already there and weren’t exactly motivated. And because Nate Kaeding missed three field goals.

Sure, it would be fitting for the Colts to be eliminated by the same team it let into the playoffs by going in the tank to protect their personnel.

But I see it as a Colts win, and I like the the home team (New Orleans) in the second game as well.

We’ll start to find out in less than 20 minutes.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • A rookie-cap will save the league,imo

  • Norco Bob

    Hiya Richie!….Im sick of this crappy weather,…hope its nice by the time the clam-bake begins.

  • Norco Bob

    4eva,..doesnt look like the league needs saving,..easily the most profitable of all leagues.

  • Trade DMAC for 2 peach poodles!

  • Bob….2me it doesn’t make sense that a guy with zero experience gets a Large sum of money and he then joins a team with veterans that make way less than him.It just doesn’t add up 2 me….but I prolly cant imagine the ind of $$$$ the owners play with

  • Norco Bob


  • Norco Bob

    Yes there needs to be an NBA type rookie scale,..of course,..but that isnt going to save the league, because it doesnt need saving.

  • I agree Norco Bob where else can I consume large amounts of Vodka before noon and smoke fat joints all day long and be considered the norm….only in the parking lot before games….I haven’t been to a game in two years I am boycotting my team until there is change.

    Ok your probably right Al is most likely not senile he is probably very mentally alert but I still think Herrera changes his diapers…..your thoughts?

  • Norco Bob

    Some of the funniest posts in here are from old jealous fools like oldkell,…actually posts that Old Al is hurting for money,…lol…owners like Dan Snyder paid hundreds of millions for their team,..Old Al pretty much stole his, free basically,..and now its worth about 750 million,…has had minority owners cut him checks for like 185 million at a time, for a small piece,…and Old Al is hurting for cash?…you see, jealous losers like Old Kell, cant see past their bitterness, their own failures,…thats why Old Kell hates Old Al so much,..pure jealousy.

  • hey… strap-on…

    how ya doin’ my manic, obsessive-compulsive, stalking little buddy…

    you speed typist you… ya got yer little helmet on???


    interesting 5 day old post you got up there… and you managed to re-timestamp it…

    doesn’t matter… neither do you…


  • Norco Bob

    I dont know if he wears diapers, not do you,…if he does, Im sure theres a livei n nurse at his house,…along with a butler, maid, you name it,..doubt Herrera does that duty, by the way if you knew what Herrera went through less then 2 years ago, you might lighten up on him a little.

  • Well Norco I have a theory about old Unkoolkell…..I think his bedpan doesn’t get changed at night by the nursing staff because they hate him so bad…..his hemorrhoids inflamed so bad they got infected and he is grumpy because of how uncomfortable he feels when he sits down to type.

  • Maybe Herrera is a stand up guy….do tell

  • I would like to know what happened to him the last 2 years?

  • 666

  • Norco Bob

    Ok,..less then two years ago his wife died, right around the time of the Kawakami incident,…has 4 school aged kids hes now trying to raise,…maybe none of that matters to you thats fine,..but hes in a very sad spot,…alot on his plate,…I give him the benefit.

  • I knew winning means nothing to you wannabes. Just wanna get drunk in public. Whoooohoooo! I’m a Raider Fan, WhoooHoooooo!

  • Norco Bob

    Hi old man,…I see you are your usual bitter jealous self today. lol Sucks to be you old man, but thats your choice.

  • M Lonetree

    Australia Day (local)

    Leslie Frazier signs on as HC of the Oakland Raiders with Hue Jackson in tow as OC.

    Minnetonka agrees to send MLB Jaspar Brinkley (for you Pete) and FB Naufahu Tahi in exchange for Captain Kirk and McF (can you imagine the hilarity of having McFumble spell Adrop Peterson?).

  • Norco

    Thanks for the info I do understand and believe me there is no writer I hate more than Kawakami

    I knew Crappy would show up as soon as I mentioned his bedpan and his bad attitude towards nurses

  • # KoolKell Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 1:56 am

    It seems there’s not a lot of institutional football knowledge in the building.


    Comment of the day. Heck, the year.

  • Norco Bob

    Old Kell, if the Raiders won the superbowl next year, you would find something bad with it,..because you like being a bitter jealous old man…it suits you.

  • mistic1

    It appears that Davis may be coveting a couple of the assistants from the teams that were involved in this weekends championship games. This may be why we have seen this delay in the decision on cable. As soon as the season ended Davis started putting together his list of interview candidates, Im sure he has an a and b list. Three of the teams represent the wave of the future in offensive football, as well as a power 4-3 scheme defense. Davis is getting his ducks in a row, prepping to make a splash probably after the super bowl. I wonder if he will make a run at Leslie Frazier.

  • Norco Bob

    Hi MR,…hows thangs?

  • McFadden isn’t even the beginning of a pimple on Adrien Petersen’s ass.

    We got robbed when we drafted him.

  • Norco Bob

    I got a couple DM`s, (twitter), from Adam Sheffter this morning,..I wonder if I should feel honored…I think I do. 🙂

  • Seymour Bush

    I don’t know, I thought Darren McFumblor looked a lot like Adrian Peterson yesterday. How many times did AP cough it up yesterday? Five?

  • vegas raider Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 6:57 am
    Southwick and Tebow on the same team?! We would own Sunday!



    With no offensive line, no cohesiveness, no coach keeping things in order, an owner who meddles and changes game plans even in the rare instances the coaches do get it right, scholarship players who Al will keep no matter poorly they play or prepare, I’m sure Tebow and Southwick will turn things around.

    You saw Tebow crying after that Alabama game. Just picture him doing that every Sunday, and you have his stint with the Raiders.

  • Norco Bob

    Hey MR,..Im heading to the fish hatchery on Hazel here in a bit with the dogs,…watch the salmon fisherman at the damn,..bringing a joint,..you should hook up with me…nice day to get high.

  • Adam Sheffter is a short loser that used to annoy Al Davis and is a die hard Bronco fan.

    How can you find anything good to say about that twerp!

  • Norco Bob

    We would own sunday?…doesnt Tebow go to church on sundays?

  • # Norco Bob Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Old Kell, if the Raiders won the superbowl next year, you would find something bad with it,..because you like being a bitter jealous old man…it suits you.


    If the Raiders won the Super Bowl? How about a scenario more probable, like him hitting the super lotto 3 times straight?

  • Mistic

    Davis does this every year. Same ole same ole. Those assistants from playoff teams turn him down every year.

  • Norco Bob

    Well I got a couple DM`s from him this morning in my yahoo email,..I think I will save them. 🙂

  • Norco Bob

    I got 5-6 in the old 6/49 lotto game about 15 years ago,..got 8K,…one more number and it would have been 11 million…damn.

  • Bob, have to get my car smogged, otherwise I’d take you up on it.

  • Norco Bob

    Theres a dude from EDH lives down the hill from where I live, on the Colts,..went to Oak Ridge,…getting alot of pub up here….whatever his name is….hes the token white WR on the team.

  • Me and my brother go fishing by Guy West, near Sac State. Nice place to burn one, too. Quiet, birds chirping, good looking women jogging on the bike trail…

  • Norco Bob

    Another time dude,…big superbowl party at the Emerald theatre in Tahoe,..Harvey on game day,..bunch of us will be there,..Im takin the Colts and laying 4.

  • Norco Bob

    Iv caught salmon under the bridge by Goethe Park…more then once.

  • I played football my freshmen year in HS, and we played Oakridge. They destroyed us. Some big ol white boys up there.

  • Norco Bob

    Yes there are,..and none from EDH.

  • M Lonetree

    I can see it now. Some team will think that Tebow is fit to be an NFL QB.

    After Tebow has had his bell rung numerous times by the superior defenders of the NFL he’ll get in the huddle and hear the radio-relayed play call in his helmet but he will misunderstand and think that it is God talking to him. So, instead of calling a play he’ll start quoting Ecclesiastes or Corinthians to his teammates.

  • Norco Bob

    Im out,..gotta head down the hill,..anyone near Orangevale, I will be at the damn, or hatchery,..with two poodles,…hit me up, follow your nose…adios.

  • Striveth Forth on 1 break!

  • M Lonetree


    very good.

  • lol :]

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