Chicago must grin and bear it


There are worse things than working for the Raiders.

Like the Bears, for instance.

Check out this column by Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times, who can’t believe the Chicago Bears have sunk so low that Hue Jackson turned down a chance to interview to be the offensive coordinator of a team quarterbacked by Jay Cutler and instead went to work coaching JaMarcus Russell.

For all that’s gone wrong with the franchise in recent years, it’s good to know Al Davis still has the ability to close a deal.

Jackson has a monumental task in front of him. Getting Russell on the right path is only part of it. He has two other premium draft picks in Darren McFadden and Darrius Heyward-Bey who have fallen below expectations, Heyward-Bey admittedly only for a single rookie season.

There is plenty to sort out, and not just in terms of personnel. Considering Jackson said he spent most of his time talking to Davis, it’s clear he’s been handed the keys to the offense. Assuming Tom Cable remains on board, something the Raiders simply can’t bring themselves to say in the same way they did with Rob Ryan a year ago, the lines of responsibility must be clear.

Who decides to go for it on fourth-and-1? Is Cable in charge of clock management, or is Jackson?

Who breaks down practice reps for the offense and selects the starters?

Ordnarily, that’s the job of the head coach, with input from the offensive coordinator.

But these are the Raiders, and job descriptions and titles can be extremely vague. You’d think all this was sorted out during the interview process, but the Raiders don’t always operate that way. Davis gets the players and coaches he likes, puts them together, and figures they’ll work it out. Occasional conflict is a natural part of the process.

Considering the problems the Raiders had on offense last year, entrusting it to a new face, presumably one who can bring in some energy and enthusiasm, is a good thing.

However it works out, training camp just got a lot more interesting.

Heading over to San Francisco in awhile for a guest spot on “Chronicle Live,” unless they wise up find someone else . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Norco Bob

    Hi TJ,..I was on Garys show again today!!!

  • Norco Bob

    F Reagan and Bush?…at barnes and noble i met a guy that was f`ing obama for about ten years…yuk.

  • Norco Bob

    Gotta run,..headin to the gym! 🙂 (that one was for you old kell)…lol


    sad that greg oden will be remembered for this nude pic scandal & not basketball. being a number 1 pick. i wonder what jruss will be remembered for ?

  • Vegas

    Don’t you feel suspicious about the Bush Oil Family going to war in Iraq for oil?

    5,000 US Soldiers dead for BushCo.

    On top of that Dick Cheney & Halliburton getting rich on the backs of US dead soldiers???????


    jruss will be remembered as the first ex NFL player 2 beat that lil jap kid in that hot dog eatin contest

  • Kell, we went to war on Cintons intel of weapons of mass destruction. Was very believable, they gassed many Curds in 1998, Chemical Ali was hanged yesterday, in their courts, so I have to believe that one. Where the heck are you? What Year?

  • Satan, too funny…….

  • 860Todd Christensen Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Kell, we went to war on Cintons intel of weapons of mass destruction. Was very believable,
    No true.

  • dtrain

    So let me get this straight; Jackson turned down a job that has a spoiled brat of a QB that threw like 40 interceptions in Jay Cutler???

  • Facts, Kell, stick to the facts!

  • Kool,

    I have always been an outspoken critic of the war. My whole point, is that even if all of it is true, shame on the Dems for not whistle-blowing and stopping it. They have been in power since 2006 and last I checked we are still sending troops, spending money, and burdening our VA system with more walking wounded.

    One giant sham that doesn’t seem to be stopping.

  • The Big Banana

    Bush pulled a fast one on America.


    why wont u guys talk about sumtin important. like taylor swifts rendition of george straits RUN on c.b.s. or the installation of 350 motor in a 68 camaro not even cut yet . whoo. even tho ima ford mustang guy

  • Kool,

    Did you see the Tim Geitner hearings today? He was getting grilled, by some Democrats, for his involvement in backdoor deals with AIG.

    It’s all the same man, don’t focus all your anger on one side.

  • The Big Banana

    Russell completed 48.8 percent of his passes, with 3 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a 50.0 passer rating that was the lowest in the league since 1998.

  • Vegas, if Clinton hadn’t been asleep at the wheel, this would never of happened. An ex-FBI agent from those years wrote a good book on how Clinton’s picked entourange was smoking pot, not getting background checks, being misled by the administration, etc, it led him to retire. Google it, I can’t remember it, was 10 years ago at least….

  • For the President Only.

    Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US. This is the Clinton Intel that Bush ignored, and led to 9/11

    Full Text of Memo:



    i didnt even know who george strait was until taylor swift sung that song . shes pretty good. us black folks in da hood dont get into much country music.

    & on that 68 camaro were putting sum rectangular parking lamps replacing the round ones on the grill

  • Satan, we only put KB 572’s in our Camaros now!

  • Vegas

    Don’t try to bullsheet me, ok?

    Don’t you feel suspicious about the Bush Oil Family going to war in Iraq for oil?

    5,000 US Soldiers dead for BushCo.

    On top of that Dick Cheney & Halliburton getting rich on the backs of US dead soldiers???????


    well im partially black but that makes me black cus black dominates. ask tiger woods.

    i really dont know much bout cars , just helping a caucasian friend. these hicks down here love fixin on cars..

    noone cares what im posting 🙁

  • Satan, BTW, I have a set of Black Bucket seats in my basement for that car!


    aluminum 572 crate engine huh ? nice nice .. tight fit..
    we got da ron Davis radiator with twin electric Spal fans

  • Bush’s grandfather had his NY Bank snatched by the FED for laundering money for the Nazi’s WHILE WE WERE FIGHTING THEM.


    Vegas, your indignation is very narrow.

  • he should put a small-block 327 built in that Camaro,imo


    put em on ebay 860todd ..

  • Satan, that basic motor responds to tremendous modifications, 800 or more hp, streetable.

  • Seymour Bush

    860Todd Christensen Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Reagan set Clinton up with hugh war chest, Clinton, Dem’s, gave it away, as I recall, no?

    lst off, George I followed Reagan not Clinton. 2ndly, Reagan ran up the biggest deficits EVER seen on the planet, until George I surpassed it! And there is a reason for this. The Republicans spend just like the Demo’s only they cut taxes which means money has to be borrowed to balance the budget. When you borrow that much money, interest rates have to go up, which benefits the big banking establishments, and a larger portion of Federal revenues go to paying that debt and not solving issues such as health care, education etc. Clinton got in and balanced those revenue issues, at which point, George II, taking the blueprint from his dad and Reagan, reversed all that. Those are the facts.


    i feel macho now talkin bout this..
    now um gonna go watch the new rambo movie and drink german beer

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  • Norco Bob

    DW and Jerry on Chronlive if interested,..now get back to Bush 1 and 2,..and current homosexual prez.


    i wonder if barack obama could whip norco in a mma fight ?

  • Raiders4eve

    Keenan McCardell is becoming redskins wide receiver coach and we can’t hire Tim Brown to do the same thing? Tim said he would even do it for free, but AL wants Sanjay Lal an Indian who suppose to teach cricket rather than football. Come on AL step your game up and get Tim Brown

  • Norco Bob

    I would first make him take AIDS test, because Im sure he bites.

  • Satan, Spatan, Light or Dark, exellent, or Wurtsburger, Light or Dark, both good, IMO!

  • Used to have a “sleeper” 69 el camino. 350 gm pefomance crate, 700r4, 3:56 gear. Was a freeway flyer, used to have some fun with the kids in their little Hondas and Acuras…

    Sold it two years ago… ):

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Al Davis surprised me by getting a coach like Jackson and thank goodness. Hopefully Davis realizes that you have to give these kids competent coaching…now whether he can help JaDavis is an entirely different issue. The bottom line is Jackson has coached up some good players as a receiver, running back and QB coach.

    Good move by Davis. Now he has to give him the authority to do his job.

  • Norco Bob

    Jerry Brown for prez…JC Watts VP.

  • Norco Bob

    eh,..I like co-president better…vp sucks.


    whoa whoa todd slow down. lol. you really like cars dude. im a newbie ..

  • M Lonetree

    State of the Union,

    Many score and some years ago European boats brought to this continent people who would kill the Indian Nations (I mean, Our fathers brought to this continent a new nation…slip o’ da mind, sorry)

    Conceived in liberty for a few land-owning/slave holding Masons…oh hell, how do I rectify that one?

    Eventually the son of an ex-CIA chief is given the reins to the nation through no adequacies of his own (nor backing by the voting populace).

    One day, with his collusion or the flamboyance of his ignorance, the son of the ex-CIA chief finds New York blown down.

    So, many score and some years after the extermination of the Indian Nations a single political party is given everything it wants to push through and accomplish by a despicable act. (No, not the Supreme Court declaring Dubya prez, the trade center stuff. Well both.)

    Along comes a career politician after the sonuvaspook has ruined everything who then declares “Change”.



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  • priesttj

    SnB stop with the bullcrap, coaches don’t come here just to be told what to do. Get a freakin clue man will ya’ why would coaches like RobO want to come back here if all the crapp you spew is true. These people are grown men and know what it is they’re doing he hires people for their skills not his. or why hire them.

    I’ve talled to plenty of coaches and NONE even Kiffin didn’t say he wouldn’t let him coach. Stop the madness!!

    No one has to be here they’re here because they want to be here……….period

  • 860Todd Christensen Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Facts, Kell, stick to the facts!
    I’ve never seen you post a link.

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    theres a burnt orange 69 camino over here restored . dude says it got 425 horse. the back / the bed is just cool. like black tarp ,, shiny

  • So I was reading online doing some research, I came up with a conclusion….Hue Jackson (QB Coach of the Ravens)coached and schooled Troy Smith. Troy Smith was
    was a former starting dual-threat quarterback for the Ohio State University football team from 2004-2006 and the winner of the 2006 Heisman Trophy. Troy knows..when I say knows I mean eat, breath, and sleep Hue’s Offensive playbook. Put one and one together and….voila you get Troy Smith here in Oakland!!


    oh todd. umm erdinger or becks or heineken . ahahaha