Good news for Lechler, not for Seabass


Shane Lechler was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team as voted upon by Hall of Fame writers, but his trusty sidekicker, Sebastian Janikowski, remained unrewarded for the best season of his career.

The entire All-Decade team won’t be released until Sunday, although teams were giving out information in some cases with regard to players who were selected.

Lechler happens to have compiled the NFL’s highest all-time average in a career which began in 2000, so his selection was an honor, but hardly a surprise.

Janikowski, meanwhile, failed to get so much as a phone call after Nate Kaeding pulled out following a groin injury following Wednesday’s practice.

Instead, Miami’s Dan Carpenter, possibly on the basis of proximity to the practice field, was invited to take Kaeding’s place.

Janikowski had a better field goal percentage (26-for-29, 90 percent) than Carpenter (25-for-28, 89 percent) not to mention 17 touchbacks in 58 kickoffs, while Carpenter had only 7 of 79.

Carpenter was 9-for-9 from 20 to 29 yards, while Janikowski had only three attempts from that distance and made them all. He was dialing “O” for long distance all season.

Profootballtalk.com had a post earlier in the day wondering if Janikowski had been offered a chance but couldn’t make the game on short notice. According to the Raiders, no such offer was extended. Janikowski wasn’t a first alternate, and frankly I’m not sure if Carpenter was either. Not with established kickers such as Tennessee’s Rob Bironas around.

And the Pro Bowl is not a big deal _ even less so since it was moved out of Hawaii.

Still, it probably would have been nice for Janikowski to be asked.

Not that Seabass needs anyone to feel sorry for him. Expect him to cash in on a big-money contract much as Lechler did last year.

Lechler is one of twelve Pro Bowl players to be named to the All-Decade team. The others are San Diego tight end Antonio Gates, Jets guard Alan Faneca, Minnesota guard Steve Hutchinson, Titans center Kevin Mawae, Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, Eagles kicker David Akers, and Browns kickoff returner Joshua Cribbs.

The dominant dozen has combined for 77 Pro Bowl selections.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • We are divided because it is no longer Of The People,For The People.

    Class warfare in our time!

  • Obama and health care ?

    I was at my doctors this morning,She said I was obsessed with revenge and retribution.

    We’ll see ’bout that I thought….

  • RaiderRockstar

    they might as well have invited Ryan Succop to the Pro Bowl …

  • hwnrdr

    Yeah, that was MR’s bad last night it looked like…he did answer questions which he could not think of a good answer with George W Bush…
    Rockstar…my thoughts exactly…I wouldn’t have known who the heck that was…

  • Where are people getting the Senior Bowl reports from?

    You have to be an “insider” on ESPN to get most of the stuff. Does anyone know how my boy Javier Arenas has looked?

  • America….

    A place where lying,cheating and enriching oneself at the expence of others….

    WallStreet gambles AND LOSES and gets “government” bail-outs to continue their extravagant lifestyle….

    Meanwhile on Main Street friends,family and neighbors are losing there houses.Ours wasnt extravagant to begin with but we dont even get to keep any lifestyle….the middle class is GONE….

  • hwnrdr

    Ouch 4eva…Too real this morning…
    I agee with you…the middle class is gone!!!



  • 4eva…

    Sounds a lot like this side of the pond.

  • Neilb…. revenge and retribution leads to more revenge and retribution ;]….So lets get started then,shall we!

  • hwnrdr

    Ok…got a question for you guys…
    Who would be on your all Raider Team, from any year?

  • 4evaRaider Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 6:26 am

    WallStreet gambles AND LOSES and gets “government” bail-outs to continue their extravagant lifestyle…


    I agree 100%!! But W passed the first bill with a Dem house and Senate and BO just continued with it, and Tim Geitner was exposed and grilled yesterday, by Democrats, to have arranged some backdoor deals with AIG.

    90% of all politicians cater to the large businesses. They won’t bite the hands that feed them.

    OK…I’m done know.

  • Didn’t Howie Long say that Reggie had the biggest ass he’d ever seen ?

  • RaiderRockstar

    my boss is leaving the company. I have the least amount of seniority here, so I probably won’t get her job. she had me on the fast track to a management position with another 2 years training/experience

    hope whoever replaces her thinks as highly of me.

    I’m pretty well liked by the President, VP & OE here, but none of them see what I do on a daily basis …

    this sucks!

  • 4eva…

    I’m trying my best to keep calm….

  • No that was Queen LaTifa lol

  • bcz24

    Rome is burning folks and we are all just skirting the flames. I was reading some of the health care post and there is one I simply can not ignore. Norco – you have actually said the most ignorant thing I have EVER read in here. You dont want health insurance? Have you EVER seen a real hospital bill? I was hospitalized briefly in December (13 days) and I have Health Insurance because I do have a good job and have worked my way to a management position. I got the hospital bill from my insurance company which showed the entire bill, and the portion I was required to pay. That bill was over $22,000.00… for 13 days. Tell me sir, how would ANYONE be expected to pay such an exorbitant bill without insurance. What if you come down with cancer and your hospitalized for 7-8 months… Dont get all preachy and say stupid things when you simply dont know the facts.

  • RaiderRockstar

    No that was Queen LaTifa


    or Jennifer Lopez …

  • Nnamdi21

    I wonder if Hue will get to decide starting roster? “Bey, you’re benched.” “Walker *gulp* You’re in.”

    “Bush?” “You’re in.”

    “Fargas?” You’re out.”

    “Cornell Green?” “What the f**k are you doing here?!!”

  • bcz24

    FairTax.org The one singular answer to fix this country, and it will never EVER pass because it will be the single largest shift in the balance of power from government to citizen in this nations history. America has gotten this bad because we were all lured into apathy and complacency. We never “fix” anything… we b!tch about it long enough for it to become socially acceptable and move on to the next big “cause”… Welcome to the 3rd world my friends.



  • hwnrdr

    No that was Queen LaTifa


    No…that was Tommy Kelley

  • Nnamdi21

    117. Health care is already broken. It needs fixed but I certainly don’t want REPUBLICANS in charge of wether or not a loved one gets treatment or not!!!

    There are just enough brain washed, unthinking zombies to vote these ultra rich monsters back into power.

    BTW, go Raiders!

    Sea bass had a good year. Too bad our O couldn’t have given him more opportunities to win for us.

  • Nnamdi21

    120. Yup.

  • Midwest Fan

    Vegas – I’ve been going to national football post. They’ve had some coverage of how certain players looked but not all. Not sure about arenas

  • I’ll use myself as an example.

    Went to the doctors today.Didn’t pay to see her but paid for the meds I’m taking.If I was under 16,retired or un-employed I’d get them for free.

    If I needed an emergency op I would be in straight away,if it wasn’t urgent I’d be put on a waiting list.

    Through work I’ve got a private health scheme and my taxes are slightly higher because of that.

    The National Health service in England isn’t perfect but it’s better than being on your own.

  • Nnamdi21

    Heres the reason Cable favored Fargas.

    The guy runs hard as he f’ing can every time he gets the ball. Never mind the poor field vision, the upright style, the big hits, the guy hits it full force EVERYTIME on AND off the field.

    If every Raider played that way this team would win.

    Need some azz kicker to come in here and hold everyone accountable ala Ray Ray Raven.

    Coach can’t cuz Davis nueters him. Can’t threaten some slackers job if he’s on Davis’s list.

    Need a guy who every one respects and fears a little.

    I’m diggin Seymour. Not the most vocal guy, but he drew alot of personal fouls and I think they were good for morale.
    Fug the competition, fug the refs. You’re going home hurting tonight…
    Need more of that intimidation…

  • Nnamdi21

    126. Thanks Neil. Good to hear from someone who’s under a national plan.

  • Midwest Fan

    All I can say is if national health care is passed, good luck getting in to see a doctor for anything that is not immediately life threatening. There’s going to be A LOT less doctors out there b/c of this bill. I work in insurance and I see what doctors get paid by the government health programs. If it all goes that direction doctors won’t be able to pay for their extremely high Medical Malpractice insurance.

  • Midwest Fan

    I bet overseas they don’t have the litigation that we have over here. Let me know if I’m wrong on that.

  • hwnrdr

    Or…if you have Kaiser…good luck seeing a doctor, period! That advice nurse should know when to be quiet and get that person in to see a doctor if that is what’s requested!

  • “Medical Malpractice insurance”…. the blame culture…if there’s blame then there’s a claim.

    Once we’ve finished hanging all the politicans,the lawyers are next….

  • bcz24

    Like I said… we will complain just long enough for it to become socially accepted.


  • Midwest Fan…

    It’s moving that way.

  • RaiderRockstar

    quick question…

    if we trade Russell, McFadden & Heyward-Bey to China, would we owe them more or less money than we already do now ???

  • RaiderRockstar

    the government making health care decisions for you is like Al Davis making draft decisions for every NFL team

    we can expect those type of results IMO …

  • hwnrdr

    Since China is the biggest market for pirated stuff…and they ran Microsoft out of there…probably more money, and then those 3 would have copies of themselves and the originals will be back in the US, homeless!

  • Midwest Fan

    I agree to some extent doctors who screw up bad should have to pay (through MM ins) but when you see people making 10’s of millions for a minor mistake – there’s something wrong with the system. Other times it’s just unavoidable, doctors will make mistakes – it happens – just get over it. I have personal reasons to see high damage awards go to people but I also see the need to cap them as well.

    The next step (already occurring – see Kaiser perm) is to practice safe medicine. Don’t do anything agressive b/c you might get sued.

  • Trade DMAC for Dan Carpenter!



  • Just my view…

    It’s not how much is spent…it’s who it’s spent on.

    Friend of my mothers died last year because the cancer treatment was to expensive…..and this was some one who’d worked all her adult life,i.e.paid her taxes.

    Just befor Christmas there was a story in the national papers about some fat man who was too big to get out of bed,who’d never worked,had a private nurse,a computer and spent more on food in one day than I do in a week.And the tax players were picking up the bill.

    That’s what wrong with our National Health service.

  • RaiderRockstar Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 7:00 am
    the government making health care decisions for you…


    Yeah, sorta like our social!st Fire Department, VA System, and Postal Service. I really hate all the decisions THEY make for me…

  • No system is perfect, but I would rather try to fix our current system, what was supposed to happen all along, rather than blow it all up and start over, with these clowns in Washington making all the decisions.

    You telling me you want to put in Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Chris Dodd and John Boehner in a room and have them create health care for this country? I wouldn’t trust those guys with the decision as for what’s for breakfast.

  • RaiderRockstar



    Dirt Lot,

    does China covet speed?

    we have many track stars to choose from!

  • RaiderRockstar


    you were a chef in the air force during grenada.

    I’m sure you know more about government than we do.

    please fill us in!

  • You telling me you want to put in Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Chris Dodd and John Boehner in a room and have them create health care for this country?


    This is misinformation. Health insurers, doctors and patients will still (and always) be making decisions on care. It is just a better deal for the neediest 50 million Americans and the most ill, which is why the Repubs want to kill it. The only compassion they have is for the rich.

  • RaiderRockstar Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 7:12 am

    you were a chef in the air force during grenada.


    Where did this idea come from?

  • I served in the USMC, but never in conflict (not like Grenada was much of a conflict).

    It would have been cool to be an extra in Heartbreak Ridge though.

  • RaiderRockstar


    I’m just kiddin…

    trade the walrus for a chef!