Good news for Lechler, not for Seabass


Shane Lechler was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team as voted upon by Hall of Fame writers, but his trusty sidekicker, Sebastian Janikowski, remained unrewarded for the best season of his career.

The entire All-Decade team won’t be released until Sunday, although teams were giving out information in some cases with regard to players who were selected.

Lechler happens to have compiled the NFL’s highest all-time average in a career which began in 2000, so his selection was an honor, but hardly a surprise.

Janikowski, meanwhile, failed to get so much as a phone call after Nate Kaeding pulled out following a groin injury following Wednesday’s practice.

Instead, Miami’s Dan Carpenter, possibly on the basis of proximity to the practice field, was invited to take Kaeding’s place.

Janikowski had a better field goal percentage (26-for-29, 90 percent) than Carpenter (25-for-28, 89 percent) not to mention 17 touchbacks in 58 kickoffs, while Carpenter had only 7 of 79.

Carpenter was 9-for-9 from 20 to 29 yards, while Janikowski had only three attempts from that distance and made them all. He was dialing “O” for long distance all season.

Profootballtalk.com had a post earlier in the day wondering if Janikowski had been offered a chance but couldn’t make the game on short notice. According to the Raiders, no such offer was extended. Janikowski wasn’t a first alternate, and frankly I’m not sure if Carpenter was either. Not with established kickers such as Tennessee’s Rob Bironas around.

And the Pro Bowl is not a big deal _ even less so since it was moved out of Hawaii.

Still, it probably would have been nice for Janikowski to be asked.

Not that Seabass needs anyone to feel sorry for him. Expect him to cash in on a big-money contract much as Lechler did last year.

Lechler is one of twelve Pro Bowl players to be named to the All-Decade team. The others are San Diego tight end Antonio Gates, Jets guard Alan Faneca, Minnesota guard Steve Hutchinson, Titans center Kevin Mawae, Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, Eagles kicker David Akers, and Browns kickoff returner Joshua Cribbs.

The dominant dozen has combined for 77 Pro Bowl selections.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • What type of plan does Cody have? He need one lol!

  • We should learn our lessons from last years fat azz from Alabama, Andre Smith.

    He was way out of shape after the year, still got drafted #6 by the Bengals, held out forever, showed up to camp out of shape, was injured within a week or two and rarely every played.

    So much boom or bust drafting a 360lb 21 year old. I would rather wait and see how they shake out, and pick up your majority of fat guys via Free Agency.

  • Mack…

    LOL, fair enough, I get it, I think we are done now =)

  • not no but HELL NO TO CODY

  • DMAC

    Morning Nation.
    (You guys better trade me for something good today.)

  • Trade DMAC for a veteran fat guy!

  • LOL

  • bcz24

    Trade DMAC (the running back) for DMAC (the blogger)

  • DMAC

    Think about it fellas. Cody could be the next Turd Sands superstar!

  • DMAC

    Hell yeah!

  • If you are going to take a DT early, I prefer the Haloti Ngata, Cortez Kennedy, Russell Maryland type (all early 1st rounders) who are more athletic. I’ll pass on the Gerard Warren, Big Daddy Wilkinson syle top picks.

    I think Gerald McCoy fits the profile. He is going to be a stud.

  • ColoradoRaiderFan

    Wait a minute, did someone just offer to trade DMAC for me?

  • Charlie


    With very few exceptions free agents NEVER justify their big contracts.
    Agreed on Smith as being a bad pick. That was known long before the draft.
    The point is you need to build a team primarily through the draft with a few reasonably priced free agents sprinkled in.

    For every Rich Gannon you get 99 Javon Walkers.
    Free agency is a very low percentage play.

  • O Mock Draft 3.0:

    1- LB McClain
    2- DT T Cody or J Odrick
    3- OT Jared Vladheer
    3- DE Austen Lane ( move Seymour inside next to Cody)
    4- LB Micah Jonson ( he can play SLB and McClain at ILB)
    5- CB Walter Thurmond
    5- KR/ PR Leroy Vann ( has 5 TDs on returns this year)
    7- OG Cord Howard

  • that would be sweet if McCoy fell 2 us

  • Chris,

    Ellis, Danny C, Jerry Rice, Rod woodson, eric Allen, etc… You can get FAs that can contribute to your team, but you have to find people who love playing the game, and not the ones looking for that huge payday!

  • Chris,

    Also try to avoid the 1st wave of FAs. Teams compete for them, and they end up getting huge $$. Wilson, Albert H, etc..

  • bcz24

    or have an excellent coaching staff that can get the most out of the FA’s… see Randy Moss in NE.

  • SouthernStyle

    I would love to pick up a stud DT and have “Money” Warren for a back up. He needs a new nickname now, change it to “Pocket Change”.

  • There is also a danger of overpaying for your own team’s available free agents. Case in point: Tim Brown, when he wanted to play for the Broncos.

  • The Big Banana

    # Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:23 am

    There is also a danger of overpaying for your own team’s available free agents. Case in point: Tim Brown, when he wanted to play for the Broncos.
    Tommy Kelly

  • DMAC

    Super Bowl performances………
    Larry Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bcz24 Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:21 am
    or have an excellent coaching staff that can get the most out of the FA’s… see Randy Moss in NE.


    Not in 2009. He quit on them too.

  • We should keep TK and Warren, and only if he restructures.

    With no cap next year, it’s a great time to clean up.


    WR Walker
    DT Warren
    OG Cooper
    RB Fargas
    LB/ ST player EUK who makes 1.5 mil to ONLY play STs!!!!

    That’s about 20 mil in savings in salaries, and spend it on a great FA!

  • The Big Banana

    # DMAC Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Super Bowl performances………
    Larry Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Desmond Howard

  • Charlie Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Free agency is a very low percentage play.


    Unfortunately, so are our 1st round picks, lol

    I never like the idea of the most costly FA pick, but you can get solid vets through FA, who can play right away. The Raiders can’t develop anything anyway, that’s why our top picks have been such a disaster.

  • *Keep TK and CUT Warren.

  • A restructured TK with some better talent around him, and hopefully a better offense, isn’t bad.

    I am convinced Kelly would get playing time on any D-line in the league. I blame Warren, the LB’s and our pathetic offense for our struggles against the run THIS YEAR.

  • Bring back:


  • Tommy Kelly isn’t great, I don’t want to give that impression.

    But if TK is your 2nd best DT, and you have some skilled physical LB’s, and Seymour on the end, that D can stop the run. Maybe not best in the league, but it definately wouldn’t be worst.

  • DMAC

    For those of you interested in the senior bowl practices.

  • The Big Banana

    Kurt Warner addressing his future on Friday. Not that it matters to us Raider fans but just an example of how a classy vet handles things. Something that is completely foreign to Favre, the drama queen.

  • Seymour is not a 4-3 DE, and we shouldvplsy him at DT. As a RDE he only had 4 sacks! You need more production out of your RDE than 4 sacks.

  • DMAC

    Stuff him in the middle and find more playing time for Shaunessy.

  • fortify the defense in the middle ….. MLB and a run stuffing tackle.

  • SouthernStyle

    We have a DT that runs hot and cold like Warren. If we had someone to attract more blockers and be more of a threat, then Seymore’s game would elevate imo.

  • Charlie


    The cold hard reality is that we have tried to build our lines with cast offs and free agents for the past several years and it has not worked.
    Barnes,Green,Carlisle,Warren,Kelly,Burgess,Sands,Harriswere all unwanted elsewhere or deemed as major projects.
    It has not worked here and will never work anywhere.

    You need to draft your core and then maybe pay for a Hutchinson proven probowl type.

    Like I said earlier, for every Rich Gannon “find” you get 99 Javon Walkers.
    Free agency is a low percentage play because they represent poor value. Very little production RELATIVE to salary.
    We will not go down that path again.

  • Charlie

    Draft priorities should be OT, DT and Guard in that order.
    Running the ball on offense keeps your defense off the field.

    Warren is gone.
    TK with a restructured deal would be servicable.
    Linebacker can not be properly evaluated until the Dline is addressed.

    JR restuctures or he is gone.

    JR,Warren and Kelly represent the poorest remaining values on the team and they will be addressed this offseason.

    Jackson’s hire has nothing to do with JR.
    Tollner and Hackett have had too much success in the league to think coaching was a problem.
    Mr Davis agreed to the benching last season as step one to restructure JR’s salary.
    If he does not go along he will be gone.

  • DMAC

    Linebacker can not be properly evaluated until the Dline is addressed.
    I’m not sure about this one. Wacthed all games this past season and I don’t recall seeing Capt. Kirk shed a blocker and make a tackle. I did see a lot of wrong angles though.

  • DMAC


  • Midwest Fan

    JR said this season he has a contract and is not looking to restructure. Hopefully his agent can knock some sense into him and make him realize his true value on the open market. If not for the Raiders, he’d probably be out on the street or making the minimum.

    I’m sure some team would gamble on him for a low enough #.

  • Charlie,

    I want to do what the Colts do.

    #1 overall at QB, two 1st rounders at RB, a 1st rounder at WR (Wayne), and a 1st rounder at TE.

    Their O-line? Undrafted C and LG, 6th round pick at LT.

    We need to improve the O-line and LB’s. Maybe 2nd round pick at RT or G. LB in the first.

    We have drafted Grove, Gallery, Henderson, Stinchcomb, Mo Collins in the first or second round in the last 10 years. We have tried both through the draft and FA. Either way really hasn’t worked.

  • Colts do have a 2nd rounder at RT.

    That seems to be golden these days, RT’s in round 2. I wouldn’t mind going that route.

  • Meanwhile the Jets fortified there O-line with one 1st rounder at LT, and 3 former first-rounders they picked up in FA, some more expensive (Faneca) than others (Woody).

    You need a combination of both, draft and FA. If you rely on one or the other, you will get burned.

  • Midwest Fan

    I kinda like Pouncey out of Fla in the 2nd.

    “Once Pouncey locks onto a defender, it’s over. He has great drive and tenacity. He moves his feet well and keeps a solid base underneath him.”

    Get the RT with one of our 3rd’s. Also like Selvish Capers out of WVU at the tackle spot. Suppose to be suited for the zone blocking scheme.

  • Teabag

    Ciron Black in the 2nd

  • Everybody says it is a big difference for having to be under center now, instead of the shotgun, for Tim Tebow.

    Does it make a difference to the Florida center as well? I wouldn’t know, but you would think it would make some type of difference.

    The Pouncey twin in this draft is the C right?

  • Charlie


    The Colts are the one team that do not represent reality.
    Peyton Manning can do in two seconds what the rest of the NFL needs three to do.

    The draft is about percentages.

    The Raiders have invested their first two picks in lineman since 2000 at a rate LOWER than ANY TIME IN THEIR HISTORY.
    Moss and Collins left and went to the playoffs with different teams because of a better supporting cast that starts with the Oline.

    Yes, you can draft a Hall of Fame talent in round seven.
    The odds are better finding Pro bowl talent in rounds one and two.

    Everything starts at the line of scrimmage and we have ignored those units in the draft for too long.

  • Midwest Fan

    Yeah, he’s the center. Never thought about it that way, he’s ranked highly so I don’t think it would be that much of an issue.

  • SouthernStyle

    I think CJ Spiller is gonna be a great pick. A burner at rb and kick returns. Have him rotate in with a big bruising back and keep that D on their toes.