Jackson in no-lose situation


We have no idea if Hue Jackson is capable of reversing the fortunes of the Raiders offense and making an NFL quarterback out of JaMarcus Russell.

Yet there’s a perception out there that Jackson is crazy for leaving Baltimore for Oakland and should have waited for a better opportunity to open up as a coordinator elsewhere. He was a finalist and a favorite last year when Mike Singletary surprisingly hired Jimmy Raye. The Bears had scheduled an interview before Jackson decided to come to Oakland.

As much as the Raiders are derided nationally, and justifiably so considering their seven-year free fall, the organization doesn’t kill coaches as much as it makes them.

Jackson can’t lose. If the offense struggles and Jackson is out after a year or three, he’s still a 40-something head coach, one that had the misfortune of being saddled with Russell and working for an owner and organization seen as bizarre and dysfunctional.

Let’s say the opposite occurs. The Raiders offense suddenly begins to put touchdowns on the board. They run better, they pass better. Whether Russell is at the helm or not, if the Raiders get to .500 and beyond, Jackson becomes a hot commodity. If he actually turns Russell around, he’s a miracle worker.

Jackson would be a young, minority candidate to be included on the short list of every NFL team making a head coaching change. That’s getting a foot into a lot of doors.

In that scenario, Al Davis would be helpless to prevent Jackson from accepting a promotion elsewhere, and you know what comes next. Davis’ stated preference is to have a head coach to call the plays, and assuming Cable lasts through the year, a winning season with a strong offense would likely result in Jackson getting elevated so he doesn’t go somewhere else.

Based on how things have gone in Oakland since 1995 other than the three year oasis from 2000 through 2002, it sounds like pure fantasy, which it very well may be.

So in the event of the continued downward spiral, assuming Jackson has committed career suicide by coming to Oakland would be a mistake.

Mike White joined Dick Vermeil in St. Louis and got a Super Bowl ring as an assistant head coach.

Joe Bugel resumed his career as one of the most successful offensive line coaches in the game with San Diego and Washington.

Jon Gruden got a huge raise and won a Super Bowl after being dealt to Tampa Bay.

Bill Callahan landed one of the plum jobs in college football at Nebraska, and is the right-hand man for Rex Ryan with the New York Jets, one of the most respected assistant coaches in football.

Norv Turner, AFC West doormat in Oakland, dominates it as the Chargers head coach after spending a year in San Francisco as offensive coordinator.

Lane Kiffin went 5-15, was all but hanged in public square and got the Tennessee and USC jobs in consecutive seasons.

The only coach whose career suffered was Shell, who had been out of the game more than a decade.

Jackson isn’t the Raiders head coach, but he’s the most splashy hire of an assistant in recent memory and his career arc won’t be affected no matter how the Raiders fare. If he wins, he wins big. If he loses, he still wins.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Norco Bob

    I just am popping in to say I listened to Cable on Mike Lambs show like I mentioned earlier,..was nothing really special,..the jist was he has been going about his biz and was never told he should be worried about his job, talks to the old man alot, was on board with Hue, in on choosing him, (that I am not sure I buy),…I wasnt allowed to ask a live question, Carmichael Dave has zero pull I am realizing,….but Im sure that Tom agreed to be on his buddys radio show as a favor, with rules in place…although Mike did ask about everything needed,…said Russell needs to get better, but not only him, everyone else too, self included…was ok I guess,…I will say this, my opinion, if Gradkowski gets fair shot, he will win job, if he wins job, we win west,…if Russell gets job due to money, again, its 3-13,…catch you all later,..yes this post is too long, if I saw it, I wouldnt read it, and tell one who posted it to condense it…til we meet again….

  • Charged Up for Superbowl Victory Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    I don’t know MR, it is not like you to be so concerned with any of my posts.


    Alyssa Milano always gets my attention.

  • “was on board with Hue”. LOL. So, was it Cable’s call? “on board with” doesn’t sound like he had too much say in it. I like how you slipped that in there, Norco. What is your deal, man? You’re shilling for the team. Why?

  • raideredoutL.A.

    Norco Bob Says:
    if Gradkowski gets fair shot.

    We could only wish.

  • good stuff again guys, still dont think its enough for me to donate yet, but enjoyable!

  • Dude

    Perhaps the dumbest post of the year….

    “With Gradkowski we win the west”

    Then followed by a smart one

    ” With Russell were 3-13″

  • Raiders4eve

    Vince Wilfork will clearly love playing in California if he loves Florida’s weather. All get on it trade our 8th overall pick and get this guy.

    “I love great weather,” Wilfork said. “I love football. It doesn’t matter where I play. I just want to have security for my family. I would love to stay in New England if I had the chance. I love New England because of my teammates, my family. My son, the friends and connections we’ve made up there, it’s some great people up there. But if it doesn’t work out I’ll weigh my options I tell you that.”

    Wilfork has said that he doesn’t want the Patriots to use the franchise tag to retain his rights. But it’s not really Wilfork’s choice. Under the labor deal, the teams have the right to apply the franchise tag to one unrestricted free agent per year. And no amount of pissing or moaning by the player can change that.


  • raideredoutL.A.

    show on nfl network right now is pretty cool

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  • raideredoutL.A.

    madden talking about how he kicked out the exterminators from the visitor’s locker room in oakland and let the rats live for another day as the chiefs were coming in for a game. classic.

  • no angst just passing time

  • Wilford “loves great weather” but would love to stay in New England?
    Wow..does it get much nastier than New England?

    If he’s cool with that, he’s going to LOVE California.

    Florida? Winter is nice, but summer’s it’s total misery, IMO.
    No better weather in the country.

  • Actually..should narrow that down to the Bay Area as having no better weather in the country.
    never too hot..never too cold…rarely hits 100…rarely hits 32 degrees.
    T shirts in the winter for many days…sometimes a wind breaker in the summer, especially in SF.

    Yep..love the place 8)

  • Nnamdi21

    Mike Mayock has Suh listed as his SECOND DT off the board…

  • Chris in NY

    The football media is doing a downright shoddy job of covering Prince Tebow’s practices at the Senior Bowl. I mean, at this rate, I can’t even keep an accurate chart of the kid’s bowel movements. WTF?

    In terms of ad nauseum media coverage:
    Tebow = Favre 2.0

  • DKnight007

    # Raiders4eve Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Arenas won’t fall to the third, he is an early second, what I like any him is that he is sure tackler he will need time to learn man to man but meantime he can play the nickle special teams n help u against the run. My mock draft would be this

    1. Campbell OL fast n athletic muscle on top of muscle
    2. Either Cody if he drops n rumors that he might be or Arenas
    3. D’Anthony Smith fastest DT if we didn’t get Cody if we did LB Washington
    3. Micah Johnson MLB
    4. Jay Ross NT research abt this guy he could be better than MT Cody huge body I hope other teams don’t snatch him but I m high on this guy.
    5. OG Mitch from Arkansas he is very phyiscal good run blocker helped Dmac n F Jones in their college years

    hopefully other names start shining

    Not a bad mock and if Cody remains out of shape by the combine…his stock may very well fall into the 2nd round.

    Micah Johnson would be a great pick with one of those two 3rd round picks.

  • Raiders4eve


    Could you attach the link please?

    Man i like Mike Mayock mock drafts and evaluation. If I was a GM, I would hire this guy in a heartbeat. He is sick with it when it comes to evaluating talent, remember he was the only one who said Mcfadden has questions in his game, he was also down on Gholston, I followed this guy for a while, he even apologized to the Raiders fans the second day after criticizing MM pick. This guy is talented wished AL would hire him.

  • Chris in NY

    Mayock is pretty good. He’s not perfect and he does like to throw around every past projection he got right a little much while never remembering ones he blew, but he knows his stuff and has a passion for the game and for scouting.

    I still think McFadden is going to make a name for himself if he ever gets more than 8-10 touches per game.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    mayock did nail the dhb pick dead on.

  • Nnamdi21

    Raiders4eve: Sorry, it was the ticker at the bottom of NFL Networks Senior bowl practice.

    Ahh! Here we go!


    He’s got Gerald McCoy rated #1 amongst DTs…

  • Chris in NY

    I was surprised to see Mayock rate McCoy ahead of Suh, but McCoy is also a beast and a lot of people have him rated as the No. 2 overall player at any position behind Suh.

    Dan Williams from Tennessee also looks like he could be a beast. Lot of DT talent in this draft. Once again, it’d be a great year to have a pair of late 1st round picks as opposed to a single top-10 pick. I feel like there’s virtually no dropoff in talent with some of the guys projected to be picked later in the opening round, such as Williams, Iupati and others.

  • Nnamdi21

    Raiders4eve: No doubt at all. Mayock is the MAN when it comes to the draft. He’s the only one who had Al nailed down on his Bey pick. Knows the ole coot when by now, we really all should too! Still, it was a shock…

    Yup, he nailed DMC to a T unfortunately…right about Ghouston’s struggles and that Howie’s kid may have topped out in college.

    Knows his shizz for sure…

    Heres the deal with DMC. He needs big run lanes to scoot thru and plays out side and in space that allow him to use his best trait SPEED, so GIVE THEM TOO HIM!!!

    Fix the O line please…

  • Nnamdi21

    Chris in NY: Agreed. I’d like to see a DT drafted…some beef!

  • Chris in NY

    Actually I saw Lombardi predict the DHB pick before anyone. Not sure if he had inside info from his old Raiders connections or he just knew more than anyone how crazy in love with the stopwatch the Raiders are.

  • Raiders4eve

    I am telling you guys, if AL hires Mayock and tells him he wants fast atheltic players who can play football, Mayock would do much better than what AL would do. Mayock would have drafted Maclin instead of DHB, he would have drafted Jairus Byrd instead of MM, he probably would have got us OL in the remaining draft.

  • Chris in NY

    This is the skill position lineup I like for next year:
    QB – Jeff Hostetler
    RB1- Kenny King
    RB2- Napoleon McCallum
    WR1- Mervyn Fernandez
    WR2- Alexander Wright
    TE- Ethan Horton

  • Chris in NY

    Raiders4eve Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 8:22 pm
    I am telling you guys, if AL hires Mayock and tells him he wants fast atheltic players who can play football, Mayock would do much better than what AL would do. Mayock would have drafted Maclin instead of DHB, he would have drafted Jairus Byrd instead of MM, he probably would have got us OL in the remaining draft.


    I’m not buying the hype on Byrd just yet. Guy got a ton of picks early on but that could’ve easily been a fluke. Still think Mitchell could prove the second-coming of Tatum too.

  • Chris in NY

    By the way,
    Never thought all that much of him as a head coach but I absolutely love the job Greg Williams is doing in New Orleans. He’s coordinating the sh!t out of that defense. Love their style.

  • Dude


    Guy says hes not buying the hype around Jarious Byrd, a guy who was a big time contributer as a rook, but says Mike Mitchell, who rarely played outside of STs, is the next Jack Tatum. Thats just awesome! LOL!!!!

  • raideredoutL.A.


  • Dude

    Only a Raider fan would call Player A) with like 10 piks and who started damn near all year a “fluke” and then call Player B) with zero starts and zero piks the next “Jack Tatum”.

  • We have lost in the playoffs. But, it gives us something to look forward to next year. You, on the other hand, have nothing to look forward to but another 11 loss season. Plus, we have hotter women.

  • Dude

    Raider fan….

    I think Mark Sanchez will end up being a bust but Jamarcus Russell is the next Jon Elway.

  • Dude

    Raider fan….

    Chris Johnson will prove to be garbage but Darren McFadden is the next Marcus Allen.

  • Dude

    Raider fan….

    I think Percy Harvin will be out of the league in 2 years but Darius Hayward Bey is the next Jerry Rice.

  • Raiders4eve says:

    I am telling you guys, if AL hires Mayock and tells him he wants fast atheltic players who can play football, Mayock would do much better than what AL would do.

    Damn…that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day!!!

  • RaiderLen

    Evening Nation,

    Looks like most of the mock drafts are in agreement, in general.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the old Man actually picked some of the players advocated here?

    It’s sometimes frustrating as a fan to know that a clear solution is obvious, and to be powerless to correct it.

  • Raiders4eve


    Come on man. I am a Raider fan and I point it out that Byrd is better than MM I understand that Chris is over hyped abt MM but not all of us think that. Byrd is a pro bowler n his ten picks is way more then MM will ever get in his career as we know he struggles in coverage

  • # Charged Up for Superbowl Victory Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    We have lost in the playoffs. But, it gives us something to look forward to next year. You, on the other hand, have nothing to look forward to but another 11 loss season. Plus, we have hotter women.
    Well…plus..you have that hot embrace of you and Alyssa..oh wait, you’re in SD? with the hot women? But…that pic was taken in Boston?

    Actually was taken of you by your buddy..oh wait..that’s not true either..you were never there..your buddy never took that picture.

    Well then..you’re just a smorgasbord of tall tales, aren’t you?

    Want the bad news? Closest you’ll ever come to a trophy is the slap down the Niners gave the Chargers, way back when.

  • Dude


    I know not ALL Raider fans think that way, thats why I said Raider fan not Raider fans. Just seems like there are alot of really moronic Raider fans out there. I.E. Priest or to a lesser extent RaiderO

  • Tell me about it Dude.

  • Ricochet thinks he Sherlock Holmes. LOL

  • RaiderLen

    Dude, with all due respect, why would Raider O and Preist be considered moronic for their opinions.

    I thought a “moronic rating” applied to results of standarized test scores in specific apptitudes.

    I see it as a matter of perspective.