Deals with Seymour, Seabass require some thought


NFL teams were able to designate franchise and transition players as of today and can do so for the next two weeks.

During that time, the Raiders can be expected to lock up defensive end Richard Seymour and place kicker Sebastian Janikowski, whether through the tagging process or long-term deals. If last season is any indication, when Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler became the highest paid players at their positions, both are feeling good about breaking the bank themselves.

However, there’s a chance both could come away disappointed _admittedly a relative term when millions of dollars are being discussed.

Oh, they’ll still be Raiders, but it’s probably unrealistic to think they’ll come away with the kind of deals Asomugha and Lechler received, contracts which stunned not only the players involved but the rest of the NFL.

Seymour is classified as an end for purposes of his tag, meaning he would earn $13,398.000 if he doesn’t come to a long-term agreement. If given the exclusive tag, it could be more, as his deal would be recalculated with the top five salaries at his position as of April 15.

But Seymour isn’t looking for a year-to-year existence, no matter the salary. He will turn 31 during the 2010 season and is looking for what could be his last big score. Given that he’s a unique player given his ability to move inside as well as play at the end, and the fact that he has five Pro Bowls under his belt and three Super Bowl rings, his agent, Eugene Parker, will be looking closely at three contracts while setting his price.

The two highest paid defensive ends are Minnesota’s Jared Allen (six years, $74 million, $31 million guaranteed) and Indianapolis’ Dwight Freeney (six years, $72 million, $30 million guaranteed) and Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (seven years, $100 million, $41 million guaranteed).

With the later years of the deal so much window dressing, the guaranteed money is the issue. Seymour, who wisely went on record saying how much he enjoyed it in Oakland, probably can’t be brought home with less than $35 million in guaranteed money. Parker could reasonably request Seymour be made the highest paid lineman in the NFL.

For all his accomplishments, that’s a huge figure for someone who had four sacks in 16 games (including two in the opener) and whose presence couldn’t prevent the Raiders from being one of the most porous teams in the NFL against the run.

After giving up a first-round draft pick in 2011, allowing Seymour to walk isn’t an option. Unless the Raiders are willing to pay him the huge guarantee, or can get back a first-round draft pick, they’ll be looking at keeping him with a franchise tag and paying the $13,398.000. Given Asomugha’s age and level of performance, it was an easier call to write the check for his three-year deal than it will be with Seymour.

In past years, franchising Seymour would have meant Janikowski would be a free man. Not so in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement. With no CBA in place, teams can use both franchise and transition tags. In Janikowski’s case, the franchise tag is $2,814,000, the transition tag $2,629,000.

Janikowski knows what Lechler received _ $16 million over four years, $9 million guaranteed.

But it’s hard to make the case that Janikowski should get anything approaching what Lechler got. Lechler has been among the NFL’s premiere punters since he arrived in 2000. Janikowski, in 2009, enjoyed his first truly elite season as a place kicker.

What he does have in common with Lechler is that Al Davis is proud of the draft where he got both his kickers, getting Janikowski in the first round and Lechler in the fifth.

This year’s climate may not be conducive to long-term contracts with big money paid up front. Salaries won’t be paid in the event of a 2011 work stoppage. Bonus money is out the window.

As you may have noticed, blog postings have slowed in the absence of news but are will pick up as events warrant . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Gallery may not have worked out as a LT and I mostly blame the Norv Turner/Shell regime for screwing that up but the fact that he became a pretty good Guard is a lot more that can be said for the likes of other 1st round picks we’ve had in the past.

    So far and they still have time to turn things around…Darrius Heyward-Bay, Darren McFadden, Jamarcus Russell aren’t doing well.

    Micheal Huff finally came around this year and needs to prove that he can continue his progress.

    Fabien Washington was a mixed bag, we scored with Nnamdi Asomugha (which was a surprise pick), Phillip Buchanon, Napolean Harris, Derrick Gibson, Janikowski finally had his best season as a kicker, Matt Stinchcomb, Charles Woodson was and still is a beast, Mo Collins, Darrell Russell and Rickey Dudley just to name a few.

    I think having Gallery still on the team and playing at a high level even if its at another position is awesome considering our history.

  • Nnamdi21 Says:
    February 13th, 2010 at 10:51 am
    Bishing about Obama is missing the point. The Reap-pube-lycans had 10-12 yrs to fah-k shy-te up. can’t expect Obummer to fix it all in 1 year.

    I wish he’d take his power as President seriously and go after the crooks in big business that raped our country.

    C’mon Obama, Cheney’s abuse of the power of President was unprecedented and done for evil.

    The least you can do is abuse that power to set things right.


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    RaiderDogg – That would be pretty awesome and it would piss off a lot of 49er fans. I like it. Haha.

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    I still cringe at the thought of the 9ers and Raiders sharing a stadium. Although, the thought of all of those 9er fans crying about it does soften the blow somewhat 🙂

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    RaiderDogg – Haha…I just want whats best for the Raiders and if that means sharing a stadium than so be it. Its not like we’d all be there at the same time unless they played each other that day. Imagine all those 49er fans crying over having to drive into Oakland.

    I’m out to the beach, take care.

  • Raiders4eve

    To be honest. We need a state of the art new stadium with wifi technology and big screen something like what Jerry Jones done. We would host a SB, concerts, everything. Who knows maybe the Raiders play against the 49ers in a SB game at home sharing the stadium, that would be the best thing for the bay. I rep the bay to the fullest and don’t carr abt where the team is as long ad they r in the bay. I would love it to be in the 510 let whiners cry abt that besides we need more jobs in Oakland maybe black on black crime would end if hoodstars get some jobs around here.

  • priesttj

    Hd37, My belief in Russell is very simple it is his ability to see the field an get the ball down the field to speed. And what I’v esen of him soo far in this league is his competitiveness late in games which some of you just don’t understand. I watched the Steelers game yesterday for the umteenth time. Gradkowski missed wideopen recievers who might have scored 4-5 times. We went into the 4th qrtr with a grand total of 6 points. In the 4th qrtr Gradkowski was as lucky as he was good. Don’t believe go back and watch that game. He should’ve been picked at least twice. He showed real moxy and competitivness and had the metal to win that game. But what I saw was a guy who had evrything go right for him more than a guy who was talented.

    When Russell has been in that same situation he has shown moxy and he competes. And the biggest thing is he wins. Russell inexperince is clear. his talent IMO is obvious. the coaches see it I see and so does the owner. All he need is time on the saddle. A coach who gets it and a running game. Iknow you guy’s focus on what he hasn’t done but I focus on what he can do and it’s considerable.

    gradkowski can’t carry Russell jock. He is a journeyman QB with a lot of fire who got in there when the team needed and helped. If you see him over a 16 game schedule you’ll really know what I’m saying is true. Even in the Cinci game he was very inconsistent.

    It’s just that Riader fans are very down on Russell and Grads was a breath of fresh air for them. But that air would get very old very quick if he played every game trust me. he was just a little better than Russell last year and did it when everyone wanted to see it. So everyone is sold on this kid but he is a flash in the pan if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Don’t you love how Davis shills will tell you that the reason they support Davis is because he’s not going to change anyway, then they offer up a suggestion like hiring a GM or a coach like Cowher…as if Al’s going to do that! Funny how it’s ok for them to wish for the impossible, but when you do it, you’re being disruptive. Makes me wonder if there’s another reason they support Al. Maybe because…they’re dumb enough to really believe that he can turn it around, but they want to sound smart so they keep those beliefs close to the vest and pretend to be pragmatists? Me thinks.

  • NoMoreFargas

    Man hate to say it but I agree with you priest on Grads guy is a journeyman who would look awful for a whole season. I’ve been a Raider fan for life and I know no way Al gives up on Russell already he doesn’t work that way so I know he is the starter going into next season, I’m most scared of Justin Fargas being our starting rb in 2010 when we have a Michael Bush.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plunketthead

    The real Raider hater never tires off hating on the Raiders does he?

  • Plunketthead

    Grads is young, he is deadly accurate, and he will outwork anyone.

    I think he will continue to improve.

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  • Seymour Bush

    # Mistabr0wn Says:
    February 13th, 2010 at 11:14 am

    In the dictionary they should a picture of you with your head in your anus. Maybe i’ll email Websters and give them a holla!

    Does anyone have any idea what this guy is trying to say here? And isn’t he the one that says no one can understand Jamarcus?